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is blue a greyline



when i got blue from the kennel they told me he came from a greyline. Does he look gotti to anyone? Waiting for his papers from ukc. his ped includes 'PR' NOVA BLUEGOOD,'PR'PITTS' COOL PEPPERMINT BLISS,THORNSTON'S GOTTI,THORSTON'S BLUE DESTINY,'PR' MA HARLEY,'PR' DEJABLUES' PLATA,FALIN'S SNOOP,and 'PR' SASHA POO. Has anyone heard of any of these? thanx for the help and the puppies r gorgeous!!!​


I moved your post to our APBT Bloodlines section. I believe you have an American Bully dog though, not an APBT. Please pm Vicki for permission into the AmBully Section. :)


Krypto Super Dog
Can't really tell just by looking at a dog what bloodline he is part of.

If they say that he is greyline, and you believe they are reputable breeders, which I would hope so, since you got a puppy from them, then he probably is.

Like said above, either way he is an American Bully, not an American Pit Bull Terrier.


American Bully Moderator
I would say he isn't going to be near an bully as some, I would say he is probably going to be a clean old school bully. You cannot tell a bloodline by looks unless the bloodline has a VERY VERY VERY distinct trait. I know of Falins dogs, he has some SUPER clean old school bullies.


The way the pup is sittin he looks splayed already. Could be the pic tho. Little info on the greyline's . Greylines is the start of the gotti line. . Juan gotti actually came from greylines. I doubt the pup is greylines tho, The greylines blood has almost been extinct since gotti has come out. Which kennel did u get the pup from and i can do some ped research for ya