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Know hes a mutt but can anyone tell me from what?

Discussion in 'Dog Debates' started by joeplopez, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Sagebrush

    Sagebrush Good Dog

    That was sort of my point....to loosen up what is meant by "breed" for a healthier population and really how dogs USED to be bred....I used the Dalmation example and the Alaskan example...my point WAS to compare those examples to what "breed" COMMONLY means today -- the closed population with all it's attendant problems.

    You'll like this if you haven't already read it -- been around a long time...

    Purebred Dog Breeds into the Twenty-First Century: Achieving Genetic Health for Our Dogs

    That article spawned a whole new discussion of diversity in breeding....

    Canine Diversity Homepage

    Interesting stuff...

  2. ReleaseTheHounds

    ReleaseTheHounds Little Dog

    I just have to point out that sitting when directed by a pointed finger is not some weird, special, or difficult thing to teach.

    Every dog I have ever owned has responded to both basic hand signals and the verbal commands I have taught them. It doesn't mean they have special "foreign army dog" training. In fact getting a dog to sit based off a hand signal is easier and more intuitive to teach to a dog than sit based off a verbal - if you move your hand a certain way to dog will naturally raise its head to follow your hand and place itself into a sit - every dog I've owned has picked that one right up, even the dumb as a box of rocks APBT that literally had brain damage picked that signal RIGHT up the first time it was used on him, and that dog thought going up and down stairs was mental Olympics.

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