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Introducing Ghost Buster


Little Dog
Buster has started grunting and grumbling lately. He'll be all curled up comfy in my lap or his bed sounding like a pig/old man. Also started snoring when he sleeps! Too cute.


Little Dog
Just some more additions of Buster... sorry I like to show off this stud...

BIG schnoz!
Yet another "I'm going to eat the camera" shot. Buster hates photos
Handsome boy.


Little Dog
Buster enjoying some supervised bone chewing time after finally having a somewhat successful walkie.
The nice lady at the pet shop next door whom Buster now LOVES gave it too him because he's so freakin' cute/awesome. :dance2: *toot*toot* <---tooting our own horn.

Hehe just love the look on his face in this one. Photo-bombing while daddy sleeps on the sofa.


Little Dog
Our computer was in for repairs but we're back now! Here is Buster @ 5 months. :D Handsome dude.

My two Handsome fellas!
What Buster thought of my new book I had shipped from Canada.
Buster's first off leash day.
Buster the cat-dog on his perch.