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Is just walking sufficient?

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by PeanutBrains, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. PeanutBrains

    PeanutBrains Puppy

    I find it hard to have my dog run intensely. Sometimes use a retractable leash but its tricoy and its nothing like free roam. He can never really free roam where i live. Hes a powerful dog and dislikes other animals. I really wish he could run all day but he cant.

    I am wondering if walking alone is sufficient? Say, an hour, or 3 hours, a day?
  2. oldman

    oldman Little Dog

    You cannot walk far enough or fast enough to keep a dog in good shape.
  3. AGK

    AGK Scratch Kingz Staff Member

    That isn't necessarily true. For the average persons pet, walking regularly is extremely beneficial.

    Most have seen the condition my dogs are kept in physically. They all are in phenomenal shape, always are. My Vet damn near blows me everytime one of my dogs are in front of them.

    I only handwalk unless there is a reason to do more...

    Lol I'll take one off the chain right now confidently wouldn't be the first time.....

    I've seen more than a few come right off the spot and spank one that was fully conditioned. It's not unheard of.

    While you won't be drag racing typically with a dog that was just handwalked to get in shape but for the average dog it does most certainly keep them lean and in pretty good shape for a typical dog. If the dog digs in and pulls the whole time, even better.

    If we were talking in the square then I'd agree but this fella has a pet and the reality is, handwalking regularly is highly beneficial to the dogs health. That's a medical fact not an opinion.

    To the OP, there is no set time or distance. Depends largely on the dog as an individual. Learn his signs if fatigue and push him to it.
    If you really want the dog to be able to get in peak shape and really open up to full running, invest in a mill. They are worth their weight in gold.
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  4. PeanutBrains

    PeanutBrains Puppy

    Wow thanks for that wealth of knowledge and info
  5. PeanutBrains

    PeanutBrains Puppy

    Hey 2 things i gotta ask you please what is your thoughts on neck collar vs harness for an intense pulling dog? The dog pulls and chokes itself

    Also is gripping or squeezing a dogs skin super hard in certain situations bad?
  6. AGK

    AGK Scratch Kingz Staff Member

    I prefer a harness myself. As far as the pinching the skin, I'm confused as to what you mean by that. Like, why would you need to do that? Unless your referring to scruffing them, grabbing them by the excess skin on the back of the neck to hold them. If that's what you mean then it's fine to do that.
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  7. PeanutBrains

    PeanutBrains Puppy

    What harness do you use for your pitbulls
  8. AGK

    AGK Scratch Kingz Staff Member

  9. oldman

    oldman Little Dog

    Of course walking a dog is better than keeping it in the house laying on the couch. My opinion is a pit bull is not a house dog. I take weaning age pups on a ten mile walk. They are able to run free. I take them with their mother and release her also. I am sure the dogs go a lot farther than I walk. They usually do the first mile as fast as they can go when I release them. Adult dogs are taken on the same 10 mile walk and released to hunt. My dogs are not chained. They have large yards.
    I had one match dog that would run a mill as long as you would let him. Others that would not use them.

    I spent a lot of time with my dogs. They all knew where they were going and what was expected of them by the collar I put on them. Only time I used a harness was in weight pulling. If a dog really pulls a harness will give them more leverage and they will pull much stronger. When a dog can pull over 5,000 lbs. when pulling weight not many people can control them.
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  10. PeanutBrains

    PeanutBrains Puppy

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  11. AGK

    AGK Scratch Kingz Staff Member

    You do have more control of a dog with a collar than you do a harness however if you have a hard pulling dog the collar can be a hindrance to the dogs breathing and can actually injure a dogs trach if they are the drag you the whole time kind-of dog. A harness better distributes the dogs force being exerted when pulling you down the road way better IMO. Neither way is wrong, personal preference. I use both but for a dog that really digs in the whole time then a harness works better for me. Most of mine walk that way. To me, the idea is to give them the workout, not me. Lol.
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  12. oldman

    oldman Little Dog

    I agree. That is why I trained my dogs with different collars. A choke chain meant they were going to a UKC show. A leather collar meant they were going to an ADBA dog show. A nylon color meant they were going hunting. They wore no collar when they were at home. When wearing their choke chain they acted like obedience trained dogs. When they wore the leather collar they showed more fire and were more aggressive. With the nylon collars they were very excited. I started training them when they were weaned. Of course my wife's dog had his spiked collar he wore when they went shopping.
  13. PeanutBrains

    PeanutBrains Puppy

    I ordered a specific harness but what if i damaged the dogs neck? I love the dog it really is a loving and good acting animal but he has acted like an asshole sometimes and pumps the breaks on me. And i have to pick the dog up, sometimes i had to drag him by the neck in a situations.

    I have walked 4-5 hour with the dog. Does not tire him at all. And does not stop the pulling. I dont mind the pulling at all, i just hate it for him as this may fuck his neck area up
  14. oldman

    oldman Little Dog

    It doesn't take much to teach a dog to lead. The dog will learn what you teach it. If you allow the dog to do as he wants he will continue to do as he wants. If you teach the dog to do what you want he will continue to do what you want.
    It is very hard to teach a dog to do what you want him to do when he has already been taught different.
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