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IN: 23 arrested in breakup of dog-fighting ring

Discussion in 'Pit Bull News' started by JokerGirl, Aug 7, 2010.

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  1. CHASER71

    CHASER71 Puppy

    budboy & others hit the mark davidfitness what kind of dog do you own bet its a bully :lol: at least these people had some of the things needed 2 care for the dogs after the battle & as we all know if u have a treadmill u must have a training area for dog fights thats why we americians are being stripped of our freedoms every single day at least so far these people are only being charged with a misdeameoner so they won't do any jail time at least not in a city like indy they have for more important people 2 lock up
  2. rob h

    rob h Little Dog

    i'm sorry i'm a big idiot when you talk gameness. or game bred i Really don't know anything about that kinda stuff. could you explain what it all means in detail.i would like a better understanding of what you yhink Mr. Simms please if you will humor me
  3. well i guess this isnt really the time or placve to say this but atleast they proved they were gamedogs.im against bsl and dogfighting 100% but they proved that they had game dogs(or atleast their dog has game in them).there are other sports/ways you can use a dog game or drive for though.im happy that they yhave actual proof that the people were fighting their dogs and not just going by bsl but in the end it hurts the breed more.now alot of people are going to think that all apbts are mean,da,monsters and some might even be motivated to fight the or be a little sneaker with their fighting.
  4. Sharonc

    Sharonc Puppy

    I also need the definition of a game dog. Is a genuine game dog injected with steroids, brutalized and set on fire and have acid dumped on them to make them want to fight?? Is this mother nature, or animal cruelty?
    Am I ignorant on this subject, or am I just plain missing something here?
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 8, 2010
  5. Budboy88

    Budboy88 Good Dog

    Dont feed the troll folks.
  6. Galadriel

    Galadriel Good Dog

    I can't decide if that's sarcasm or not, but I'll reply assuming not.
    A "genuine game dog" has been bred to be game, the way a heeler is bred to cut livestock, the way a lab is bred to water retrieve, and the way a hound is bred to hunt. The instinct and desire was bred into them, not brutally forced upon them.
  7. but i love trolls
    they are good protectors over bridges and have amazing riddels<3
  8. Budboy88

    Budboy88 Good Dog

  9. ever heard of the lil troll that you had to make up an amazing riddle inorder to cross the bridge?i forgot it's name or what its called
  10. ShakaZ

    ShakaZ Good Dog

    The very worse kind :lol:. Hope everybody is okay on here. This is why people need to keep their damn mouth shut and their head down. Not only that but the more people who knows/ are in attendance more like you'll see a raid. Idiots of the first order I swear. As for the people who have things to say that are sooo against the dogs fighting I can understand that because you don't have or don't know the true APBT. (everyone else please don't comment on my last statement/sentence I know it's a generalization I stated it this way on purpose)
  11. im against dogfighting but i know what apbts were bred to do.they were bred to be the perfect fighting dog but just because you know that doesnt mean that you cant be against dogfighting.i had a true apbt named mojo.i'll show you pics of him in a min.
  12. ShakaZ

    ShakaZ Good Dog

    I don't mind people being against dog fighting, what I DO mind is making your views every bodies views by making outlaws out of otherwise law biding citizens.
  13. davidfitness83

    davidfitness83 Good Dog

    Well I know nobody is forcing the dogs to fight, it's an automatic response that when they see the other they want to kill each other or die trying. I am not sure if you were assuming that I think these dogs are forced to fight. They have inhereted dog agression and gameness due to selective breeding traits. It's not how you raise them, if they are hot dogs there is nothing you can do but teach them to ignore dogs on if you ever walk them in public.

    However, since dog fighting is illegal and this isn't the 1800's when you would spend a sunday afternoon with your family watching a tied bull getting mauled by dogs I don't see how breeding dogs for these traits is not illegal?

    IF you are a criminal and break the law what does that make you? an outlaw correct? These rejects were caught in the act fighting the dogs which is illegal. See nobody is questioning that these dogs do not want to fight. I know they want to fight, that is all they have been programmed to do. It's in their blood and this their function. However, since this practice is illegal why do HUMANS in the U.S keep breaking the law and breeding traits into dogs for an illegal activity?

    If you are a good citizen bla bla then you should support the law and justice. Like these idiots that were caught 1) broke the law, therefore are criminals 2) if they have the guts to break this law with dog fighting which is a felony then they will not have regard for other laws making them potential threats to society.

    Hell with a felony you can't get a job anywhere in NJ, so these people are risking loosing their financial stability and everyday life to watch two dogs shred each other to pieces. I know this because I am recruiter and my client requires a 7 year background screening for felonies and misdemanours.

    So think about it, if they are breaking this law which is a major crime then do you think they have any respect for the law or society in general?

    ---------- Post added at 09:56 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:51 AM ----------

    He is a Bully cross with Nevada blood, he has fighting dogs after the 10th generation so he is a bluff. I have a flirt pole, spring pole, pulling harness hell I have an Emill I don't see nothing wrong with putting a working animal to work.

    I disagree with the American public and how they humanize and overfeed their animals. I think that is the same as animal abuse, this is why you have manbiters and unstable dogs returned to shelter everyday. People buy a cute puppy disregarding the breed requirements, then when the puppy is a teen and no longer listens and whats to follow their instincts lazy ass public has had enough and they give them away.
  14. CHASER71

    CHASER71 Puppy

    Well I do agree on that point so I am sorry u just came off as somebody who did not respect the great apbt for what it truely is a great canine athelte and a true fighting dog and yes what these people where doing is illegal and there where other illegal substances there so I would have to say they where probally people with no respect for the laws of what was once a great country:(
  15. Fieldmarshal

    Fieldmarshal Big Dog

    Breaking laws do make you a criminal, but it does necessarily make them a threat to society. Dogfighting is not a law based on what is good for society, dogfighting wasn't banned because it was harming society or people, dog fighting was banned because a few animal rights folks lobbied that it was barbaric, which is purely subjective and debatable.

    This is the same for other prohibitionists laws like drugs, there is no evidence what so ever that says drugs themselves are harmful to society, yet they are banned. Its beaten into the public heads for so long, "the drugs are bad" is just a natural response, no one ever questions the reasoning behind the drug laws, its bad so it should be illegal.

    But weather something is bad or not should never be a requirement for laws and legislation, but how it affects others and society as a whole. If something is bad to the individual, but does not affect anyone else, then why should the government or anyone else be involved, its a personal choice, and any legislation on personal choice is a infringement of personal liberties. The governments purpose should be protect these liberties not take them away.

    And, no good citizens should be supporting all these laws, we are not subjects to the all mighty government. A good citizen should be fighting for their individual liberties, not supporting the government in their quest for power and greater control over the daily lives of people. And anyone who breaks these laws are not disrespecting society, but the government, which is perfectly acceptable.

  16. davidfitness83

    davidfitness83 Good Dog

    "This is the same for other prohibitionists laws like drugs, there is no evidence what so ever that says drugs themselves are harmful to society, yet they are banned."

    Are you serious dude?:lol: I have an idea for you, when you have kid and he has a birthday party fill up his pinata with crack pipes, weed and some crystal meth instead of candy. Since drugs are so good for people why not let the kids enjoy them as well. Better yet, if your wife is pregnat give her couple of hits of cocaine once in a while, that will make her have a healthy young baby and please make sure the doctor is high as kite when delivering the baby so the delivery is done right.. :lol::lol::lol:

    People amaze me :cool:
  17. CHASER71

    CHASER71 Puppy

    Drugs don't harm society what world are u living in ? Look at all the people killed brain dead and in prsion for them ! I would say that is harm !bring back smart people what happened 2 them
  18. Fieldmarshal

    Fieldmarshal Big Dog


    Instead of creating a strawman you could actually address one of my points?..how about that?

    Where exactly did i say drugs were good for people?..oh yes, i didnt, you made that argument up, and laugh at it pretending its my argument, and its soo funny har har har.

    Now i shall put it in plain English, so its easier for you to comprehend, give me some or any evidence that drugs are harmful to society as a whole. Remember this time david, the argument is not about drugs being harmful to individuals, which it is, but its not harmful to non drug users or society, hence the govt should have no business in banning their use.

    So if you want to argue, and laugh some more at my ridiculousness, i would like for you to present a argument with evidence that drugs are harmful to society, that it affects a lot more people than drug users themselves. Oh and dont forget, this is not about drug dealers, and all that violence either, even if it was, we all know why there are drug dealers, because its illegal.

    Now run along now, and show me what i really said is wrong, not what you said i said.


    Smart people know how to form a proper sentence,

    Yes look at all those brain dead druggies, other than harming themselves, who are they harming?...i await your "smart person" answer.
  19. CHASER71

    CHASER71 Puppy

    How about the people they rob & steal from ? you think they are harmed by those events ? but just for the record I do believe the land of the free should not have such laws in place which make such things illegal if u want to do certian things u should be free 2 do them correct ?
  20. DieselPitBull

    DieselPitBull Good Dog

    I dont think there were people running around screaming "man biter" when dog fighting was legal now was there? Those dogs were very well taken care of and very selectively bred and on top of that they had a job rather then sitting around sniffing out trouble. The faults were culled out of the gene pool producing some of the greatest dogs in history. Bring back the good old days.
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