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Incredible prey drive.....I have cats :(

Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by TamiB, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. Budboy88

    Budboy88 Good Dog

    It blows my mind why the hell people get terriers and freak out when they dont like smaller animals. Really dont understand what you expected, for the pibble and your kitties to be best friends?
  2. Mollie's Nana

    Mollie's Nana Krypto Super Dog Staff Member

    Budboy, I think most people simply do not understand the high prey drive instinct that comes with this breed. I think people expect Terriers to chase bunnies and squirrels, but think since cats and dogs are both domestic animals, that they will "adjust" and live in harmony.... which sometimes happens, as in the case with Mollie, but then I have Cooper who is the exact opposite. I don't think a lot of people truly understand what prey drive is, and what all it includes.

    How many times have you seen a news story on TV and the first thing they say is the dog is vicious because it attacked the stray cat down the road, or the neighbors cat who they always let outside and he never leaves their yard.... except for that day. Even if the dog is contained in it's own yard, if a cat comes into its' yard and the dog gets it, there will still be a news story at 5:00 on it. Remember the Don Henley song... Dirty Laundry? "If it bleeds, it leads."
  3. kady05

    kady05 Krypto Super Dog

    *cough* My dogs and cats resent that comment.. *cough*


    But seriously, I am aware that this could change at anytime, and they're never together unsupervised.
  4. ReneeMcDougal

    ReneeMcDougal Good Dog

    I will try and be polite but I agree with most posters here. You got a terrier breed dog and you expect a peaceful home with cats running around?
    You should look at OB training and seriously do your best to supervise and seperate.
    When I got my pup she used to sleep near my neighbors cat, I watched her real close..I knew what to expect though and sure enough she tried to grab missy one day. That was it..no more kitties near her.
  5. Pink

    Pink GRCH Dog

    They are knocked OUT! Lol.

    To the OP, keep them seperated. Enough said.
  6. kady05

    kady05 Krypto Super Dog

    Mhm, they were.. this is a nightly occurrence in my house haha. My cats think they're dogs.
  7. Mollie's Nana

    Mollie's Nana Krypto Super Dog Staff Member

    Kady, your dogs seriously crack me up!! :lol: They all look like they have been on a 3 day drinking bing!!
  8. kady05

    kady05 Krypto Super Dog

    :lol: You would think that would be after some type of rigorous exercise too.. nope.. they did nothing but sleep yesterday. Lazy ass dogs. And cat.
  9. Atheist

    Atheist Good Dog

    The sentence in bold says it all and highly unusual for APBT or almost any pit bull mix. When speaking with newbies to the breed that is a pretty important distinction between your particular dogs and most. Obviously you are very good with your dogs and have them well behaved even with animals. I would just caution newbies that your dogs are exceptions and not indicative of most in the breed. Also it tends to mislead some people who may think that their dog is just not trained properly, or they are doing something wrong because they see your example of a idyllic dogs and cats household.

    My dog killed a feral cat in my back yard. The cat constantly would come into the yard and be chased away by my dog, always to escape over the fence or up a tree. The cat was so tough and used to fight with many of my neighbors dog and cats, always winning. One day for some reason as my dog roared out of the doggie door at high speed after the cat in his yard, the cat decided to do what it had done with other dogs and that is to fight. Needless to say it didn't work out so well for the cat. As soon as I realized the cat was not running I tried to run out and call my dog but before I could take one step the dog grabbed the cat and completely crushed it with one bite. Interestingly enough the dog did not shake and tear the cat apart. He just crushed it and held it until it expired which only took about 10 seconds. As soon and the cat died, the dog calmly dropped it, pissed on it, and then ran around the yard marking the places where the cat had been. It wasn't pretty and once you see something like that, you tend to err on the side of " just keep your pit bull away from cats" as the cats don't do well even in a minor spat. Most dogs are deterred somewhat by a nasty cats scratches or hissing. A typical pit bull just sees the cats aggression as a great opportunity to fight and will never be deterred by anything a cat can do.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 21, 2011
  10. TamiB

    TamiB Puppy

    THIS IS MY THIRD BULLY TERRIER - I HAVE HAD ONE STAFFORDSHIRE AND ONE APBT IN THE PAST. I DO UNDERSTAND THE BREED.......the one I have now is a lot different than the other two. MUCH more high strung.

    Why are you so bitter. Did someone hurt you or something? .....or are you just trying to be overbearing? You do a great job of it, btw. Stop vomiting all of your negativity - it's really ugly.

    ---------- Post added at 05:36 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:20 PM ----------

    I have dogs that are not good with cats. We set up a ''cat room'' where the cat's go when those dogs are out. Then I crate the dogs and let the cats out. My cats are actually crate trained as well. I have crates set up for them with a bed and a litter box inside so sometimes if I have a boarding dog or need the cat room to quarantine an animal, the cats get crated when the dogs are out. No biggy really.

    I have a cat room, the dogs have crates.....I don't get all drama queen about it. We've been doing this since she came home, that's the easy part. I'll just keep working with her. I didn't want to go the ecollar route because I feel it's a little cruel, but I need to get her attention and keep it to be able to train her so we'll see how it goes.

    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 21, 2011
  11. kady05

    kady05 Krypto Super Dog

    E-collars aren't cruel if used properly.. get one and try it on yourself, they don't hurt (at least mine never hurt me).
  12. TamiB

    TamiB Puppy

    I definitely don't want one with prongs or something flimsy. I'll definitely try it out first.

    I am researching them, but there are so many. I'm looking at reviews and how the collar itself actually looks. Any suggestions on brand?
  13. Mollie's Nana

    Mollie's Nana Krypto Super Dog Staff Member

    Just keep in mind that even with an E collar, this breed is known to resist pain, so don't be surprised if she doesn't seem phased by it at first. I think you can work with her on the leave it... and maybe double gate the kitchen from the living room, so she can't jump it. Obedience training would really help too. Bella went through 3 rounds of Obedience training, and it really made a difference between how she minds, and how Mollie behaves. Mollie had no Obedience training, which I regret now. I would always recommend it to anyone that gets a puppy, it is well worth the money.
  14. Shawn Bellon

    Shawn Bellon Puppy

    We have been working with Chloe. The reason we get all of our pets is one to obviously love but its more than that. All of our animals are rescues. We understand the risks. We are willing to do what we need to do for all of our pets. Tami and I gave everything alot of thought as we always do because pets are a big commitment period. Thanks for the positive responses.
  15. kady05

    kady05 Krypto Super Dog

    What do you mean with prongs?? You have to have the tiny prongs (they're called contact points) on an e-collar, that's where the stimulation comes from.

    This is the brand I use:

    Sport Basic G3 EXP - Tri-Tronics Sport Series, Electronic Dog Collar Training, Sport 60 G2, Upland Special

    I use it on a level 3 when using it on my dogs (it has 10 levels).
  16. Shawn Bellon

    Shawn Bellon Puppy


  17. TamiB

    TamiB Puppy

    All of your animals sleeping together looks like what our house USE to be.........pre Chloe

    ---------- Post added at 07:30 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:21 PM ----------

    Yes, the contact points. I wouldn't want that around MY neck. I don't want to put it on my dog either. It's bad enough I'm gonna shock her lol

    I have been thru obedience training and we have been teaching Chloe the basics.....sit, off, down, stay, wait.....she's pretty good actually. I make her sit before 99% of anything she does. When going outside its - sit, open door, make her wait. Once I'm out the door, she gets the OK to come out. It's like that with pretty much everything. I had to do the whole ignore her thing when she first came home. She thought she ran the place. It only took a couple of hours before she was listening. She really does want to please, so that's a good start.

    ---------- Post added at 07:31 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:30 PM ----------

    :lol: She makes us laugh A LOT!

  18. leilaquinn

    leilaquinn Good Dog

    good point!
  19. Mollie's Nana

    Mollie's Nana Krypto Super Dog Staff Member

    What a cute video... I love to hear mine when they start snoring... they crack me up, and it always warms my heart. I think with time, patience, and tons of repetition, she will get that there are "house rules" that mean she can't "catch" the cat... but if they are like mine, outside is free game. Just read all you can, and don't hesitate to ask questions. =)
  20. Boogieman

    Boogieman Good Dog Premium Member

    Imagine that! Dogs not liking cats! I simply cannot believe it.

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