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Just hqd to share this one with you BT owners.

Discussion in 'Bull Terrier' started by JakesMom5332, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. JakesMom5332

    JakesMom5332 Little Dog

  2. Old photo but it's a good one. Classic. :)
  3. buffmaxwell

    buffmaxwell Little Dog

    bullies of nc how many dogs do you actually have. like 20?
  4. Hucklebutt

    Hucklebutt Banned Back Yard Breeder

    they have 2 kennels, i dont know if there in different states but I know there are 2 of them.
  5. Most would have probably answered that question simply by visiting our website and viewing our listed Studs and Bitches. But to answer your question my wife and I own 10 Bull Terriers and my partner Craig in Jacksonville owns 5. However, that number changes frequently since we are the only Bull Terrier rescue in the state and have committed to save and rehome any and all Bull Terriers that ends up in a shelter. We feel as a breeder this commitment sets the example for others to emulate. Hopefully one day states will mandate that all breeders who wish to breed a particular breed of canine be held responsible for the burden of abondoned dogs that match the type they breed. Could you imagine the impact it would have? What do you think most breeders would say if a local dog shelter or pound called and said they just received a Bull Terrier and needed them to come pick him up, health him, and find him a loving and permenant home?

    We've been in love with Bull Terriers for many years. To be honest I wish I had more of them. We devote to them full time - 24/7 and pride ourself by the environment and attention we provide them. It's a rewarding feeling when people visit us and comment highly on how we raise our bullies and the facilities they're provided.

    Additionally, we also provide kennel services for people who go on vacation and would rather leave their Bull Terrier with us vice locked up in a small confined area at a local Vets office.

    With all this said, your estimated number of 20 could be correct depending on how many rescues we have at the time as well as any kenneled dogs that we are caring for.

    How many Bull Terriers do you own or care for?

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  6. Bullful

    Bullful Little Dog

    Steve posted;

    "Hopefully one day states will mandate that all breeders who wish to breed a particular breed of canine be held responsible for the burden of abondoned dogs that match the type they breed. Could you imagine the impact it would have? What do you think most breeders would say if a local dog shelter or pound called and said they just received a Bull Terrier and needed them to come pick him up, health him, and find him a loving and permenant home?"

    I don't think that will ever work due to the heavy importation of bullies from overseas, mostly thru internet sales. Although I would take any of my dogs back there is no way I will be "forced" to take someone elses problem dog. When they stop allowing the wholesale importing of puppies from overseas that may change. How about donating the cost of one pet puppy sale to breed rescue every year you breed a litter. You are really pro government control aren't you? Your idea of BT welfare isn't to far off from our nations except almost everyone pays for that, not just a particular race, religious belief, or sex (read breeder). By your example whites would support whites, etc., etc.,etc.. A lot like you and I being forced to foster/adopt an orphan or child, possibly with medical needs.
    Can you imagine no orphanages, no need for youth services. Less government departments and personell. Less taxes needed.

    Just a different point of view.
  7. Bulfull,

    I guess I may be a little pro government control. To be quite frank, our country lacks control in many areas. Maybe this is why we’re having so many problems that can’t seem to be corrected because most of the effective corrective action would be too harsh for some people and make them mad. God forbid we make anyone mad.

    Breeders supporting the efforts of providing rescue for dogs of the same breed does work. I wouldn’t feel right about selling a puppy knowing there’s a 2 year old Bull Terrier on death row at an animal shelter a few miles from my house. There may be an abundance of BT’s in need of rescue but none around here. Google Bull Terrier Rescues in NC and my website is right on the top. Odd how that works and I’m a breeder. I receive calls all the time from people who lost their BT due to old age and are looking for another Bull Terrier they can rescue. Most of the people we provide BT rescue’s to are previous rescue owners who can afford a puppy but opt to adopt instead. We rescued eight BT’s this year alone and all of them were rehomed quickly to appropriate families. I have no idea where these BT’s came from but 9 out of 10 times they’re the small, skinny, long nosed BT’s we see so much of. Most have skin allergy issues, demodectic mange, or personality quirks. Providing an annual allowance to one or two shelters or rescue agencies is a great idea but you’ll do a lot more good being proactive and getting involved in the rescue and adoption aspect. Obviously if accommodations for housing a rescue are limited I can understand where donations to the organizations would be worthy. I should start donating to myself.
    You’re correct about the imports but I think 99% of our problem comes from our home states. You can find a ton of BT puppies from NextDay Pets or PuppyFind that will be next to hit the shelters. Ya, there’s some import breeders on there too. I had a buddy a few years ago wanting to purchase this champion pedigree solid white male from a breeder in Ukraine (I don’t wish to mention names). The puppy looked pretty nice from the picture. However, my thoughts are that if a breeder has some good quality and healthy puppies they’d be fine by selling them within their own country and not feel the need to place ads in America unless of course they didn’t wish for anyone to come see their establishment or the actual parents of the litter. Anyhow, after speaking to this breeder it was requested for additional photos. One additional photo was sent and that’s it. At that time an agreement was made to purchase the puppy and a Western Union payment of $2500 was promised to be sent at 8:00am the following day. Well for whatever reasons my buddy said he didn’t make it to the bank at 8:00 and planned on going a little later. It’s a good thing too because the breeder (thinking $ was on the way) updated the puppy photo on her website at around 8:45 thinking money was in the bank. Turns out the puppy wasn’t a solid white after all. Check out these photos: Photo #1 original add, Photo #2 updated emailed photo, Photo #3 new photo placed on the her website thinking her money was sent. You think the placement of her hands was deliberate? Moral of the story – Watch out for those champion imported dogs from Ukraine. There are litters available from her every day of the week, all year round.

    Paragon 24.09.2007 (1).jpg Paragon 24.09.2007.jpg Paragon 3.jpg
  8. Bullful

    Bullful Little Dog

    I had a friend that wanted a red and white or blackbrindle and white. Found one on a website from the Ukraine and he was about to send payment. I asked to e-mail about healthtesting and certificates. This bitch was a champion and bred twice. She stated that she passed all health tests and my friend would recieve the paperwork when the dog arrived. I explained that that would not work as my friend was not going to be stuck paying to ship an unexceptable bitch back from NJ. She promised me that she had all the health certs and would e-mail them. Nothing came. I emailed and she said she was waiting because they were in Russian. I told her to send them as a friend/ neighbor and co-worker could translate for me. Three days no reply. Then finally I was told that the party originally interested in the bitch returned.
    The name of the breeder I was dealing with began with a "Y". Another aquaintence had someone ship him a 2-1/2 yr old that came from her kennel, he died shortly afterwards of kidney disease. Supposedly the son runs around and falls over passed out. More then likely the result of Acute sub-aortic stenosis. The more often it occurs the closure to that trip over the bridge.
    Thanks for sharing that very good example of what you can expect from overseas internet sellers. They sure aren't going to sell their best to us and be left with the less desireable.
  9. Hucklebutt

    Hucklebutt Banned Back Yard Breeder

    I have a friend who has purchased two puppies from this person we speak of. They seem fine and healthy, but I guess we will see what the future holds for those two dogs. One of them is over a year and the other is around 7 months. There both very good looking dogs, but due to some angles the person uses when she photos they never look quiet as nice in person as they seemed in the photos, the heads were thicker/rounder in the shots than in person, but none the less the same dog was sent to my friend and they still turned out very very good. She did say the female she got had a very rancid smell that took several baths to remove.
  10. Looks like we're all talking about the same breeder because her name does start with a "Y." Danielle I hope your friend has good luck with her dogs. I contacted this breeder after getting the full story from my friend and gave her a peice of my mind. I don't think she liked my lecture on integrity. Her reply was full of four letters words. I guess she's a very angry person. She should change her kennel name to "Outer Space" vice the one she has.
  11. Hucklebutt

    Hucklebutt Banned Back Yard Breeder

    She sells her dogs to many countries, if you see on her dogs and click littermates/puppies you can see they went all over. Im not sure why she sells to the US so much but we have a theory that shes a broker, and sells puppies for other people in that country. My friend has one from her dogs and one from a separate kennel a friend of hers im assuming or someone she works or helps out with.
  12. Bullful

    Bullful Little Dog

    That is her full time business. She sells so many over here because there are no strings attached and you can do whatever you please with them. Breed, Breed. Breed. How many people do you think would pay to ship the dog back. She doesn't give refunds. They dump them in rescue or worse. She was selling the bitch for full price and it had already been bred twice. Most people looking to make room in their kennel for an up and coming dog would adopt it out to a forever home. She's paid her way for sure having been bred twice.
    Another Galaxy would be a better place for her.

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