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Infection around jaw/throat area?

Rogue Bullies

Good Dog
Last night my bullies throat/mouth area swelled up inside and out. He was in a lot of pain because he would barely drink and tried to eat and was making small yelping sounds when he did. Today it wasn't any better so we ran him over to the emergency vet 30 minutes away since its Sunday. They said he had some sort of an infection possibly from a tooth or liminoid??? The vet said they were not really sure what it was and in order to pin point it they would have to do an ultra sound which we wanted to wait for until Monday for our real vet to do if needed. They gave us some anti-biotics and him a benadryl shot to help the swelling. I am currently not in the area so I haven't got to see him or talk to the vet. Just wondering if anyone has had a problem like this with their bully or have any ideas on what it could be. Possibly breed related at all or a common thing? He hasn't been on the meds long enough to see if its going to help or not. I am also not sure how long I should wait before taking him to my regular vet. The emergency vet didn't seem like it was a huge problem, but again its an emergency vet and I just worry when my dogs are sick. Ideas or suggestions would be awesome! Thanks guys!

Rogue Bullies

Good Dog
No they needed to do an ultrasound and it was going to be like $600 so we wanted to just get the antibiotic and wait to see our real vet if it didn't improve.


Little Dog
Is it possible that your dog was stung by an insect and had an allergic reaction? Possibly multiple bee stings?