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Little Dog
Carlos is just about seven months old now. We want to start jogging with him regularly to keep him exercised and happy. We tried it this morning; we jogged at a slow pace - he rarely broke out of a brisk walk - for about 1.6 miles (mostly on a sidewalk) and he seemed to enjoy it more than a normal, slower walk.

Even though we're planning to stick with slow, short jogs and go at his pace until he gets older, we're concerned by the conflicting information on the internet about jogging with puppies or adolescent dogs. We don't want to mess up his bones or joints or anything. For those who run with their dogs, at what age did you start? I'd love to hear any other facts or personal experiences about running with young bull terriers, too.

I've included a picture of Carlos looking at a duck on a string because I prefer threads with pictures to those without.



Big Dog
I do a fair bit of boxing so i am in to my road work and over the years i have took a fair few bull terriers with me ...some like it some dont ...but the ones that do love it...i think 1.6 miles is fine at that age ...i got a pup here 4 months old that walks that every day !
My my red bitch sasha comes running with me all the time and she does 4 miles a day at pace easy ...the only thing you gotta watch is in summer when their pads get dry and can get sore from the pounding they take from tarmac/asphalt !
You can rub oil in to prevent/help this tho :sonn_u11:


Little Dog
Thanks for the advice, Mrpedigree, and I'm sure Carlos would thank you for the compliment, balooeyes. Carlos definitely seems to enjoy the jogs; hopefully he'll keep enjoying them when they become longer and quicker.


Little Dog
Majority of that is written to discourage people from sticking a puppy on a treadmill 6hours+ a day.
My pup Zeus does 3 x 2mile walks each day and loves it,

oh btw. atleast 2miles a day is spent running.
well i dont know much about the jogging jsut wanted to come tell you how adoarble your boy is SQUEE!!!! i luff him!
he has liver in him doesnt he? or is that just a trick of the light the color of his nose?