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if your dog is a rescue and after several years you found the original owner...

Discussion in 'Dog Debates' started by indelibledotink, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. CallSignOWL

    CallSignOWL Good Dog

    my dogs previous owner went to jail...which is how the humane society got her. The guy said he kept her chained up outside. Im not against chain spots, but Nebraska winters and summers can be harsh!

    I think Echo much prefers her doggy bed and cuddling up with me at night, to sleeping outside away from her people.
  2. jello

    jello Banned

    I was simply naming a few examples of how it may not be so easy to get all pets out. All you said in response to my examples were- the weak and powerless will die: oh well. A response direly lacking in respect and empathy.

    While you were busy pointing out how worthless elderly/mentally handicapped people are (society wouldn't particularly miss them anyway), you failed to validate my example of a yard full dogs... what happens in that situation?
    Im taking my leave of this thread as I'm only going to be provoked more off topic by these inane responses.
    Karma is a bitch.
  3. farmboy57

    farmboy57 Little Dog

    Every story is different,miley was part of an abandonment,case so i would tell the owner to FUCK OFF but that is my story:wave1:
  4. Titansmom

    Titansmom Puppy

    Here's an example... In south Louisiana right after Katrina there was a hurricane by the name of Rita (the gulf was very active that yr... Storms are alphabetical). We were kept out of our town for two weeks. We weren't supposed to get the bad side of the hurricane. Last minute shift made it the worst. I had 6 ft of water in my house, lost everything. My great uncle and great aunt were cleared to go back home and so they left the place we were staying. Four hrs later they walk in the house we were at soaking wet. They had went home, unpacked, and almost settled down when police came beating on their doors with sirens blaring telling them the storm surge is coming get out now. So they jump back in their vehicle, get on main highway and the water comes up and pushes their car in to a field and strands them. They had to be rescued by someone in a big truck. Tell me there aren't natural disasters that you can help. If they would have had a dog and had to go and get the dog to leave they would have all been dead. They were south of that highway and water was near 10 ft. We were kept out of our town almost a month. And all we were "supposed" to get was the windy part.
  5. jello

    jello Banned

    I'm sure that MJJean and omgrobyn would have executed everything perfectly and prevented a situation such as your example from happening \sarcasm.
  6. omgrobyn

    omgrobyn GRCH Dog

    There are benefits to choosing to live in a state where the worst you get is thunderstorms, blizzards, and the occasional flood and/or tornado.:p

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  7. Beret

    Beret Bullyflop

    Bottom line, I think it's unfair to uproot a dog AGAIN after it's been settled into a new home for years already.
  8. Titansmom

    Titansmom Puppy

    @jello I'm sure you are exactly right!!! /sarcasm it's hard for the rest of us to be so perfect
  9. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Administrator

    MJJEAN: Really? Tell that to the senior citizens, the grandmothers, the grandfathers whose pets help them. One day you are gonna be old. Remember that when your loyal pet is comforting you in your old age.
  10. Titansmom

    Titansmom Puppy

    Some people are just ignorant, and can't see past their own nose.. Hopefully they never have to eat their own words.
  11. Savage Destiny

    Savage Destiny Big Dog

    In Riddle's case, if her previous owner/breeder tried to reclaim her, I'd beat the ever living shit out of them. I'd beat the shit out of them if I simply found out who they were. They dumped her and her sister on the doorstep of the Portland humane society at around 3 months old. When I got Riddle, she already had a huge half-healed cut/scar on her hip. She was terrified of people- and I mean screaming, flailing, trying to escape frantically if a stranger approached her terrified. She was terrified even of me putting a collar on her, and extremely head shy. When she tore her ACL, x-rays revealed her tibia had been shattered/splintered at some point before I got her. The ortho vet thought she'd either been kicked extremely hard or thrown out of a car. That knee was the same side as the scar on her hip too, though x-rays didn't show any damage to the joint, thankfully. So no, she would not be going back to them. Period.

    Melon wouldn't be going back either. He doesn't have any history of abuse, but he was an owner surrender at the humane society around six months old. Owner surrenders don't get returned, IMO. Not to mention that he's been with me basically his whole life and wouldn't want to go with someone else.
  12. indelibledotink

    indelibledotink Little Dog

    glad to hear that your dogs were rescues.
  13. jello

    jello Banned

    Ageists run as rampant as racists.
    God help her when she is old and disabled...
  14. jello

    jello Banned

    I know this as I live in a province that is hurricane free. Doesn't mean I lack empathy for the people going through these horrific disasters...
  15. marriss770

    marriss770 Good Dog

    All of our pets are rescues and I know the story behind every one of them except for my black cat. Based on their history, prior to me adopting them, I would never return them to their owner. If I didn't know their history, I'd have to hear the previous owners story and base it on that....
  16. Lee D

    Lee D Good Dog

    i had a dog stolen out of my yard 5 years ago, and if she ever turned up it wouldn't be a matter of giving her back. i filed a police report, shes registered with the ADBA with me listed as the owner, i have an assload of pics of her growing up, and she was chipped. i don't care who had her longer, if i was to find her she would be coming home with me.
  17. chudrockz

    chudrockz Banned

    We adopted our Snowflake from the local Humane Society back in February. The original owner had to surrender her because her living arrangement discovered her and would not allow her to be kept. When we got her, the HS gave us a two page hand-written letter about her likes/ dislikes, medications, food, treats, everything. They also said that in the three weeks she was at the shelter the owner called once or twice a day checking up on her. So after we had had her for awhile, we contacted the HS and told them that if the old owner wanted to contact us, she could. Since then we have met her twice. Once after we had Snowflake for a couple of months, and then again about two months ago. The first time Snowflake was ELATED to see her and was just a puddle. The second time she was happy, but kind of said hello and then followed me around. I could tell the old owner was "sad but happy" and now we send her pictures on a regular basis to let her know "her" dog is doing great!
  18. E Diggy

    E Diggy Big Dog

    If I were the original owner, I might allow the the fosters to keep the dog if it's been a long time, if they have kids etc. There could be extenuating circumstances, but the point is, it's the original owner's decision. If you buy stolen merchandise from a pawn shop, and come to find out it's hot, it doesn't matter that you bought it legit. It would go to the rightful owner.
  19. indelibledotink

    indelibledotink Little Dog

    a dog isn't a watch, though, she has feelings. what if she prefers the new family? i would be devastated and am not sure what i'd do, even though i said i'd take mei back no matter what in the first post, i am not sure now.

    i found a lost dog yesterday night and took her to the humane society. she was microchipped, and turns out that she was just picked up from there in th emorning. she had chewn through a skinny leash and wantered off, it appeared. she was sweet and thhough her collar was grungy, she was clean and very healthy, although perhaps she was cleaned while awaiting pickup the first time.
  20. keagan

    keagan Little Dog

    I wouldn't give my dog back. I got him from the county shelter where I used to live, and he had been picked up as a stray from a central city in the county. I will say he must have been well cared for in his first home because he had all his basic obedience training, was housebroken, polite, neutered, etc, and he was estimated to only be about a year old. But they never claimed him, released him, or anything. I picked him up once his stray hold expired. In my opinion, they must have never even looked for him, as this was the county shelter, and county animal control. If you lose an animal, it's the FIRST place you check.

    Then after I adopted him, I actually posted an add on CL with a picture asking if it was anyone's dog. Mostly because I was hoping I could find out his name at least, and even that possibly, if they had a decent reason for losing their dog, I would consider giving him back. I thought maybe they cared, but couldn't afford the expense of getting him out of the shelter, so that's why they never claimed him. But nothing ever came of that either.

    Now he's been with me two years, which is longer than he was in his first home. That, plus the fact that they couldn't possibly have been searching very hard for him, convinces me that I would not give him back.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 4, 2013

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