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Leerburg Wire Basket Muzzle

Discussion in 'Products & Equipment' started by Worg, Feb 24, 2018.

  1. Worg

    Worg Big Dog

    It's important to follow the size guide as closely as possible, but I found that the directions of length are more important than directions on circumference. They want you to add two inches or something like that to the circumference of your dogs muzzle, but if that means having to go longer than the length of your dogs muzzle then that's no good as it will go over the dogs eyes.

    So far seems like a well made muzzle, haven't taken her out in it, it's not really for outings other than maybe for the vet. She's not used to it yet so she things she's in trouble when I put it on, which is why she is so submissive looking :P

    This is size FF, I'll likely have to punch some holes to get it more snug.

    28418393_1933898550259908_1534785984_o.jpg 28459976_1933898553593241_1811894101_o.jpg 28381677_1933898573593239_437277583_n.jpg 28381215_1933898543593242_1744573315_n.jpg
  2. Mister

    Mister Little Dog

    The muzzle is not fitted correctly and will be uncomfortable for her. There should be a gap at least 1/2 an inch from the end of her nose. I’d want it forward and would adjust it so that the single rivet on the triangle between her eyes is, to where the two rivets are.
  3. Worg

    Worg Big Dog

    The muzzle I had before exchanging had that space, but when tightened properly it went over her eyes. If you go to Leerburg they will say thay the muzzle cannot be longer than the dogs muzzle or it will be in it's line of sight. I doubted that too, but proved to be true.
  4. GK1

    GK1 Little Dog

    Dog must be able to open it’s mouth to pant or drink while wearing the muzzle.
  5. Worg

    Worg Big Dog

    She can pant, but this was the only size option that wouldn't get in her eyes and still fit around her muzzle. This is not for outdoor use though, it's specifically to help with her licking while inside, so I can take it off for her to drink water.
  6. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    That is why I couldn't order Their wire muzzle because Teddy would only be able to open his mouth 1 - 1 1/2 inches. That didn't seem like enough to me especially since we live in the desert.
  7. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    He has a short snout so the measurement is 2.5 inches. Then the muzzle cir umfrenc is 14.5 inches. Teddy's jaw measured 13.5 inches. So I thought it wouldn't fit right.
  8. Mister

    Mister Little Dog

    Every muzzle affects all dogs line of sight. Your dog cannot drink with that on imo. Looks pretty enough but even I can see it’s poorly designed and unsuitable for her.
  9. Worg

    Worg Big Dog

    Its perfect for the purpose I intend to use it for.

    Nat you should check out www.fordogtrainers.com they have a larger selection.
  10. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    Thanks, will do.
  11. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    Poor Kibs. How's she adjusting? What are you using for positive muzzle association?
    Nat Ursula likes this.
  12. Worg

    Worg Big Dog

    Buckets of treats mostly, gradually increasing the amount of time it's on. We haven't done even an hour with it on yet. Also working on her putting her nose in it with the promise of a treat at the bottom of the muzzle haha
    Nat Ursula likes this.

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