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Is this real?


Banned Back Yard Breeder
I found this on someone facebook page and im curious if this is real or not?



Big Dog
I don't doubt its real. I've seen some horses with some pretty severe Roman Nose. That's an extreme case, but BYB-ers that breed crap horses are almost a bigger problem in horses than dogs. Dogs are at least easier to find a home for than a horse! lol.

Its a shame, because the rest of the horse isn't TOO terrible looking, he probably has a hard time eating though, looks like he might have a bad bite there, unless his lower lip is just that big, lol.


Good Dog
Whoa I'm impressed, pulled up the thread exactly 3 years later lol. I've seen a deer with a roman nose that bad, so I don't see why it couldn't happen to a horse
Yes, the horses noses are the only ones that emulate the noses of EBT. All the angles that I saw in a EBT (dozens) I saw them too in horses. Go figure...