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IN: 23 arrested in breakup of dog-fighting ring

Discussion in 'Pit Bull News' started by JokerGirl, Aug 7, 2010.

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  1. gh32

    gh32 Little Dog

    Really who's business is it what someone does with their own property.Do you really think the taxpayers should have to pay to house and feed someone for 15 years over a dog.
  2. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    I thought dog fighting is a felony in all states, and I thought several states already considered attending a fight a felony?
  3. LilianaLove

    LilianaLove GRCH Dog

    Here's the info:
    Powered by Google Docs

    And here, 3rd paragraph click on "dog fighting laws"
    Dog Fighting Legal Overview
  4. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    Thanks for the info. According to that, dog fighting is felony in every state. It's a felony to watch in 27 states, a misdemeanor in 21, and legal in 2 (Hawaii and Montana).
  5. skinny

    skinny Little Dog

    I feel they should get their dogs back and get nothing more than a $100.00 fine
  6. Miakoda

    Miakoda GRCH Dog

    Because they obviously now have the taste for blood and will want to kill and eat anything that moves.

    In the meantime, that cute fluffy kitty that just killed the cardinal in the frontyard will be put up for adoption and loved and petted and pampered for the rest of it's life. And put outside to again kill mice or birds or lizards............oh, and fight like hell with other cats. Yep. Surprise surprise. Cats fight. Nastily. In fact, there is NO fight like that between two toms.


    The dogs are put down because bleeding heart "pit bull" rescuers believe that the dogs are evil and bred to kill and only their poor wittle baitdogs should be given a second chance all so the new owner can brag about what a good job they did "rehabilitating" the dog.

    Honestly, I'd rather see the last APBT dead in the ground that turn into another breed......like it's doing today. The APBT is being grossly distorted into different breeds yet still referred to as "APBTs". Yet, ironically, it wasn't until all this crap started happening (primarily after the Animal Welfare Act of 1976) that we started having all the problems with abuse and neglect and dog bites/attacks.

    ---------- Post added at 12:48 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:43 PM ----------

    You've been reading the HSUS' book on "How to Fight Your Dog: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming the Baddest Dogfighter In Your 'Hood".

    Steroids do nothing but a) help gain muscle mass if used properly or b) destroy your dog from the inside out when used improperly (oh, and they'll cause your dog to run hot if you're actually trying to work it). Brutalized? In what way? And what idiot on earth thinks that they way to get a dog to fight another dog is to pour acid on it and set it on fire?

    Why on this freakin' disgusting earth do idiots equate gross animal cruelty to "making a dog fight"? Believe it or not, people, some people light dogs on fire because they just plain old want to. I hate to burst your simple little bubble, but people abuse and neglect dogs because they can....not because they are secretly training it to fight or even wanting it to fight.

    Oh, and before you even ask, feeding your dog gunpowder and broken glass will KILL IT! It will do nothing to make your dog fight. Dead dogs can't fight.

    Honestly, people, ignorance is not becoming. And willful ignorance is a blatant crime.

    ---------- Post added at 12:49 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:48 PM ----------

    Well, druggies aren't going to get out of jail and have their cocaine and meth handed back to them. Nor should they.
  7. My pit is Sasha

    My pit is Sasha Good Dog

    Indeed. There were OTHER laws being broken by these people, some of which could actually cause harm to others.

    But apparently they broke those laws BECAUSE they were dog fighters. So apparently if we REALLY, REALLY make it hard for them to be dog fighters, they won't break those OTHER nastier laws...

    You've been dealing with this crap longer than I have Miakoda, but stupid is stupid regardless of whether you've been seeing it for 1 year or 20. What frightens me most is I really think the people that have those simple minded views want all the rest of us to be as stupid as they are.

    Maybe it's the fact that we aren't that really scares them. Food for thought.
  8. Miakoda

    Miakoda GRCH Dog

    My replies in red.

    ---------- Post added at 01:22 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:18 PM ----------

    For the part in bold, ever thought that a situation could be the other way around? People always blame all bad things on dogfighting, when in fact many in the street thug dogfighting world get in it because of drugs and the love of money. They do not care for the dogs and they sure as hell don't care about the breed.

    Whether some want to believe it or not, there is a line drawn between "dogmen" and street rats who fight dogs.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2010
  9. My pit is Sasha

    My pit is Sasha Good Dog

    Agreed. But the "we have to be their voice" types don't know the difference. To them it's all the same, they are as uneducated about it as the street rats who do it. Which leads me to wonder do they want the rest of us to be as stupid about it as they are? Is it the fact that we are not that really scares them?
  10. LilianaLove

    LilianaLove GRCH Dog

    I've had multiple conversations with people about dog fighting. These are the type of people to own dogs but not take them for walks or work with them in obedience. One girls even owns a 'pet bull'. When I try to explain how dog fighting actually works and try to dispel myths, they shut off their ears and don't hear a word I say. If they choose to live in ignorance than that doesn't affect me, but when that ignorance in turn creates public legislation, then that affects me, and that's when I get angry.
    No matter how much talking you do, it's never going to get through to them.
    Yesterday on a walk with Lily, someone asked what she was, and I told them an APBT mix. The man looked very confused, and repeated it very slowly, emphasizing the words American and Terrier, then said "huh, interesting". I'm sure if I had just said pit bull he would've had a perfect idea of what she was.
    I wish people could just go back in time and see what real dog fighting was. Maybe they need to see it to believe it....
  11. davidfitness83

    davidfitness83 Good Dog

    So you are saying pitdogs were selectively bred to fight each other but stop before killing one another ? you don't make any sense, what is gameness then? BY the way I called him a BLUFF because he has fighting dogs so far in the pedigree but obviously you have selective reading skills :lol:Also when does a dog become a property and not a living thing? To me you sound like the type of person that would support slavery...

    I know I am not going to change the mind of someone who enjoys to watch two animals shred each other into pieces for fun or honor or whatever psychotic excuse you want to lie to your self with. However, I am very happy it is felony and I hope they keep raiding the dog fights, I know sadly the dogs will not stand a chance but they never did to begin with because they end up like the dog in the picture or worse. My dog is a canine good citizen and I change people's views on the dogs everytime. I know he is not a real APBT but who cares, do you think the media or the public knows what a real APBT is? I tell them he is part pitbull and people can't believe he lives with 3 cats and a 6 pound dog.

    So while you are getting all obssesed about proving me wrong talking all that bullshit on this forum trying to look cool for your fanboys, I am out in the public promoting the great traits of the breed and showing people of all ages and types that these dogs are not what the media portrays them as. I change a person's opinion a weekend at a time when Bernie meets them so what do you do for breed genius?

  12. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    Mia has done a bunch for the breed. Just because someone respects what this breed is all about doesn't mean they never do anything to help the breed.

    I have a dog that has her CGC as well, and she is dog selective. I have brought her to an adult home, and I recently brought her to a Girl Scout Camp. I taught the girls that while APBTs can be great dogs, and are most definitely people dogs, they tend not to like other dogs.

    However, while I have no interesting in pitting my dogs, nor do I have any interest in watching anyone else's dog pitted. I do respect the dogmen of the past and the sport that created the breed I love.

    By law, dogs are property. I pray to God that never changes, because if it does, it will be a whole lot easier for the anti-pit bullers to take our dogs away from us.

    Slavery isn't even close to dog fighting or considering a dog property. It is a horrible analogy.

    Fighting dogs aren't bred specifically to kill one another, they are bred to fight one another. Do some dogs die during a fight? Yes, but it's not as common as many anti-dog fighting people would like people to believe. Gameness isn't how many dogs another can kill. Often the losing dog is the one that proves the gameness, because even when losing, it keeps going as if it is winning. No, the dogs won't just stop, if the other dog is going to die, that is the handler's responsibility to know when to pick up their dog.

    Do you disagree with hog hunting, bear hunting, and coon hunting as well? The dogs get very badly wounds in those sports, and at times, they will die as well.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 11, 2010
  13. My pit is Sasha

    My pit is Sasha Good Dog

    You aren't doing it for the breed you're doing it to feel good about yourself. If you really cared about the breed you'd actually take the time to learn the true history.

    So what are the traits of the breed you claim to be promoting? You obviously don't really know their history, and given that it is not an APBT what are the traits? How do they compare to an APBT?

    When you can actually formulate a good argument rather than relying on name calling and insults let us know.

    Maybe your dog is changing opinions, but based on your behavior here you certainly aren't.
  14. ganja

    ganja Good Dog

    reply's in blue...

    ohhh and to answer your question "why would people even want proven dogs?" (or breed proven dogs for that matter, or prove dogs prior to breeding, however you want to turn it)

    because game is the most honorable trait to be found within the apbt.
    it's that exact trait that sets it apart from all the other dogs.
    gameness must be something extraordinary to witness, and I would literally drool all over a dog that showed me it's gameness!

    it is just... I can't really explain the feeling it gives...
    I would just be in pure admiration in front of such a great, honorable dog.

    dude, you can't claim to "love" one breed based on SOME points (which are those they have in common with most other breeds :rolleyes:) but hate the most important ones, the ones that make the apbt an apbt! :rolleyes:

    but here is my question to you:

    if you dispite dogfighting that much, why own a "pit bull"?
    what has a pit bull to offer that no other dog can offer you?
    (however, I already know the answer is: nothing...)
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 11, 2010
  15. davidfitness83

    davidfitness83 Good Dog

    So I took the time to socialize my dog and take it to obedience class instead of tying it to a chain leaving it ouside all day to make my self feel good?

    What makes you think I don't know the history of the breed? because I don't agree with what those men bred these dogs to do when they wanted entertainment and extra money?

    Last time I checked the media or the general public can't even point out a real APBT, when they see a muscular dog with a big head to them that is a pitbull as they call it. My dog happens to have apbt blood or at least the pedigree says it. THe people that don't know about the breed in public label anyting under the umbrella of the pit type family as unstable manbitters and vicious animals. So when Bernie meets a stranger and attacks them with kisses I think I am changing a stereo type no?

    You claim I use insults, you talk to me like I am idiot which makes comes off as an insult regardless.

    My behavior here? please I am not a fanboy and I sure as hell not going to start deffending the people that break the law. Hell I am not going to deffend a dog fighter, I speak my mind and this is a public forum. Just like you like to see two dogs kill each other I like to talk smack to those humans that like that barbaric practice.:)

    As long as I can get the message to someone who has never met the breed that these amazing dogs love people and aren't vicious that is all I care about.

    ---------- Post added at 04:44 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:38 PM ----------

    THe pitbull offers stability and a lack of human agression, insane ammount of submission to its family. YOu know this dont you? when they separated two dogs in a fight they could never bite the human no matter how agitated or focused they were, even the ref or the people around the box. What breed will offer that?

    Now I hear two sides of the story about gameness, one side says that it is the most unwillingly desire to never stop trying to accomplish the task at hand. The other side connects this task directly at continuing to cross the line and continue fighting no matter the injuries. So if the 1st point of view is correct why can we not use this great virtue towards something good such as hunting?
  16. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    I think it's great that you do have your dog out there showing true nature of the APBT, as long as you aren't going around telling people that DA isn't common and saying that "everyone should own a pit bull", then more power to you. I just don't agree with you assuming that Mia doesn't do anything for the breed.

    I don't think anyone is saying it's okay to break the law. If you break the law, then yes, you have to deal with the consequences of your actions, whether one believes the law is a dumb one or not. I think people are trying to explain that yes, it is against the law to fight dogs, and yes, they have to deal with it, but it's not really one of those "deadly" laws to break, like for example, murder, rape, molestation, etc.

    I will never understand why someone thinks it is cruel to pit two willing dogs of equal ability against each other, but think it's totally fine to send a dog in after an animal that wants nothing to do with the activity. How is one, okay, but the other is cruel?
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 11, 2010
  17. davidfitness83

    davidfitness83 Good Dog

    I tell everyone I meet they were bred to fight and you can't trust two dogs unsupervised. I don't care if he passes the ATT and is a therapy dog one day. I would never ever leave him unsupervised with another animal. I agree that it would never equal a murder and rape or anything like that. Maybe it was my upbringing but I just hate to watch an animal suffer and I know everyone has a definition of that.
  18. ganja

    ganja Good Dog

    ^^^^ some funny shit right there lmao!

    you do know that... well... most dogman actually (or from what I know, read and hear anyways) could care less if these dogs were HA or not, do you?
    these dogs were not bred to be the perfect companion, they were bred to be the ultimate canine warrior.
    and only a fool would pass on a good game dog because of HA really... because again, they are NOT PETS!

    you may argue some were, which I won't deny, but that was not their goal at all LOL.

    so that argument is kinda weak if you ask me :rolleyes:

    and it's not rare to find HA apbt's at all ;)

    so... you're saying that basically, the ONLY thing that sets them apart really, is their look, which is what I thought anyways...

    but thing is, the APBT isn't a breed for looks unfortunately...
    stick to them hippo's and amstaffs that's much more your cup of tea
  19. davidfitness83

    davidfitness83 Good Dog

    are you reffering to hunting? if you are all those over populated species destroy the eco-system, destroy people's farms and products they grow to make a living. I am not a fan of just going to hunt a random animal for the hell of it but if it is food a good cause that will help people and nature then why not? the hogs don't even have a natural predator from what I read and they destroy everything and nothing is stopping them.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 11, 2010
  20. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    So, you would be against using dogs for coon and bear hunting?

    On the same token, it's just as easy to hunt those animals by yourself, no need of a dog, so, why is it okay to use a dog to hunt them? Plenty of people hunt dog by themselves, heck, some states have helicopters to go around and shoot at hogs.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 11, 2010
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