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Interview With Ozzie Stevens

Discussion in 'Dogmen of the Past' started by Vicki, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    Interview with Ozzie Stevens

    Here’s where I put it, Crenshaw and STP. They had the most fights and they were the most well known guys and they weren't easy to beat, you know, for most people. But for me, I couldn't care less because I had killing dogs that were game. And at anytime, they could hold them out for a while maybe, but eventually I’m gonna get you. And my dogs won't run out of air. Most of my fights that I've been to, you won't see my dogs tongue ever out of his mouth. I went against devastating dogs that could bite your dog’s leg right off. I had my dogs go so deep into their ear and bite and hit that nerve in there. You know the toughest dogs in the world, I had my dogs go right in his ear and deep down in his ear and hit that nerve. They start growling and then crying and growling and crying and back and forth and they wanted out of there and I wouldn't let my dog off of their ear. I punished them so severely by the time they had a scratch, they are going to stay in the corner and they don't want no more, or I had dogs go on the nose, because a dog can take punishment in the body, he won’t take it in the nose. I had a bad battle before; I went into TKO kennels, from New York. Everybody says, oh you're in trouble. They got a killer back end dog. Never been bit in the nose. She took my bitches shoulder out. First five minutes of the match. Then she went back and tried to do it again, and my bitch was sore there, mine grabbed her by the nose. And when she bit her in the nose, her tusk went inside her lip. Up in the gum and lip, all the way, cause she could bite hard. The fangs come down on top of the muzzle. That bitch might have been going for her championship, but she was screaming bloody murder and then once she did that, that’s a signal to my bitch to really put it on her. Which she starts whipping her and shaking her. I told them, TKO, I can see it right in front of me right now, you better pick your dog up at 30 minutes. They wouldn’t say yes, they wouldn't answer. I said, “Well I'm here for business and this is business and this is the way it goes.†So, I talk to my bitch and I tell her to really, really put it on her bad. So, I think they let it go another 10-12 minutes and then they threw in the towel. I helped them try to save their dog but she died anyway. Dog died right there.

    Crenshaw and STP, I'll put them up there, you know the highest because they're the most well known guys. I’ll give them both credit for that. Now as far as Crenshaw and STP, their well known and they had a lot of fights. But all the dogs that I had, if they'd of come into them they would of got their dogs killed. That’s it. Snake Jr. bit a dog one time, one bite in the shoulder. You think a dog could go into shock and die from a shoulder bite? He did. Now my friend, Bryan, he was a good close right hand man. He was a Vietnam Marine and he was a hard core son of a bitch. Real hard core guy. So I gave him Snake Jr. and he pulls him way down below his weight. But he was a biter, a real good biter. So, he had took the bottom for 16 minutes and I look at my watch and I say, “Oh Jeez, Bryan you really screwed up.†This dog that he was against, he won two fights. He was going for his championship. He had Snake down on the bottom and Dave Adams friends were there. Snake from the bottom reached up and grabbed his shoulder. He was down, getting shook all over the pit for 16 minutes, he reached up, grabbed the shoulder and he just calmly didn't do nothing, he just paced himself till he got his head together cause he got shook up so bad he didn't know what state he was in, he was shook up so bad. So, he hung on to that shoulder. Slowly, he got back on his feet. Now he’s standing up facing that dog, he’s still in the shoulder hold. And, he moved his feet back and forth. He set his feet. Cause they bite all the way down the whole body like that where they can really crunch down, up his back and up his neck and the whole bit. He set his legs and he continued to bite on the shoulder a full bite. And all of a sudden, that dog fell straight on the floor, BAM! His chin hit the floor and he stared straight ahead. And he never moved. And everybody says, “How the hell can that be. He’s resting, this, yah, yah, yahâ€. And another guy says, one of Dave Adams friends, he said “Hey, look at his eyes, his eyes are all glassy. That dog’s going in shock how the hell can that beâ€. And all the blacks say “No, no, noâ€. That dog stayed there and he could not, they wouldn't pick up and Snake just kept chewing his shoulder. They had to pick up in 30 minutes. So they picked up, and they tried to revive their dog but it wasn't happening. So, the Adams guy who bought dogs from him, Sexton and something. Sexton and somebody else. They come over to this dog that who Snake just bit, it’s like he shot him. That’s how hard Snake bit him. And they couldn't figure out how that could happen from a shoulder bite. So, he took his foot and he moved his foot up, like to bend his leg, and then he straightened it out. All the fragments flew out of his shoulder. Of bones, in about 30 pieces fell out. That’s how he shattered the bone. Like pieces of toothpicks, like bone fragments coming out. That’s why he went in instant shock. This is gruesome, gory stuff. Now, but this is what happened, but this is how some dogs could bite. As far as Crenshaw, or STP playing with me, they may as well jump in a cage with some Tigers because look what happened to them.

    FRANK BUNCE: Bunce was a really good guy. I sold him dogs and every god damn dog he had was a grand champion. He had Grand Champion Arrow and he had a dog called Bum. And Frank was a heavy drinker. He matched in to Rocco’s Hauncho. Up in Detroit, there was 150 people there. He won with Arrow and Arrow was a Komosinski cross mixed with my blood. Bum, the same way. Rocco’s dog roughing him up all the way and Bunce was drinking, didn’t work the dog good, over worked him probably so he was weak and screwed up. Rocco would bring a dog in, in good shape. So, his dog is kicking Bunce’s dogs’ ass. Everybody there thinks and figures it’s over. He’s down, he’s been down the whole fight. This dog is called Bum. Bum, he’s determined not to lose. So, he got a hold of the ear from the bottom. Rocco’s dog was fine as long as he was ahead. Now Bunces dog grabs his ear and he stays on it. So, Rocco’s dog wants to get loose from that ear hold, but he can’t. So he starts whining. When he starts whining, that encourages Bunces dog to go after him worse. Bunces dog after being on the bottom the whole fight for 20 minutes was never on his feet in 20 minutes, now he stood up. Everybody in the whole crowd, they were all cheering for his dog, 150 people cheering for his dog. He proceeded to kick Rocco’s dogs’ ass and Rocco’s dog was crying and making all kinds of noise. Rocco gave up, dog beat him. So, every dog I sold him, he won with. And, then he won trophies and a lot of them. Best in Show, he won Best in Show with a few of them. And Gamest in Show. Everything he got from me, he won with. Bunce was a real honest guy, he was really square, but he was a drinker. Yeah, he was a drinker.

    DAVE ADAMS: Dave Adams was a premier dog man, he'd been around way back. They had been in the dogs before me and from down in there in part of Cincinnati. They were in the suburbs of Cincinnati, farm country and they were allowed to do whatever they wanted. They did whatever they wanted and they had ended up getting dogs from people. They had the money, they started buying dogs. They bought Double Ot. The Texans start selling dogs. But the Texans thought that because they were from Texas, they were better than everybody else. They sold Double Ot for $2,500 bucks, way back that’s a lot of money, that’s like $5,000 nowadays. $2,500 bucks for Double Ot, and he had already quit. See how dirty they were. So, Adams never looked to see. He never checked the magazine, it was in there. So, he matches into Big Brad. Big Brad got Red Danger. I was there and they were fighting it out. Double Ot was a son of Eli Jr., I believe and they were rough ass Eli dogs. Red Danger went to the ear and Double Ot was searching for the stifle. So, the fight went on and on and on. Double Ot turned. So, this is where David Adams made his mistakes, prior to that he was doing good. Until he starts buying dogs off the Texans. Because they didn't give him nothing. They shafted him all the way. Where they thought they were so superior to everybody, in their dreams. So what happened? Double Ot made a turn, he was to scratch, so they start scratching. As the fight went on, the referee says “Release your dog.†Double Ot stood in the corner. He starts counting, “One, two, three, four…†then Double Ot came. Next time, Red Danger to come. Red Danger stood there, “One, two, three, four…†then the next time it was up to the five count before they'd come out, then up to seven! And then finally, Double Ot quit. But they were both staying in the corner. This is the crazy bullshit that I've seen. Adams was a tough guy to beat. Big Brad matched into Adams several times, beat him every single time. Dave Adams beat everybody else, but he couldn't beat Big Brad. Outside of that, Freddy Bowling, he would fight here and there. He would, you know, get somebody else’s dog usually, take somebody else’s dog and bring it in.

    Dave Adams had humanity. He had no respect for nothing. No dogs. If I'd won, I would not tell the guy, “Oh, he's gonna die. You have to put him out of his misery.†“Well how do I do that?†“Well, here I’ll give ya an axe.†I mean this is insanity. As far as this goes, this ain't my idea of a dogman. You don’t do that. He’s killing that dog; he’s hitting that dog with an axe in the head. I mean, if you can't do it right, then don't do it at all! There was nothing wrong with that dog and he killed him. I could look in the dogs’ eyes. It was clear as can be. He just got cut up. He had some big cuts, that’s all. Go get the staple gun, pull him together, staple him. Look, you can have cuts like this and that. That doesn't mean nothing, if they're not deep inside you, nothing there. When I had Virgil and I had them other dogs, and I had Homer. Dave Adams didn’t want no parts of that.

    BILLY STEPP: Billy Stepp was a gangster. He had all gangster connections. Mess with him too much, you’ll disappear. As a dog man, he didn’t know nothing. He was a gambler, he was a backer. Many of the guys were. they were the guys that put the money up. Somebody else did the work. Everybody can’t be a dog man. It’s very simple.

    STINSON: Stinson wasn't the most honest guy in the world. He poisoned his dog, he had a partner. He was in the asphalt business. King Glover, a black guy. And he matched into King Glover and he poisoned his dog. His own friends said that. Stinsons’ friends is the ones that said that, that he poisoned Glovers dog.

    JACK KELLY: Kelly’s biggest thing, we'll give him credit for putting out a good magazine. That’s as far as it goes.

    Walter Komosinski: Walter Komosinski would smack Jack Kelly in mouth. Walter would punch anybody in the mouth! I was his best friend for 18 years. I was the referee that day in that fight, against Ralph Livingston, 39 years old. Then Ralph lost the fight, his dog quit. So, he walks out of the barn and he sics his dog on one of Walters’ young dogs outside there. The young dog, grabbed Ralph Livingston’s dog but he was only like 13 months old. Walter thought his dog was crying, but it was Ralphs’ dog crying. Walter says, “He’s only a young dog; get your dog off of him.†You know. And then besides that, he was supposed to fight two weeks later, he came early that day Livingston did. And then he didn't have the money to pay the bet! And then, he goes and sics his dog on Walters’ dog, his 13 month old dog. And Walter told him to leave, and he didn't do it. He says, “I’ll make you leave, goâ€, he came over and uppercutted him. He went flying. And he hit the wall of Walter’s barn, slide down on his ass. He got up, and Walter had glasses on. He whipped them off his face, folded them up, put them in his pocket, came in again, pulled back a right hand and blasted him with his right fist and dropped him a second time. Walter’s 80, he’s 39. So, I went and grabbed Livingston, I figured "oh shit, this young guy is gonna be so mad, he’s gona kill Walter." When I grabbed him, to hold him back he said, “Don't hit me again Walter, I’m leaving!†Hahaha. So the old time people were crazy, huh!? I seen a lot of crazy stuff, let me tell you.

    Source: The Real APBT: Interview with Ozzie Stevens

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