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Introducing Dillinger the cat

Discussion in 'Cat Discussion' started by AdonisOnHigh, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. AdonisOnHigh

    AdonisOnHigh Little Dog Premium Member

    Hey everybody, I recently took in a cat and wanted to introduce him and ask a few questions. I see that some of y'all currently have or have had cats in the past so I figured why not ask you guys!

    First Dilly's back story: My apartment complex is full of feral cats, I can't count them all on 2 hands. Around October I started using a different path to get to the bus that takes me to campus and I happened across a couple kittens living under a shed in a parking lot. I started feeding them soon after that and Dilly was quick to take to me. His sibling on the other hand was completely feral and would only eat once I had left. Fast forward to a few weeks before Christmas break, I had decided I wanted to catch them and get them fixed. Another girl had started tossing dry food all over the place attracting the attention of a bunch of bigger cats who scared the two kittens into hiding. I couldn't get them to come close and by the time I had to head back to Houston they were barely starting to come back out. After the break I got back and found that someone else had started feeding Dilly, not the same girl as before. I eventually met her and she told me about a lady that came and trapped the other kitten saying she was going to get him fixed and re release him but she never came back. So Dilly was alone and apparently got beat up while I was gone. He had a quarter sized wound on his neck, it was bloody and leaking pus and had a huge mat on top that was peeling at his skin. The lady that had been feeding him said she wasn't planning on bring him in and I decided I wasn't going to just leave him so I brought him in. Catching him was no problem considering I usually had to stop him from following me home. He's transitioned to indoor life amazingly. He's currently seperated from the majority of the apartment, spending a lot of the day chilling in Adonis' old crate. I decked it out with kitty toys and he's been living it up in my closet. I shaved the portion of his neck that was matted and revealed the wound which was super icky lol. I cleaned it and bandaged it and started using Vetericyn on it everyday. It's now the size of a baby fingernail and healing great! He's super happy and his favorite part of the day is when I put him on Adonis' long line and let him roam the living room. My roommates love him but Adonis and Annie would probably disagree lol.

    Now for questions: My first question is how much should he be eating? I would guess that he's between 5 and 7 months, they definitely weren't newborns when I found them but I don't think they were too old, maybe 1 or 2 months. He eats 1/4 cup of dry evo cat food mixed with an entire cup of meow mix wet food. Is that enough? He always begs as if he's starving but I can't tell if he's just being a fatty or if he's genuinely hungry. Also what's a good quality cat food to feed? Is the like a cat food adviser site?
    My next question is what other sort of toys should I get him. He loves the little cat flirt pole thing and his jingle balls. Do they have kitty spring poles? I kinda set one up in the kennel and he tugs on it like crazy so I'd love to know if they have real ones.
    My last thought out question is at what point should I be able to see his testicles? He's obviously not neutered seeing as he was born a stray and I've checked like 3 times and he's definitely a boy but I can't see or feel his testicles. I could be wrong about his sex...again, but I'm pretty sure of what I identified via the knowledge I gained through youtube lol.

    Here are a few pics of Dilly, I hope you think he's as cute as I do.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 13, 2015
  2. He is beutiful! !!!
  3. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Staff Member Administrator

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