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It Could Soon Be Illegal To Chain/Tether A Dog In Fort Worth

Discussion in 'Breed Specific Legislation' started by Vicki, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. kcdogblog

    kcdogblog Puppy

    I can't "prove it". But the opinion does come from:

    a) a lot of personal observations
    b) conversations with several respected behaviorists on the subject
    c) Seeing way too many major bite stories that involve a young child walking up to an unfamiliar chained dog (and yes, we can talk about parental irresponsibility in these cases, which is true, but still, there are very few reasons why a dog should maul someone).

    If you have studies that prove your point I'd love to see them. I've seen the one involving the Huskies and don't think it is terribly scientific (involves way too few dogs, dogs of only one breed, and not an appropriate length of time to determine long-term effects).

    But if you have other stuff, I'd love to see it. I'm completely open on this subject to being proven wrong if there is legitimate data on it. I will say though that every city I've ever seen statistics on that has put tethering restrictions in place has seen a pretty substantial long-term drop in bite rates. And that counts for something in my book....that even if it is not the direct cause of the aggression in the dogs, that it helps law enforcement officials deal with potential problem owners better than straight up cruelty/neglect laws.
  2. shawn29

    shawn29 Puppy

    I agree

    I agree it is a one sided view of the situation. Of course there are people who mistreat their pets and leave them on a chain without water, and food. Some even neglect to loosen the collar and it becomes something that needs surgery due to it growing into their neck. However there are also people who use chains and take very good care of their animals. I myself Know people who use a chain at times, and they take really good care of their pet. I believe that its those who are neglectful to start with who forget to water, feed, and take them off the chain for play time. A pitbull takes a lot of care and only those who know this to start with should own one.

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