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if your dog is a rescue and after several years you found the original owner...

Discussion in 'Dog Debates' started by indelibledotink, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. CallSignOWL

    CallSignOWL Good Dog

    my dog was legally handed over to the shelter, with the owner forfeiting ownership, allowing the shelter to adopt Echo out to me, where she legally became my property. So if her previous owner shows up asking for her back, he has no legal claim on her. She is mine.

    I think there is a rule here that says if you are taking care of the animal for 4 weeks, and the previous owner does not claim it during that time, it is now legally yours to care for. (A person got busted for neglect, even though it "wasn't theirs". The dog was suffering from an imbedded collar and heartworms. The judge ruled that since the dog was on their property for X-number of weeks, and they were feeding it during that time, it was legally their responsibility)

    Im sure it depends on your location, but a rule like that would complicate this scenario even further.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 7, 2013
  2. Swolf

    Swolf Little Dog

    Real life isn't quite so inconvenient thankfully :lol:
    That would make it more difficult. Let's see... I found Sookie in July of 2011 and she was estimated at about three months of age (hadn't even lost her puppy teeth) putting her birthday around the April 2011 mark. Legal age for pups to leave their mother in Virginia is 8 weeks, but even assuming someone gave her up at 6 weeks, that had her for... what a month or two max? I spent a month of full out searching, let the ads run after that, and it's now October of 2013 so just shy of two years from finding her.
    Emotionally yes she's my dog. Legally? I can't see a judge that would hand her back, I've cared for her for this long (with all the financial obligations) and you would be hard pressed to prove it's the same dog even at this point.
    I she was older though... Say I found a two year old dog and everything else went down the same? I suppose I would want to know the circumstances. If you never called the local shelter because you're from 100 miles away that's one thing, but if you live 5 blocks from where I found her that's quite another. Not only the why but the who would matter to if they are obviously bat shit insane then of course I would fight them for her harder.

    Stark was turned in to a shelter. Good owner or not you signed ownership over. You missed your chance so no. And the law would once again be on my side there.

    Laws a little different on cars and dogs. Legal monetary value is a little different too.
    But yes when it comes to dogs, I at least, have a bit more of an emotional reaction.
    I found a treadmill awhile back on the side of the road, and have been running on it most every day. The original owner didn't take care of it the way I do (it just needed a few screws and new cover), and I think its happier with me, so why should I be forced to give it back?
  3. Lee D

    Lee D Good Dog

    my Corvette post was tongue in cheek, but I think some of you will get my point....animals are property. they may be a living breathing creature, but people do spend their hard earned $$$ on them and that should be taken into consideration. imagine if I started "rescuing" all my neighbors cattle that end up on my property for days at a time...my freezer would kick ass.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 7, 2013
  4. Beki

    Beki Good Dog Premium Member

    Or.....that would be one awesome BBQ! I'll have brisket please ;)

    I understand your reasoning completely, and ultimately, yes, I wanted my dog back. And I did get her back. However, I had already gone through the process of grieving and accepting her loss. For me, under the circumstances at the time, I did what I thought was best.
  5. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    I get what you're saying Lee and if I was in the specific situation, I'm sure my thought process would change. I've actually thought about the reverse situation of being the original owner of a dog. My dogs are pets and companions. But I can't help but think that I wouldn't want to take a dog away from a child even if the dog is lawfully mine because I bought it and they found it.

    It's a really hard hypothetical situation to even imagine. We all would react differently had we been put into the situation. Unfortunately, you (or at least it's true for me) just don't know what you would do. And like I said originally, there are many variables to consider so there is no black and white answer for me.
  6. E Diggy

    E Diggy Big Dog


    Lee is completely right here. They are property. Even if the dog is happier with the new owner, the dog's consideration is a horseshit argument. Are we going to have some weird Kramer vs. Kramer canine custody hearing?

    Beki did a very kind thing that had to be a hard decision to make, but it was her decision to make.

    I hear what _Unoriginal is saying too and I wouldn't want to take away some child's family pet, but what about my kids' family pet? What about me for that matter?

    Forget about dogs that were abandoned or abused or even dogs rightfully adopted from shelters for a minute. If you took in a stray, loved it and became attached to it, would you give the dog back to its owner if they came about? Let's say you have the dog for 2 years and then the owner finally finds you. Do you give it back or keep it?
  7. keagan

    keagan Little Dog

    I have to admit that was a scenario that ran through my head with my shelter dog. Mainly because it boggled the mind that a young, well cared for, and well trained dog could be picked up by A/C and never claimed. I wondered if he had traveled far or been lost on a vacation/road trip. If I ever did coincidentally meet the owners, and found that to be the case, there would be some hard consideration on my part. At this point, the dog has been with me twice as long as the previous owners, and we've really bonded. But their feelings and rights would bear some consideration. I don't honestly know what I'd do. It would break my heart to give him back though.

    Now, if I found them and they were county residents, tough shit. They forfeited their rights by not claiming him during the stray hold or looking for him even after that when I had posted about him. Legally, they had a chance to get their dog back and did not take it. Legally, he is mine. In the beginning, I would have been willing to give him back if they had a good reason for not finding/claiming him (which is why I posted ads). That already went above and beyond what my legal responsibilities were.

    Which brings about another point. Microchip your damn dogs! If people took that one little responsibility/cost on, none of these "lost dog" scenarios would ever have to play out. Unless of course someone had willfully stolen a dog, but I think the original topic of these being "rescue" dogs should automatically preclude that from consideration.
  8. keagan

    keagan Little Dog

    An interesting analogy, but there's a different way to look at that too. Suppose the car had been "abandoned" for too long and impounded by the local PD. Then it sat in their lot for the legally mandated time and the owners never claimed it. Eventually, the police auctioned it off and you bought it. If the original owner saw you driving it a couple of years down the road, and wanted their car back, do you still think the have that right?

    Since a lot of the stories here are shelter adoptions, that's a more accurate analogy.
  9. Swolf

    Swolf Little Dog

    I thought it brought up a good point, I just thought something that is worth less money legally and seemingly "dumped" from a legal stand point was a more fitting comparison.
    With pet animals the only laws in my area are making a "reasonable effort" to find the owner and caring for the dog for a certain amount of time legally make the animals your's. I believe that time difference varies state to state but for the most part stays about the same as after a point the dog is considered dumped property.

    Legal aside and going flat out emotionally and morally it's all going to vary on circumstances.
  10. Lee D

    Lee D Good Dog

    my dog was flat out stolen, so emotions and morals dont matter much to me. whats mine is mine, and even if she has exchanged hands I don't give a shit about how she got there. poor kids balling?...so what...mine did for days and they mean infinitely more to me than some kids that Ive never met. call me an asshole or whatever, i'd walk right thru all that drama ignoring anyone/everyone, and that dog would go home with me.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 7, 2013
  11. Swolf

    Swolf Little Dog

    I don't blame you one bit for that. Heck if the dog changed hands I would be tracking down the asshole that stole my dog in the first place to whoop their ass. That's a bit different too though as the dog would be considered stolen property regardless if there was a change in hands I would assume.

    And darn it Keagan, you made got across the point I was trying to make in a much better way and posted it while I was still trying to fumble through typing my second version of an explanation (which still isn't worded near as nice!).
  12. lizzie13

    lizzie13 Good Dog

    Yeah she made a great point...lol...and to further it..what if the corvette was not running,, damaged and rusty...then once its restored they want it back...dogs take time and money to care for and to get healthy in some situations. ...think this whole topic really depends case by case on the circumstances
  13. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    I don't think you're selfish, an asshole, whatever. I don't have children. I've never had a dog stolen from me. I am not in that position. I have never been in that position. And I'd hope to never be in that position. I can, however, say right now with no absolute certainty that I don't know what I would do. If I chose to let someone else keep my dog, that's my choice to make and I fault no one for their own choices. You do what you do, I'll do what I do.
  14. Lee D

    Lee D Good Dog

    i apologize if I came across a bit harsh. I wasn't ranting at anyone in particular, this is just a subject that fires me up BIG TIME. dog thieves are fucking scum and the last ones I found in my yard got off lucky.
  15. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    I've heard that story (and seem to recall enjoying it). And I get that it gets you fired up. I was answering the question for myself though and I don't expect other people to feel the same way I do. Luckily I only have to worry about how I feel since I have no family of my own.

    If the dog was stolen vs got out.. I will say that my answers would likely be different. I think that's the other big difference between our opinions. I was basing my answers on the dog getting out one way or another. If the dog was stolen, that's a different story. Should have thought about it from that perspective. Sorry.
  16. ownedbyBOO

    ownedbyBOO Little Dog

    4 years ago during spring flooding my son had an out of town friend in for the weekend. For some bizarre reason they thought it was funny to go to the little bridge and as the water rushed under they grabbed stuff and threw it at each other. I have no idea why this was considered hilarious, but I don't pretend to understand teenage boys.

    Anyways..... My son grabbed what he thought was some rags and it turned out to be a dead puppy. He was raised around farming animals, so he held the little thing upside down to drain the lungs and then gave it a few poofs of air. The little thing was alive!! He brought it home and we warmed it up and the next morning started looking for owners. It turns out the puppy was from over 10 miles away. A mother dog and litter of pups in a yard kennel were washed away in a flash flood up in the hilltops. It took almost a week to track the owner. They also lost their house and asked if we wanted the pup. So we kept her. Named her Kelbie (Celtic term for something found by water).

    She was a lovely yellow lab that even our vet agrees had brain damage. She was joyously retarded. So happy. So clueless.

    She was stolen off her kennel. I searched. I set out fliers, I knocked on doors. I registered with every vet, shelter, rescue. Yes she was chipped. I just hope whoever took her adores her. I hope they have children because she loved children. I'm just puzzled why someone would bother to steal a dog out of a kennel. She wasn't a show dog or anything! And she was incapable of house training. That's Why she had a kennel! I hope that whoever took her was some crazy fur mommy that thought she was abused due to her outdoor kennel. Kelbie wouldn't care. She loved everyone and has zero loyalty so as long as she is loved she is happy.

    But I would at least like to know what happened to her. I still watch Craigslist and petfinder. Her chip has never been scanned or I would be notified.

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