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Jack the Ripper Pedigree info

Discussion in 'History Pictures & Reports' started by virtualpedigrees, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. “Jack the Ripperâ€

    Owned by G. M. Wilkinson, of Blairsville, Pa.

    One of America’s greatest little dogs in his day. He met all corners and never found his match at thirty-three pounds. Jack was a very lovable dog and made many friends in the kennels and was also a noted stud dog. He was one of the best dogs known as far as blood-line goes, being bred as follows: his sire was Colby’s Tige. winner in two hours and forty-two minutes also in three hours and twenty minutes.Dam was Colby’s Daisy , she killed Borth’s Nell in one hour and thirty minutes. The sire of Colby’s Tige is Colby’s Old Paddy, winner of three battles. Tige’s dam is Colby’s Jennie, winner of one battle, also dam of McNulty’s Sam. Colby’s Daisy was sired by Colby’s Major, winner in two hours and fifteen minutes. Daisy’s dam was Colby’s Thistle, a dam of many winners. Jack the Ripper is the winner of four battles in the Pit. August 28, 1904, he won over Dan in one hour and thirty-five minutes, at Pine Island. January 3. 1905, he defeated the great dog known as Bill, at Seabrook, N. Y.., and at seven years of age, he won over Bell’s dog Casey. in forty-eight minutes. His last litter was three pups by Cocoran’s Black Peggy, the best nineteen pound bitch of her time. One of the pups from this litter was Wilkinson’s famous little bitch known as “The Pegâ€, who killed LaMantia’s Tony in twenty-seven minutes and stopped Jellison’s Monkey in thirty-two minutes. Jack died in Wilkinson’s kennel at a ripe old age.


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