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Land of Giants

I was searching out Land of Giants which brought me to this site. I had a 90 lbs female. With all my experience with dogs, she was by far the smartest, kindest, extremely well manored... The list goes on and on...
I read an old post with a lot of ppl who were kind of bagging on them and the breeders son. I never met them or was at there place. I can't speak for that. I also didn't come to argue that they are a pure bred pit etc... As that old post seemed to be directed.
I came to tell about my experience with my girl. She was, in a word, amazing! By far my best experience as an owner. She was a big girl. Beautiful too, and she knew it. She was daddy's girl for sure. Spoiled as I believe any well loved dog should be. Not I'll manored AT ALL, but she knew she was my angel, no doubt.
I was fortunate in that she was one dog too many for the person I got her from. I sort of rescued her in that respect. Not sure where she would have ended up otherwise. Although she was young and full of energy, she was never so much of a handful that I had any problems with her. My experience with large Shepard's helped as she was 90 lbs. She could have pushed around the wrong person I believe. Anyways, she was very good with kids. She played well with my sister's kids right off the bat. She respected their size and was NEVER aggressive towards them. She was protective of the house, the car (she went pretty much everywhere with me that I could take her), and she was protective of my family. She was NOT man aggressive at all but was very aware of what was 'her's'. She also knew what was allowed and what was not in that respect. Fortunately, never had any reason arise to test her depth of protection but she had a very commanding presence. Anyone who came knocking was very aware very quickly that there was a LARGE dog around just by her bark. She knew to play 'roughest with me which I think helped her to realize and manage her strength with others. She never hurt me or anyone else. If she pushed 'too hard' with me, a simple ouch would stop her cold. This followed by a very gentle nudge and her 'giving paw' to say she was sorry. If she was ever in trouble, I would send her to her room. This actually became a 'thing' where if she was barking too much or pushing daddy's buttons, 'Want to go to your room?' would stop and drop her to the floor as if being sent to her room was the most terrible punishment in the world! I actually had a few ppl ask how I had trained her like that, because they couldn't get their kids so well behaved! Forgive the pun but she was a gentle giant. Anyone still with me here can see that I loved her very much, and she returned all that love to the point that she actually made me a better person, wanting to reciprocate. I could never compete tho. She was a very healthy girl. Lightning fast and loved to play whenever we could. As a young pup, she would actually wear US out when she wanted to play! When I told her to 'get the stick, she came back with my friend's (discarded) x-mas tree! She was funny, she was smart beyond any experience with any other dog I have had prior (she was my last). I miss her dearly still, now almost 10 years gone. I know this is just my experience with a Land of Giants but I wanted to set the record straight as someone who loved their little angel as much as I did.
Thanks for reading through all the mush! :))