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Just when i thought I'd heard it all...

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by APBTlove, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. APBTlove

    APBTlove Puppy

    Out of curiosity i googled pit bull puppies for sale indiana and this is one of the results:no2:... http://www.hoobly.com/0/0/1603851.html
    Miniature red nosed pit bulls eh? Its sad what people will come up with to sell mutt puppies.
  2. alex123

    alex123 Big Dog

    that's really stupid all i said is wtf stupid people!!!!!!
  3. camerina

    camerina Puppy

    lmao!! wow!!
  4. Proofpup

    Proofpup Puppy

    2 of the pups dont even have red noses. I wonder if by miniature is that they mean miniature now but in 5 months they will be 30-40 lbs. regular weight for a "pitbull".

    I met someone who said they had miniature rotties, turned out they had puppies and they would only be miniature until they grew up...ignorance runs rampant
  5. APBTlove

    APBTlove Puppy

    very possible but i doubt it. one of the pups looks like a chi mix

    honestly i could be wrong and these could be purebred APBT's but the chances of that are slim to none especially concidering they didnt put pics of the parents. or anything except for the puppy pictures.
  6. Flatbedder

    Flatbedder Good Dog

  7. alex123

    alex123 Big Dog

    their mutts
  8. Flatbedder

    Flatbedder Good Dog

    What's with people wanting small dogs for anyway?
  9. tera

    tera Little Dog

    The title says 'miniature'. The actual advertisement says only American Pit Bull. They might not be mutts. This is about nothing.
  10. GoingPostal

    GoingPostal Good Dog

    OOOH rednose pups in various colors! Lol at the stupidity.
  11. Mollie's Nana

    Mollie's Nana Krypto Super Dog Staff Member

    :nono: Stay far, far, FAR away from places like CL and other places that advertise that they are selling anything that lives, breathes, and eats. :nono:
  12. Prada

    Prada Good Dog

    I see merle puppies. Highly doubt they're purebred anything.
  13. APBTlove

    APBTlove Puppy

    i have no idea. personally i prefer the larger breeds

    as i said in the beginning it was simple curiosity. i dont buy any dogs from sites like CL and others.
  14. seasicksquid

    seasicksquid Little Dog

    Pictures are misleading, too. If they were born Nov 2010, they're already 5 months old, and probably at least 30lbs or so...
  15. whit8908

    whit8908 Little Dog

    the add is 2 months old... but the same poster had another add for a puppy that was left from their litter in oct, only odd thing was they had a different address
  16. Little Lizard

    Little Lizard Little Dog

    Just about every breed has a "miniature" craze going on. It's a little mind-boggling.

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