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Is the pit bull really a mix?

Discussion in 'Dog Debates' started by oldman, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. oldman

    oldman Little Dog

    Things have been pretty quite around here so I thought I would start a new thread. Do you believe the pit bull was a mix of the bull dog and the terrier or the original bull dog?
  2. AGK

    AGK Scratch Kingz Staff Member

    I don't fully understand what your asking but I'll give an opinion. I think it was the original bulldog bred to terriers. Only because I've seen ones that very much favor the look of a terrier and seen some that look more square like bulldogs. Just an opinion though.
  3. Sagebrush

    Sagebrush Good Dog

    I also believe they are the result of various crosses of the old working bull dog and some of the old working terriers in the British Isles -- remember there were no "purebreds" back then and a dog was known by the kind of work he did and/or the region the dog was known in. I can certainly see each contributing to what was required of a pit dog.

    It was Stratton who popularized the theory that the APBT is just the old original working bulldog.
    People seem to be on one side or the other.
  4. oldman

    oldman Little Dog

    My opinion has always been they are the original bulldog. I can't see any reason to mix them with the terrier. Everyone should know the English bull dog is not the original bull dog. My opinion the boston terrier is a cross of the English type to the terrier. There are a couple other breeds that could be a cross of the English bull dog type with the terrier also.
  5. Sagebrush

    Sagebrush Good Dog

    Okay, the methodology is quite complex on the genetic analysis they did here, but read the discussion part for some conclusions. Among them is this:

    "The ability to determine a time of hybridization for recent admixture events can refine sparse historical accounts of breed formation. For example, when dog fighting was a popular form of entertainment, many combinations of terriers and mastiff or bully-type breeds were crossed to create dogs that would excel in that sport. In this analysis, all of the bull and terrier crosses map to the terriers of Ireland and date to 1860–1870. This coincides perfectly with the historical descriptions that, though they do not clearly identify all breeds involved, report the popularity of dog contests in Ireland and the lack of stud book veracity, hence undocumented crosses, during this era of breed creation (Lee, 1894)."

    There are some very interesting remarks about other breeds too -- in the discussion part and in the main body of the article. HOW they came to these conclusions is the part that will take some study!

  6. oldman

    oldman Little Dog

    After dogs were domesticized and man began selective breeding they developed 3 types of dogs.
    Sight dogs, scent dogs, and catch dogs. The selective breeding continued and we can see the best of the 3 types developed.
    From the sight dogs we have the greyhound. From the scent dogs we have the bloodhound. From the catch dogs we have the pit bull.
    There were many other breeds developed but these 3 formed the beginnings of man's first selective breeding. There are many other sight hounds today but none have the speed of the greyhound. There are many scent hounds but none has the nose of the bloodhounds. There are many dogs that will catch but none can compete with the pit bull.
    Terriers came along long after man had developed the catch dog. Lap dogs were being developed along with larger dogs. These dogs were mixed back into the main 3 breeds. Man is always willing to mix traits up to try to develop a new and better dog.
    The 3 types of dogs were being perfected along with all of the experimental mixes. Many of the mixes went on to become breeds of their own. The 3 original types of dogs continued to be selective bred for their original purpose by breeding the best to the best. Each of the 3 types were called by several other names over the years. Today we still see the 3 types of dogs. Now the names are greyhound, bloodhound, and pit bull.
    In my lifetime I have seen the name of the pit bull change 3-4 times. It is still the same dog.

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