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Just a good read thought I'd share

Discussion in 'Controversial Topic Discussion' started by SBTlove, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. SBTlove

    SBTlove Good Dog

    A Friend of mine posted this today and I thought it was good. I don't know what your views are on abortion and so forth, but I know what mine are. Anyways just thought I'd share what she posted. I don't know where it started but I'm sure someone sent it to her and then she posted it.


    [h=6] A worried woman went to her gynecologist and said: 'Doctor, I have a serious problem and desperately need your help! My baby is not even 1 year old and I'm pregnant again. I don't want kids so close together. So the doctor said: 'OK, and what do you want me to do?' She said: 'I want you to end my pregnancy, and I'm counting on your help with this.' The doctor thought for a little, and after some silence he said to the lady: 'I think I have a better solution for your problem. It's less dangerous for you too.' She smiled, thinking that the doctor was going to accept her request. Then he continued: 'You see, in order for you not to have to take care of 2 babies at the same time, let's kill the one in your arms. This way, you could rest some before the other one is born. If we're going to kill one of them, it doesn't matter which one it is. There would be no risk for your body if you chose the one in your arms.' The lady was horrified and said: 'No doctor! How terrible! It's a crime to kill a child!' 'I agree', the doctor replied. 'But you seemed to be OK with it, so I thought maybe that was the best solution.' The doctor smiled, realizing that he had made his point. He convinced the mom that there is no difference in killing a child that's already been born and one that's still in the womb. The crime is the same! If you agree, please SHARE. Together we can help save precious lives! Love says I sacrifice myself for the good of the other person. Abortion says I sacrifice the other person for the good of myself. ~
  2. cliffdog

    cliffdog Good Dog

    Not even gonna say anything. Smh. :no2:
  3. SBTlove

    SBTlove Good Dog

    I'm not trying to start a debate by the way. Just thought I'd share it.
  4. MJJean

    MJJean GRCH Dog

    This is going around on FB and I was gonna post it, but I also didn't want to start a debate.

    "Hi, Mommy. I'm your baby. You don't know me yet, I'm only a few weeks old. You're going to find out about me soon, though, I promise. Let me tell you some things about me. My name is Megual , and I've got beautiful brown eyes and black hair. Well, I don't have it yet, but I will when I'm born. I'm going to be your only child, and you'll call me your one and only. I'm going to grow up without a daddy mostly, but we have each other. We'll help each other, and love each other. I want to be a doctor when I grow up. You found out about me today, Mommy! You were so excited, you couldn't wait to tell everyone. All you could do all day was smile, and life was perfect. You have a beautiful smile, Mommy. It will be the first face I will see in my life, and it will be the best thing I see in my life. I know it already. ... Today was the day you told Daddy. You were so excited to tell him about me! ...He wasn't happy, Mommy. He kind of got angry. I don't think that you noticed, but he did. He started to talk about something called wedlock, and money, and bills, and stuff I don't think I understand yet. You were still happy, though, so it was okay. Then he did something scary, Mommy. He hit you. I could feel you fall backward, and your hands flying up to protect me. I was okay... but I was very sad for you. You were crying then, Mommy. That's a sound I don't like. It doesn't make me feel good. It made me cry, too. He said sorry after, and he hugged you again. You forgave him, Mommy, but I'm not sure if I do. It wasn't right. You say he loves you... why would he hurt you? I don't like it, Mommy. ... ... ... Finally, you can see me! Your stomach is a little bit bigger, and you're so proud of me! You went out with your mommy to buy new clothes, and you were so so so happy. You sing to me, too. You have the most beautiful voice in the whole wide world. When you sing is when I'm happiest. And you talk to me, and I feel safe. So safe. You just wait and see, Mommy. When I am born I will be perfect just for you. I will make you proud, and I will love you with all of my heart. ... I can move my hands and feet now, Mommy. I do it because you put your hands on your belly to feel me, and I giggle. You giggle, too. I love you, Mommy. Daddy came to see you today, Mommy. I got really scared. He was acting funny and he wasn't talking right. He said he didn't want you. I don't know why, but that's what he said. And he hit you again. I got angry, Mommy. When I grow up I promise I won't let you get hurt! I promise to protect you. Daddy is bad. I don't care if you think that he is a good person, I think he's bad. But he hit you, and he said he didn't want us. He doesn't like me. Why doesn't he like me, Mommy? You didn't talk to me tonight, Mommy. Is everything okay? It's been three days since you saw Daddy. You haven't talked to me or touched me or anything since that. Don't you still love me, Mommy? I still love you. I think you feel sad. The only time I feel you is when you sleep. You sleep funny, kind of curled up on your side. And you hug me with your arms, and I feel safe and warm again. Why don't you do that when you're awake, any more? I'm 21 weeks old today, Mommy. Aren't you proud of me? We're going somewhere today, and it's somewhere new. I'm excited. It looks like a hospital, too. I want to be a doctor when I grow up, Mommy. Did I tell you that? I hope you're as excited as I am. I can't wait. ...Mommy, I'm getting scared. Your heart is still beating, but I don't know what you are thinking. The doctor is talking to you. I think something's going to happen soon. I'm really, really, really scared, Mommy. Please tell me you love me. Then I will feel safe again. I love you! Mommy, what are they doing to me!? It hurts! Please make them stop! It feels bad! Please, Mommy, please please help me! Make them stop! Don't worry Mommy, I'm safe. I'm in heaven with the angels now. They told me what you did, and they said it's called an abortion. Why, Mommy? Why did you do it? Don't you love me any more? Why did you get rid of me? I'm really, really, really sorry if I did something wrong, Mommy. I love you, Mommy! I love you with all of my heart. Why don't you love me? What did I do to deserve what they did to me? I want to live, Mommy! Please! It really, really hurts to see you not care about me, and not talk to me. Didn't I love you enough? Please say you'll keep me, Mommy! I want to live smile and watch the clouds and see your face and grow up and be a doctor. I don't want to be here, I want you to love me again! I'm really really really sorry if I did something wrong. I love you! I love you, Mommy. Every abortion is just… One more heart that was stopped. Two more eyes that will never see. Two more hands that will never touch. Two more legs that will never run. One more mouth that will never speak. If you’re against abortion, repost and add a heart to everytime you post so we can see how many people are against abortion.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥"

    I support free speech, so the pro choice and pro life people have the right to express their feelings. I also support personal choice and believe a woman has the right to choose as her beliefs and conscience dictates.
  5. SBTlove

    SBTlove Good Dog

    MJJEAN: I read that one too. Sometimes I am afraid to post stuff anywhere for fear of a huge debate or bashing.

    I am the same way. I also support free speach. And both sides have the right to express their feelings. And even though I am mostly against abortion. I feel you can't judge someone who had done it because you don't know what was going on in their life at the time. It could have been a health reason, they could have been forced into it, they may have really thought that was the right choice. You don't know unless you've been in that situation. My best friend had abortion and I lived through that with her. Stood by her though it all. It was not any easy road. If anyone thinks abortion is the easy way, its most definately not. It really messed her up both mentally and physically. She's not going to be able to have anymore kids. She regrets it everyday. We are still dealing with it 7 years later. She was 16. She is like a sister to me and I still love her and I don't think any less of her.

    Do I think abortion is right. No its against what I believe in. Do I believe in turning my back on someone how has done it or comtemplating it. No, that is not who I am and that is not the Christian way. You just have to love them and try to be there for them because as I have witnessed abortion is a hard road to go down. I think it might actually be a harder road than actually having the baby and keeping it or putting it up for adoption.

    I just wish it could be prevented so more lives like my friends won't be destroyed. If only we had the foresight to really see how our decisions would affect us before we made them.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 28, 2011
  6. cliffdog

    cliffdog Good Dog

    I'm Libertarian. I think it's none of anybody's damn business.
  7. Alma

    Alma GRCH Dog

    Due to the sensitive nature of this post, Ive moved it to the our Heated Section.
  8. ReneeMcDougal

    ReneeMcDougal Good Dog

    I hate to offend so please realize I do think you are entitled to an opinion but I do not think abortion and murder are the same thing. A fetal child is not yet living and breathing of its own accord so to me is not yet a human being but the makings of one. I think abortion is a personal choice and while it isn't a choice I could make, I support people who have had to make that difficult choice and did so for decent reasons. Being a free country it is not anyone's place to pass so much judgement on others, unless you walk in their shoes I think mouths should be kept shut (thats an in general not aimed at anyone). Also that note id very obviously written by some young person without knowledge because a doctor would lose their job for supporting such limiting and judgmental garbage.
  9. destinoscelgo

    destinoscelgo Good Dog

    Abortion is such a touchy subject now-a-days. (Which is so strange considering I like to think peoples minds are much more open now than they were years ago. )

    I am 100% pro choice, I even considered myself to get an abortion when I found out that I was pregnant. --I mean come on...I'm not married, I don't own a house, I don't think I could handle raising a child, I had a dead end job--
    At that time I didn't think that I could give my child the type of life he deserved Obviously I didn't go thru with it, because I told myself I can get thru this. I CAN do it. With or without my boyfriend I would raise my child.
    I personally believe the problem with abortion now is that it's being used as a method of birth control. Young girls are going out there having unprotected sex and not thinking about the consequences.
    I believe we need to educate teenagers on the long term effects of abortion, the morning after pill and even unprotected sex.
    If you think about it also...even if they decided to make abortion illegal, what makes you think you wouldn't be able to get one done, in an unsafe environment? Its much better to have real doctors do that procedure than some back alley guy who can put your life at risk as well.
    We have these choices on what to do with our bodies for a reason.
  10. SBTlove

    SBTlove Good Dog

    You know I don't necessarily think it should be illegal. Because I do think there are circumstances where its necessary. Could I do it, no. But I look at so many people I know including my best friend, who immediately regretted the decision and has had tons of problems since then. I know several people in that boat. Some who have had 2 or 3 abortions. All of them had similar reasons, they thought it was the easier road to take. I don't really think they thought it through. And yeah its being used like birth control these days. I don't think there is enough education on the topic. These girls go in and they get an abortion and there is no counceling services provided to help them after the fact. It took me years to convince my friend to get some help, and she needed it. And she is finally healing after years. My biggest issue is I have seen how it has destroyed lives, relationships, and so forth. But how can you expect people to educate young girls on abortion, when their own parents most of the time won't even teach them about the birds and the bees. These kids today are growing up not educated about the facts of life period, not to mention safe sex. Kids are out there having unprotected sex, not even aware of the consequences. "Oh it can't happen to me, I'm invincible".

    My best friend was 16 when she got pregnant and they were having unprotected sex. Her boyfriend told her to make it go away or he would. Finally he talked her into it by saying that even afterward they would be together and when they were older and had jobs they would have a family. She had the abortion. A week later he dumped her and his dad moved them away. Later she found out he had cheated on her with another girl while she was pregnant and she was pregnant too. That girl had her baby.

    Education to begin with is the key. Preventing it from happening in the first place.

    ---------- Post added at 04:52 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:42 PM ----------

    Maybe abortion really isn't the big issue. Maybe the bigger issue is we aren't educating our children on the subject of sex. I mean most times by the time a parent or the school gets to the kids, they are already having sex. Heck when I was in the 7th grade our sex ed class consisted of the health department coming in. Telling us "Don't do it, but if you do use a condom" and they passed out condoms to everyone. 2 of the girls were already pregnant.

    Sex is such a taboo topic it seems. So forget the topic of abortion. What can we do to help our kids not be in a situation where they have to consider abortion?
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 28, 2011
  11. MJJean

    MJJean GRCH Dog

    Unfortunately, SBT, prevention is not 100%.

    I was on the pill at 15 because I was told if I became or wanted to become sexually active, tell my mom and she would help with birth control. At 17, I got in a stupid fight with my mom, moved in with Mr Mistake and promptly got bronchitis. I was put on antibiotics, a Z-Pak of steroids and an inhaler. No one bothered to tell me the antibiotics would mess with the pill. I ended up pregnant with my oldest even though I never missed a pill.

    My youngest is a condom baby.

    My sisters twins are IUD babies.

    My friends youngest son is a tubal baby. She had the clamps. Apparently, there was swelling of the tubes when the clamps were put on and then the swelling went down, the clamps loosened allowing fertilization.

    My ex husbands 2 kids with his new wife are vasectomy babies. And I know he had the vasectomy because I was there in the waiting room. I'd say she was a cheating tramp but they look just like him.

    And, of course, there are circumstances like rape, incest, and cases where the child will be disabled.

    I'm not sure if I think abortion is murder in the early stages of pregnancy. I think it is once the fetus could survive outside the body, but in cases where the child would be severely disabled, maybe abortion would be a mercy.

    I thought about it with every one of my kids. I couldn't bring myself to do it. But if another woman makes a different choice, that's ok with me.

    However, I was kinda pissed when I saw what I found on FB. I wish people would just MYOB and stop trying to influence others to their way of thinking and leave others to make personal decisions without interference. Too much to ask,lol
  12. SBTlove

    SBTlove Good Dog

    Oh yes I know its not 100 percent.

    Well anyway at this point I don't even know what I am talking about anymore. So i'm bowing out. I guess I'm just too close to the issue because of what happened to my friend and for the last 7 years all I have heard about from here is how bad she regrets it, and it led to her drinking problem and severe depression, near suicide. And so forth. Been a rocky 7 years and it all goes back to one event.

    So yeah i'm done. Have fun with this thread or just let it die.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 28, 2011
  13. omgrobyn

    omgrobyn GRCH Dog

    Yes to the bolded.

    And pretty much everything else.:lol:

    I've had 2 condom pregnancies. Thank goodness I miscarried/went on a bender or else I'd have had to shell out the cash for an abortion. Why? Well, there's no way in hell I'd have been able to birth the damn things, and raise them, when at the time I was renting, worked 20 hours a week for minimum wage and was attempting to go to school, and not killed them or myself. At no point have I ever regretted any of that. It was all for the best.

    Oh, and one broken condom. But as soon as I heard "Uh oh", I hiked my ass down to PP for a morning after pill.

    Really, I don't give a damn what people do, as long as they're not forcing whatever opinions they have on me. Just because one person has had a shitty time of things after their abortion, doesn't mean every one else will. It's all what you make of it.

    We really do need more education. And not just "Here are your options". More girls/women whatever need to know that being pregnant, raising kids etc isn't a walk in the park. You're not going to be oh so la di dah happy with your wonderful baby forever and ever. I can't tell you how many girls I meet who think having a baby is going to be so fun and exciting, that pregnancy will be a breeze as will birthing their child, and oh no, they won't be up for days or cleaning up diarrhea or vomit, dealing with sick kids when cold season comes around, it'll all be one big fucking Huggies commercial where all the women are thin with nice clothes and makeup and the babies are sparkling clean and laughing.

    Shit, one girl at my work just quit, she's pregnant, and apparently no one told her (or she was deluding herself) that some/many women barf their brains out when they're preggers. She kept calling in saying she was sick and going to the ER, until my manager finally started yelling at her, mostly "You're pregnant! Pregnant women puke! Deal with it." Although oddly enough another girl I work with just got married, found out she was pregnant a week after her honeymoon, and handles it like a champ. She comes into work, runs to the bathroom for 5 minutes after the food smell gets to her, then comes out and gets to work.

    Oh, and as for the underlined part. I went to high school with a girl who literally has had baby fever since she was 10. She's got 2 kids right now, one inherited her spinal cyst disorder thing, and keeps having to go in for surgery. The other not only inherited her cyst thing, but has a colostomy bag, which the doctors say "May or may not be permanent". Those 2 kids aren't even 5 yet, and have racked up about $100,000 in hospital bills. All I know is, if I grew up with a damn colostomy bag, I'd have wanted to be aborted.
  14. Agree that is no one's damn business.....And I certainly don't think a politician or lawmaker has a say in someone's personal decisions about their life.

    If abortion wasn't so shunned maybe there would be less women on welfare who are to lazy to take care of themselves, let alone a child.

    Both the woman and the man should have enough smarts to use protection anytime they are having sex with someone that they don't want to have a child with.
  15. CallSignOWL

    CallSignOWL Good Dog

    Its confusing to me that the party that claims to be "small government" wants to have control over teh most private areas of out lives: Who we have sex with and what we do with the microscopic results. Ive seen so many politicians claim that the women should keep the baby to term and just put it up for adoption....but then those same politicians dont like to spend money on social programs that care for those same damn babies.

    I am absolutely pro-choice. My uterus, my rules.
  16. Elliehanna

    Elliehanna GRCH Dog

    I am a pro life, where if their is a threat to the mother, baby was a rape baby, or the baby would die or be severly handiecapped then yea abort but other than that I am pro life...

    I WILL not however force someone out of an abortion, I will not protest in-front of a doctor's office. I do not thing the government should have the right to demand a business to offer healthcare that covers it (like hospitals and such that are religious) but I am not going to stand on a soap box.

    I would love to talk to someone that has had an abortion and see how it effected them, well more than one person. I have a feeling that it has effected them a lot more than they show on the outside. I don't think people are evil that have them. I do think that there are other ways to not have to take responsibility for the child (you can leave your baby at any fire station or police station no questions asked)

    I understand how hard it is on your body and that some women just can't deal with losing their image of themselves by going throw a pregnancy. Sometimes their image of their body is the only thing they feel good about. Also the emotional strain. Like I said I am pro-life, but I try to understand why people are pro-choice.
  17. LovePup

    LovePup Good Dog

    OMG Both those made me cry. Doesn't help I have my newborn laying on my chest and MJ post just did it. I started balling and stuff. I could never do that, I love my child and its not their fault. But the majority of the human race doesn't see it that way. They are so selfish that they have to quantify a life and end it just as it began. I am pro life and pro choice in emergency situations.
  18. Gatorpit

    Gatorpit Good Dog

    Private adoption (which is what one does when one "puts a baby up for adoption" has nothing at all to do with the government and "social programs". If more people were educated on the adoption option...more would choose this route.

    Everyone seems to think it means you give your kid over to the state and it ends up in an orphanage and gets passed from foster home to foster home. That's what happens to kids who are forcibly taken from their parents by the state, NOT to babies that are put up for adoption at or before birth.

    I have been through 2 private adoptions. When you find out your pregnant, you speak to your doctor about adoption and they give you contact info for an agency. Private adoption agencies have waiting lists of families who pass various criteria for adopting a baby. These lists are miles long, and applicants must be VERY good. The biological parent CHOOSES where there child goes. For example, one of the families I chose lived on a orking ranch in south florida and had a great love for all cratures great and small, but were physically unable to give birth to a child.

    You get to meet the potential adopters. When you choose a family, they will pay for all your needs during your pregnancy (if this is neccesarry for women without the means for medical care or housing, etc). You can choose whether to make it a closed or open adoption. Open adoptions allow the child to contact you later in life if they want to.

    It is NOT the same thing as what we see in movies about orphans and foster homes and shit.
  19. MsAcer

    MsAcer Good Dog

    I've had two abortions, so I've killed two fetuses. Under the same circumstances I would do the same thing over again.
    They were not rape or incest induced pregnancies and I was using birth control.

    The fetus I aborted did not say this as it died, I was there ------->"I love you! Mommy, what are they doing to me!? It hurts! Please make them stop! It feels bad! Please, Mommy, please please help me! Make them stop! Don't worry Mommy, I'm safe. I'm in heaven with the angels now. They told me what you did, and they said it's called an abortion. Why, Mommy? Why did you do it? Don't you love me any more? Why did you get rid of me? I'm really, really, really sorry if I did something wrong, Mommy. I love you, Mommy! I love you with all of my heart. Why don't you love me"

    And I don't believe it's little fetus soul is in heaven with angels.
    Somebody get a grip.
    I'm pro choice, pro child, pro adoption.

  20. Beret

    Beret Bullyflop

    Holy old thread.

    I'm with you, Ms. Acer. I had one on September. It was the most responsible choice I could have made. I've never regretted it. It's never haunted me. This wasn't rape or incest either, and I was on birth control.

    There were protesters outside. They didn't make me feel guilty. They just made me upset that anyone would have the audacity to berate someone about the choices they make with their body.

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