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CA: Last Chance to Take Action On SB 250 MSN!!

Discussion in 'Dog Ordinances & Laws' started by Vicki, May 23, 2009.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    SB 250 - final Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on May 28!

    California SB 250 (Florez), mandatory spay/neuter for dogs and cats, is scheduled for a final hearing in the Senate Appropriations Committee on Thursday, May 28. This is the last day that the committee can act on SB 250, since the deadline for them to act is Friday, May 29 — but the committee doesn’t meet on Fridays. If SB 250 doesn’t pass the committee on May 28, it will be dead.

    It’s critically important that Californians contact all committee senators’ offices before the hearing and ask them to vote NO on SB 250. They need to hear from A LOT OF CALIFORNIANS. Quantity is more important than quality… please act!

    The Appropriations Committee analysis found that SB 250 will cost the state money at least in the short term. Unfortunately the analysis did not acknowledge that there is no evidence that these laws have ever saved money, anywhere. Fourteen years after the Santa Cruz County MSN ordinance passed, their animal control costs have doubled, and continue to increase. Lake County passed MSN several years ago, and their animal shelter kill stats are the absolute worst in California.

    Let’s keep up the pressure!
    Please take the following steps:

    • call the offices of the senators on the Appropriations Committee and ask them to oppose SB 250. The senators’ phone numbers are here. It takes less than a minute to call each one and politely tell the staff member who answers the phone
      “I’m Joe Smith, I’m from Bigtown California, and I’m asking Senator Wilson to vote NO on SB 250 in the Appropriations Committee.”
    • fax a letter to the senators on the Appropriations Committee using this template and ask them to oppose SB 250. Customize it into your own words or write your own own custom letter. The senators’ fax numbers are here.
    • talk to your friends, co-workers, and club members and ask all of them to oppose SB 250. Send them to this site for instructions.
    • convince your clubs, rescue groups, businesses, and associations to oppose SB 250
    Organizations (clubs, rescue groups, associations, businesses, etc.)
    • fax a letter to the Appropriations Committee and ask them to oppose SB 250, using this template. Customize it into your own words, or write your own own custom letter. Then either fax it to all committee members — the senators’ fax numbers are here — or else email it to us and we will fax it for you.
    • contact every member of your organization and ask them to respond as noted above for Individuals

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