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Introducing the new "Profanity Filter"

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Shon, Nov 23, 2013.

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  1. Shon

    Shon Little Dog

    Introducing the new "Profanity Filter"

    A new profanity filter has been implemented to attempt to keep the site more family oriented. As I am well aware, many of you are not a fan of censorship, but don't worry. By default, all members who have been registered for 30 or more days and have 50 posts or more, the filter is turned off with no action required to be taken. Guests and members who do not meet the above requirements, the filter is automatically turned on. For members who do not meet those requirement or those who wish to enable or disable this filter, the option can be changed by following the steps below:

    Settings > General Settings > Thread Display Options > Profanity Filter

    In addition to the introduction to this filter, in the coming weeks, the rules and policies will be revised to forbid or reduce the use of excessive profanity along with many other things to ensure we have a more welcoming community to people of all age group, ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds.

    Hopefully some of you will find this new feature useful! :)
Thread Status:
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