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Lee's Max

Discussion in 'SBT History' started by Vicki, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    Lee's Max
    Sire: Ch.Psycho Dam: Lee's Cyke's


    Max was matched just the once,into a 2x winning dog named Spike. He lost the match but not before doing battle for 2 hours 15 minutes,a long time by anyone's standards,proving to be a very game Stafford indeed.It comes as no surprise given that he was sired by Ch.Psycho,and his mother Cyke's was also a deep game 1xL,1xW. Unfortunately Max died before he was 2 years old so his true potential as a producer was never realized, however he still managed to leave his mark as a stud dog in the shape of the game 2xW Jocko dog and a bitch called Sally who was dam to 5xW Gr.Ch.Ned.This showing that losers can produce game winners.......it's how they lose that matters!

    Source: Turnstyle Staffords

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