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Introducing Ghost Buster

Love me some Target dog!!!! Bull terriers in my opinion are way awesome!! I love them...Love them Loooooove them! Nice pup you got there.


The ice water thing: Perhaps I should have qualified my original post: Common sense dictates that you obviously don't give an entire bowl of ice. I'd say a one or two ice cubes are sufficient. Those of us that live in hot destinations already know that the ice cubes melt incredibly quickly when added to water bowls.


Awww, he's sooo cute! All three of mine had huge ears when they were puppies. Shoot, they have huge ears when they are adults too! You're going to have a lot of fun with your bull terrier - they definitely are clowns.

I've heard that since they have such short coats, that they don't do well in weather extremes (really hot and really cold). I know mine don't, and in the middle of winter or middle of summer I have to limit their times outside. Also, they do get sunburned. I know a guy who had a bull terrier and his ended up with skin cancer because they get such exposure to the sun without having enough fur. My vet recommended sun screen too. Just make sure the kind you get doesn't have too many chemicals in it.

Enjoy and welcome! He's handsome!