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Kira Lynn

Kira Lynn is a rescue mut, we are lonely and looking for friends :-D. She's just about 18 months. I don't care what she is. I just know people ask what she is while cutting their eyes and pointing, I say I don't know, they say, it looks like a pitbull. I tell them she very well may be. She walks every day, and has claim on about half my apartment. It's like we're married.
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Edit: Welcome.

Missed that OP reposted a different photo.
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Thanks for the comments. Everyone loves the ears, and they think she's some kind of pure breed because of how pretty her colors are. She's all I got so I wanted to show her off. She got to play with a blood hound tonight.


Good Dog
What a pretty girl! if I'm not wrong, red brindle is most common in bully breeds, so it's not unlikely. she has such sweet eyes. Whenever you adopt a mystery mutt it is a good idea to research breed traits of any breeds you guess might be in there, some traits might pop up, some might not, but it's good to be prepared. In this case it's a good idea to prepare for prey drive/aggression towards some or all other animals, other dogs in particular, sometimes, and usually a very gregarious, friendly and tolerant attitude towards all people. good luck and enjoy her!