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J. Crenshaw Keep

Discussion in 'Conditioning & Training Library' started by solid1kennels, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. J. Crenshaw Keep

    To begin with you must have a healthy dog. This is a 12 week keep. The first 4 weeks I
    walk the dog 10 miles per day. I walk him everyday for these 4 weeks and feed one
    hour after the walk. If the show is to begin at 8:00 p.m. then I walk my dog from 5
    p.m. to 8 p.m. This 4 weeks is to pre condition the dog and get him close to weight. It is
    very important to get all gut or internal fat out of him. If you can't get the fat out from
    his intestines, heart, lungs, and liver, you can't put him in shape.
    For the first 4 weeks I feed the following:

    1. 1 cup pro plan (chicken and rice) adult formula
    2. 1 cup Kellogg's All-Bran
    3. 1 or 2 cloves chopped garlic
    4. 1 tables chopped spinach
    5. 2 cups chicken broth
    6. 1 cup cooked chicken

    Place items1-2-3-4 in feed pan. Heat items 5-6 (pour over 1-2-3-4)
    To make the chicken and broth I place 15 chicken thighs in a 3 gallon stock pot and fill
    with water. Cook until tender and place in refrigerator when cool.

    WEEK 5:

    The walk is still 10 miles (5p.m. to 8p.m). Immediately after the walk, while he is still
    warmed up, he gets 5 minutes on the treadmill. When he comes off mill, walk him 30
    minutes to cool down. Then rub him down good and put him in his quarters. Prepare
    his food an feed him one hour after he comes off the mill. (If your dog is losing
    excessive weight, feed more dog food). If he is dehydrated, increase liquid. However, if
    he is losing too much weight it is possible you are going at the wrong weight. He should
    not have water between mill and feed time. But when you feed him, place at least 1/2
    gallon clean water where he has access to it. The water should be changed and the
    container cleaned daily. I read once where someone said the green stuff in water won't
    hurt the dog.....But you give him one bucket of clean and one green with algae and see
    which one he drinks from!!!!!!!!!

    Continue each day of week 5 the same. With only 5 minutes mill work, it shouldn't be
    necessary to rest him this week. But this keep is only a guide. You have to use common
    sense. If the dog is tired or doesn't feel good,"Rest Him".

    WEEK 6:

    Walk 10 miles (5p.m-8p.m)
    10 minutes on mill
    Rub down
    Everything stays the same (If the dog loses weight, add additional dog food). Everything
    else stays the same. Be sure to replace water.

    WEEK 7:

    Walk 10 miles (5pm-8pm)
    20 minutes on mill
    Rub Down
    Everything else same except feed:
    With 10 miles walk, 20 minutes on mill, and 30 minutes to cool down, the dog should
    be drying out some. At this time I leave all ingredients the same except liquid and
    chicken. I put 3 whole chicken thighs (including skin) with bone removed. Broth: add 1
    ounce per pound body weight (40 pound dogs gets 40 ounces broth daily). Wait one
    hour after mill and feed. Put water so he can drink.

    WEEK 8:

    Walk Same 10 miles (5pm-8pm)
    Mill 15 minutes
    Walk 30 minutes
    Mill 15 minutes
    Walk 30 minutes to cool down, Rub down, feed on hour after mill, and replace water.

    WEEK 9:

    Walk 10 miles (5p.m-8p.m)
    Mill 20 minutes
    Walk 30 minutes
    Mill 20 minutes
    Walk 30 minutes
    Rub down
    Feed on hour after mill

    WEEK 10:

    Walk 10 miles (5p.m-8p.m)
    Mill 30 minutes
    Walk 30 minutes
    Mill 30 minutes
    Walk 30 minutes
    Rub down
    Feed on hour after mill

    WEEK 11:

    Begin 10 mile walk at 4 p.m. Finish walk at 7p.m
    Mill 30 minutes
    Walk 30 minutes
    Mill 30 minutes
    Walk 30 minutes
    Mill 30 minutes
    Walk 30 minutes
    Rub down
    Feed at 10:30. WATER!!!!!!!!!


    Walk 5 miles (ending at 8p.m)
    Mill 20 minutes
    Walk 30 minutes

    Mill 20 minutes
    Walk 30 minutes
    Rub down
    Feed one hour after mill (10:10), WATER!!!!!!!!!!


    Walk 5 miles
    Mill 15 minutes
    Walk 30 minutes
    Mill 15 minutes
    Rub down
    Feed one hour after mill (10:10p.m) WATER!!!!!!!

    WEEK 12:

    Walk 5 miles ending at 8p.m
    Mill 10 minutes
    Walk 30 minutes
    Mill 10 minutes
    Rub down
    Feed one hour after mill (9:50p.m) WATER!!!!!!!


    Walk one hour ending at 8p.m
    Mill 10 minutes
    Walk 30 minutes Rub down
    Feed one hour after mill (9:10pm.) WATER!!!!!


    Today I put the dog in a kennel in my bedroom, keep the room cool and quiet. I take
    him out early in the morning for a good walk (about 30-45 minutes). Put him up until
    noon and take him for another 30-45 minute walk.
    4-pm--walk for one hour
    5pm-- feed, put back in kennel
    9pm-- walk just long enough for him to empty or urinate. Put in kennel until morning. I
    offer him water after each walk before he goes back in the kennel.



    I made sure to arrive at the area of the show at least 30 (THIRTY) hours before
    showtime so I could feed the last meal there and to insure my dog got plenty of rest.
    8pm. 2cc Dex 2mg-ml. Put under skin, NOT muscle.


    6am. 5cc Dex under skin


    I never feed but once daily. This will keep your dog regular and insure he is empty at
    show time. Next to getting the gut fat out of him, this is the most important: making
    sure he is empty at show time. He will get hot an week if he has anything in his

    To make weight, I use broth without any solids. I strain chicken broth through cheese
    cloth and save one pint. You can give this to him up to 3 hours before show time and it
    will not do any harm.

    And last, this is only a guide. You have to use common sense to apply with any success.

    If the dog loses weight, feed more
    If he gains weight, work more or feed less
    if he is tired, rest him
    if you are lazy and don't work your dog, he won't be in shape
    if he is dry, add more broth
    if his is too wet, decrease broth

    Don't push him too fast. Work according to schedule in pre-keep to prepare him for

    Not many people have the ability to condition

    I once read an article that Earl Tudor wrote which said he doubted it there was 5 men
    in the world that knew how to find a dog's weight, get the gut fat out, and knew how to
    condition him after he got the fat out.

    If there are 3 today that know this and are not too LAZY to put him in shape, I do not
    know them.


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