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It Could Soon Be Illegal To Chain/Tether A Dog In Fort Worth

Discussion in 'Breed Specific Legislation' started by Vicki, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    Council to vote on dog ordinance

    FORT WORTH — The pictures were upsetting: A slit-eyed dog chained to a tree in a bare dirt yard with no way to get to food or water. Another dog kept on a chain so short the dog could barely move.

    And those were just the ones that the city animal control department felt it could show in public.

    “Our animal cruelty officers encounter many examples of dog tethering that are far worse,†said Scott Hanlan, assistant public health director.

    It could soon be illegal to chain or tether a dog in Fort Worth, except in very limited circumstances. City Council members, who were visibly angered by the pictures, could vote on a change in the ordinance next week, including a $2,000 fine.

    Hanlon said there’s evidence that chaining dogs makes them more dangerous. One study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that animals that are kept roped or chained are 2.8 times more likely to bite people than other dogs.

    “I find the photographs you just showed us disturbing to say the least,†Mayor Mike Moncrief said. “I guess perhaps in my own mind the most appropriate punishment for those who choose to treat animals like that is to tether those owners themselves for a period of time.â€

  2. bahamutt99

    bahamutt99 Stealth ninja

    I wonder how many pictures they showed of tethered dogs who were properly cared for.
  3. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    None probably. It's the Michael Moore method. Only show what you want people to see, don't show both sides....

    I said this in another group, but if Texas goes down hill like this, then most of the US is very screwed.
  4. simms

    simms Good Dog

    When they collected thier info they got it from polly/stop6, northside ect ect. That is he tactic that most cities use. They map out demographicly challenged areas and use them as thier examples.

    It is up to the citizens of these states and cities to challenge thier studies and force them to enforce exsisting laws.
  5. Jelet

    Jelet Banned

  6. MyaMayhem

    MyaMayhem Puppy

    I think it should be illegal in all states. I don't see the point in having a dog if you're just going to chain it up in the backyard. Very pointless. A dog is a companion, there is absolutely no reason to have one just tied up.
  7. simms

    simms Good Dog

    You think... It's not about what or how a person feels or thinks. It is about keeping these animals safely confined. Did you know that most supporters of BSL is determined from ppl that either them selves or know of a person that have been bothered by a "scary pit bull" at large or hitting the fence or they know someone that has had a pet attacked or them selves.

    This anti tether shit is just another method to dictate a beliefe... When it comes down to it, supporters of it dont realy give a ratzz ass about these animals or these communties. The solution will be for ppl to file lawsuits against these cities
  8. MyaMayhem

    MyaMayhem Puppy

    I'm not trying to start a debate or anything, I know people own chained up dogs on here and do take care of them when they are out tied up.
    I've grown up in michigan, surrounded by people who have outside dogs that are hardly ever fed and are left out all day every day with little to no interaction from humans. I think a dog that is left like this is a much more vicious animal than one left outside in a yard surrounded by a fence. I don't condone this either. I don't think dogs should be left outside at any time when an owner is not outdoors with him. I'm new here, but I think I have the right to stand up for what I believe. A dog charging the fence is as much the owner's fault for not watching and being responsable enough to bring the dog indoors and teach it proper house etiquette when they are away as it is the dog's that is territorial because it's defending it's home.
  9. simms

    simms Good Dog

    you have your rights. But your rights do not include to dictate what is right for you may also be right for others.

    I dont respect the anti tehter stance. It has proved to endanger comunities and these animals that folks claim to be so overly concerened about.

    It's a fact that these cities and towns know that there will be an increased numbers of animals at large, bites,maulings. You knowingly are part of the problem of setting these communites up to fail... If you dont believe that than you have not given as much thought that you think you have.

    again you are entitled to your rights.
  10. simms

    simms Good Dog

    I'm sure your nice. I apologize for coming off strong. This is a heated topic for me right now.
  11. simms

    simms Good Dog


    What is Anti-tethering?What is Anti-tethering?

    Anti-tethering laws are designed to restrict or ban the tethering of dogs. Tethering can be anything that ties the dog to an object: a tie-out staked in the ground, a chain tied around a tree, a leash hooked to your waist and in extreme definitions it can even be a leash in your hand or a restraining noose at the groomer's.
    Anti-tethering laws sometimes limit the number of hours a dog is allowed to be tied out, sometimes mandate that someone must be with the dog while he is tied, sometimes describe other specifics of the conditions in which he should or should not be tethered. Sometimes they simply ban tethering completely.

    The Animal Rights Myth

    The animal rights groups claim that tethering contributes to aggression in dogs. They state that dogs who are tethered are subject to abuse in the form of lack of food and water, unsanitary conditions, insufficient access to shelter, embedded collars, hazardous conditions in the are where they are tied.

    The Government Beliefs

    The legislators are presented with false data. They believe the statistics that are given to them by the animal rights groups mainly because they are unaware of the fact that this information is skewed at best and at times completely fictitious.

    Why is Anti-tethering Wrong?

    Tethering is a viable containment method for many dog owners. Some people live in a place where they cannot adequately fence their yard because of the terrain or because of a homeowner's association. Other people have dogs who will go over, under or through any fence that is put up, some people can't afford the thousands of dollars it costs to construct an adequate fence for their dog, and even more costly is fencing for multiple dogs who might get into a fight if left in a yard together.
    Tethers are not abusive. A properly configured tether allows the dog access to shelter and fresh water; is secure without being too heavy; uses a strong, secure flat collar; is used as a means of allowing the dog some freetime to be outdoors without the restriction of a leash while containing him on the property. The area is kept clean and it is free of any obstacles that present a hazard to the dog.

    The Reality of Enforcing Anti-tethering

    Enforcing Anti-tethering laws isn't always easy. It relies on actually witnessing the dog being tethered. Often dogs are tethered in a back yard, where they can't be seen from the street. For law enforcement to see a tethered dog in a backyard would require trespassing - searching the property without a warrant. They can rely on neighbors reporting that a dog is tethered, however a neighbor might not report it or a neighbor might make a false report if they don't like someone. Animal control officers would then follow up on the false report, possibly harassing the owner in question.
    If there is a limit for how long a dog can be tethered, someone needs to be watching for a continuous amount of time in order to prove that the dog was not taken off the tether during this time period. Do our law enforcement officers really have that kind of resources available? Have crime rates been reduced to that extent? If this is to be done by animal control officers, the time could better be spent enforcing leash laws. Think about what it would cost to have the officers available to sit outside houses for hours on end simply to determine for how long the dog was tied up while still having the manpower available to handle other animal control calls and to run the shelter.

    What really causes abuse and aggression

    Abuse in the form of not feeding a dog, not socializing a dog, not providing adequate shelter and medical care, leaving embedded collars on their neck - this is all basic neglect. The cause of this isn't in the tether, it's a societal issue. While I'm not going to go into depth about the psychoses of humans that cause them to cruelly neglect a dog, I will point out that neglect can occur with or without a tether. It can occur in the house just as easily as in the yard. The tether, which is nothing more than a mere tool, does not abuse a dog, nor does it cause abuse.
    Aggression, also not cause by a tool such as a tether is a complex issue. For many dogs aggression is in their nature at birth. Some dogs may have been improperly socialized, creating fear aggression. Some may have been mistreated, causing defense aggression. A lack of training can contribute to aggression in a dog who is already prone to being aggressive.
  12. MyaMayhem

    MyaMayhem Puppy

    Thank you, I didn't take it offensively, I just felt I deserved the right to state my opinion on here, but maybe I said it a little too harshly.

    As I've said, I'm against any sort of tethering of a dog outside for a long period of time. There is absolutely no reason for it. A person who owns a dog takes on a responsibility. If a person cannot afford to proporly care for a dog, they should not take on an animal at all. In my opinion, there should be no outside dogs anywhere. A dog should only never be outdoors when it's owner is absent.
  13. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    I take very good care of my dogs. I can, also, afford my dogs. So, I don't understand what being about to afford a dog has to do with how you chose to contain that dog. My dogs get plenty of love and attention, and plenty of exercise.

    If you want to be anti-tethering, then don't chain your dogs, but don't try to pass legislation that takes away my ability to safely and properly contain my dogs.
  14. simms

    simms Good Dog

    Ppl that are in favor of that type of legistlation dont care about what you may want. They certainly dont care about whats best for your dog.
  15. MyaMayhem

    MyaMayhem Puppy

    Why do you chose to chain them? This is an honest question, I'm just curious. I guess I haven't had the chance to ever ask a person this.

    BILLBKLYN Good Dog

    This whole thing is rediculous. This law is another knee-jerk reaction because there are a few poorly treated tethered dogs out there. We all know that. I would be willing to bet however that there are more mistreated "house dogs" or warehouse dogs, etc...around this nation. Most tethered dogs are properly cared for and are tethered for a reason, and making it aggresive and not socializing it are not the reasons.
  17. MyaMayhem

    MyaMayhem Puppy

    I'm sure there are thousands of mis-treated house-dogs out there, but that is not my point. I cannot comprehend why someone would chose to leave their dog outside 24/7. That is why I was asking, and I still do not have an answer.
  18. chloesredboy2

    chloesredboy2 Good Dog

    people chain their dogs because its often the only way to contain them.I have a 10 ft privacy fence and two of my dogs can run and jump on and over in a matter of seconds.The other two just dig under it.
  19. chloesredboy2

    chloesredboy2 Good Dog

    My dogs are in most of the time,but some people just dont like animals in their house.What about livestock? Should we keep cattle in the house too? Too some,dogs are more like livestock than pets.
  20. simms

    simms Good Dog

    Unfortunately there are some areas here in FW that are challenged and it is FW example that use. Not everyone tethers correctly. However just enforceing the welfare laws will help clear that up.

    What most dont get is that these animals that are tetherd, likely will not stay behind a 4 ft fence. Most ppl these days can not afford to install a new fence or a proper kennel that will hold an APBT. The law in turn creates a slew of other issues. Texas is quickly becomeing a non APBT friendly state. If by chance theses AR folks are able to over turn the BSL law in the state of texas.....you can bet the APBT will be outlawed!

    I dont give a fuck about a house dog. Most those dogs will never be house dogs. That is the dellusion behind this type of law.

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