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Is it possible to rehabilitate "unsound" dogs?

Discussion in 'Dog Debates' started by Nyli, May 2, 2013.

  1. BlueDiamond

    BlueDiamond Banned

    Ive had a problem dog. I maintained and contained him just fine. He never ever had a chance to get loose. We had a 50x25ft and 6ft high fence kennel on our 1 acre property at the time. He was a gsd and lived until he was 14. That was a lot of dogs ago, and many years of training experience since then. I wasnt into training back then like I am now. I train the shit out of my dogs. I love training and actually id like to take on a challenge, but none of my dogs since then has had any real bad problems. 1on1 training every single day is what it takes.
  2. E Diggy

    E Diggy Big Dog

    Some times training isn't enough. Dogs will sometimes have aggression hard wired into their DNA that just can't be fixed. You didn't answer my question though...if you had a dog that bit a child, would you keep that dog?
  3. BlueDiamond

    BlueDiamond Banned

    Maybe im being niave, but it wouldnt happen at my house. If I dont trust the dog, its not gonna be running free with anyone around. Although, ive never gotten a dog older than like 1 year old so.... I train with praise so my dogs love people, and they grow up with dogs of all sizes so they are not dog aggressive, and also the constant training. Id agree that a dog with a diagnosed mental problem would be a liability but... have you ever had 1 like that? If the aggressive behaviors arent diagnosed, whose to say that dog just wasnt brought up right? Whose to say whats right and wrong anyway? Oh well, put em down
  4. catchrcall

    catchrcall Good Dog Staff Member

    This whole post makes me wonder how many dogs you've been around. Especially the phrase "it wouldn't happen at my house". Anybody that knows much about dogs knows that rule number one is never say never. Dogs are individuals, with their own thoughts, and make their own decisions. To assume too much predictability is setting yourself up for failure, especially with one that can't be trusted.
  5. I have an HA dog that wants to bite me every chance he gets who belongs to my brother, he spends his days in a small bedroom because I will not allow that dog to be around me however, saying all of that.. it is NOT the dogs fault. It is the piss poor upbringing that this dog had. Zero training, zero containment as a pup. He was only neutered because the neighbor shot him in the balls because he was chasing and killing his chickens. After that he was hit in the head by a car and now suffers from seizures, and to top it all off that dog has so much anxiety that he is chewing himself bloody at all points of his body. We fight all the time about this I want the dog PTS, he has no quality of life. Someday the dog will attack my brother... and maybe then he will see.
  6. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Administrator

    Don't forget the piss poor breeding that made this dog genetically crazy. The dog needs to be PTS. The dog is suffering and you cannot fix what is wrong with this dog.
  7. Michele,
    I could not agree more with you.. we do fight about this all the time. I do not know how he can justify keeping this dog alive. He spends no time with the dog. I have come to believe that the dog is an "it" that belongs to him and he can do whatever he wants with it. How two people from the same family can have such drastic different views on owning dogs is beyond me.

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