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I'm looking for an picture of an APBT

Discussion in 'Today's APBT' started by PitBullHappeningsRescue, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. PitBullHappeningsRescue

    PitBullHappeningsRescue Rescue Moderator Premium Member

    Thanks Marty! You just made my project a WHOLE LOT Harder :lol: Now I just have to pick out the photos...easer said than done :D
  2. Marty

    Marty Big Dog

    LOL have fun Man :D
  3. BrokenBread

    BrokenBread Little Dog

    Probably only took you of 2 min of actualy thinking of the parts and a lot of clicking and writing. I and a lot of my friends just learned somewhat the anataomy of the dog. A small % but good job.....
  4. PitBullHappeningsRescue

    PitBullHappeningsRescue Rescue Moderator Premium Member

    Okay, I've been slacking on this a little bit (no pun intended)... So, I decided to have atleast 2 different pictures for the Anatomy as to prevent it from getting the cluttered look... I've only completed the one so far... This has turned into a job...geez


    The next photo will include the following (Ignore the numbers though):

    1 topline
    2rib cage
    4dewclaw - the tiny, useless, fifth claw - located on the inner part of the leg above the other toes.
    5top skull
    6base skull
    8ear - the fleshy, often triangular appendages on the head associated with hearing.
    9withers - the top of the shoulders, just behind the neck.
    10hock - the bones that form the ankle/heel of the dog.
    11loin - the parts of the body located on both sides of the backbone between the ribs and the hips.
    13tail - the hind-most part of the backbone, set on the rump.
    14forefoot - the front feet.
    15hindfoot - the back feet.
    16pastern - the part of the leg below the carpals (wrist) of the front leg or below the hock of the hind leg.
    17muzzle - the front parts of the jaws.
  5. PitBullHappeningsRescue

    PitBullHappeningsRescue Rescue Moderator Premium Member

    ignore the "muzzle" for the second photo...I forgot to take it off that list.
  6. XXX

    XXX Good Dog

    Looks great Eric

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