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If you could have any dog from yesteryear

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by RealDawgs, May 31, 2010.

  1. RealDawgs

    RealDawgs Big Dog

    As I sit here and look through the numerous dogs of old, I see that each and every dog of old had fanciers and at their time, many claim them to be the best dog in the world. This brought about a question in my mind, "what if you had the opportunity to own one of the many great dogs from yesteryear?" So just out of curiosity, which dog would you choose and why?

    My pick would have to br Gr.Ch. Mongoose and the reason is not only did he have a lot of heart and talent, but his temperament is also unique among the pit world. Most apbts would be screaming in anticipation and would burst like a rocket across the scratch line. However, Mongoose would just slowly trot himself towards his opponent and then finish him. This is unique because a lot of old timers has described Mongoose as an extremely calm dog that gets the job done. Now as if that wasn't special, the dog is also about as dog and animal friendly as a proven apbt can get. According to anecdotes of mongoose, he would roll over and allow puppies that were from 3 all the way to 18 months to nip and bite at his feet in a playful manor. What's even more amazing is that he'd allow any dog that was a puppy to come up to him and lick his lips and he'd again give his back and allow the pup to mount him down.
    The only time he'll show aggression towards another dog would be in the pit or if the dog were to snap at him first. According to other anecdotes, he was also extremely calm and great around people, unlike other apbts that are extremely hyper when they see their owner. He'll only bark occassionally and only if there is a stranger. He is also known to not have the habit of begging for attention, going up to strangers, and instead he is perfectly content sleeping underneath his master's chair. Along with this, he is known to be extremely easy to condition and at the sight of the mill, he'll go up and run it by himself without much encouragement.

    A dog that is proven, easy to condition, calm, and just about as dog friendly as an apbt could get!?!?!? What more can you want from this 5xw dog?
  2. Popper

    Popper Puppy

    i Love a dog that is calm in the house , but when ready to work is driven and focused. i think my choice would be Machobuck. Seen many pics of him with family and kids, hanging out with people at get togethers, seemed liked a solid dog
  3. RealDawgs

    RealDawgs Big Dog

    Machobuck is a great dog too, however, he wasn't exactly the most dog tolerant dog out there LOL. In fact, Machobuck was an intense dog. Machobuck is definitely my 2nd or 3rd pick, but with Mongoose, I believe that a kennel accident is unlikely to happen. I mean c'mon, a proven dog that will allow pups to hump him down? My friend's 22 month old amstaff allowed a 14 month old cocker spaniel to hump him down as well as lightly mouth his tail, though he gets aggressive when a dog that is similar towards his age does it. However, he is an amstaff, not an apbt.
  4. mr.clueless

    mr.clueless Good Dog

    either chavis ch yellow john......or plumbers alligator.....both for a different set of reasons but no more than personal preference really,i guess we would all like to be able to keep the dogs that are the foundations of the line of dogs we keep.
  5. Budboy88

    Budboy88 Good Dog

    Good thread. Ch. Midnight Cowboy or Blind Billy
  6. pitpupmom

    pitpupmom Big Dog

    Corvino's Red Demon. My uncle had him till his end days while he was old and lost his teeth. Awesome Stud dog and sweet as can be.
  7. jadedpitgirl

    jadedpitgirl Puppy

    Midnight Cowboy, and simply only because my first dog, Rewster, was a son of his. Rewster's mom, Brandy was a Cowboy daughter. granted I was only 3 years old, but I remember that dog and can remember everything about him, even putting barettes on the tips of his ears, LOL! I would dress him up in my clothes and we'd have us a little tea party. I remember this like it happened yesterday. his mother was the best house dog. Brandy would sit at her little spot on by the front door all day, and she could do every damn trick in the book! Rewster passed when I was 6 or 7 and then around 8 years old, we got a double bred Cowboy great-grandson named Buster. had him until I was 17. all three dogs were tremendously INTELLIGENT! to this day I haven't seen a dog smarter than those three.

    I remember listening to stories my dad would tell me about Cowboy and I remember seeing him a handful of times. he didn't look like anything special, but we all know how looks can be decieving
  8. Poisoned

    Poisoned GRCH Dog

    I would want Mongoose... And for the reasons Real said. He seemed like a special dog.
  9. RealDawgs

    RealDawgs Big Dog

    Cowboy appeared just like any other regular black dog, but he was definitely special LOL. How many dogs can say the produced the same amount of wins compared to offspring while also producing ROMs?

    ---------- Post added at 01:24 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:21 PM ----------

    That is definitely true, I mean afterall, we did choose to feed this line so it would only be natural for us to want to feed the foundation studs and dams.

    ---------- Post added at 01:27 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:24 PM ----------

    That's a pretty tough choice since Cowboy is one of the few ROMs that has produced about the same amount of wins compared to offspring as well as being able to produce producers. However, Blind Billy is the foundation stud for the Eli blood, one of the most successful blood out there.

    ---------- Post added at 01:30 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:27 PM ----------

    Is Red Demon off Corvino's Red Devil? I've heard of this dog, but can't find much info on him.

    ---------- Post added at 01:31 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:30 PM ----------

    There were so many special dogs of yesteryear, however, I believe Mongoose would be the easiest to contain in a yard because he was dog tolerant and submissive to puppies. If you had a yard full of Mongooses, I believe you would have almost no kennel accidents :)
  10. Lee D

    Lee D Good Dog

  11. mr.clueless

    mr.clueless Good Dog

    just out of interest realdawgs.....would you happen to know the actual amount of wins/offspring ratio of cowboy.....
    id be very interested to compare it to a dog with a similar record im thinking about....
    would make an interesting comparison.
  12. RRL

    RRL Little Dog

    Colby's Pincher
  13. Yardgirl

    Yardgirl Puppy

    For a male I think I'd have to go REAL OLD SCHOOL and choose Colby's Galtie
    I think a shot of foundation blood in any of the modern lines can only be a good thing!

    Well I'm no fool, so for a female It would have to be Honeybunch
  14. Lee D

    Lee D Good Dog

    WOW, you went WAAAY old school:lol:....i considered him and Tudors Black Jack myself
  15. Yardgirl

    Yardgirl Puppy

    They were both on my list too. I didn't choose Pincher only cause he was a real big dog and I like them small, But Black Jack was my second choice for a male!
  16. RealDawgs

    RealDawgs Big Dog

    That's defintiely old school, but he's definitely a dog with ability that ranks right up there with the best of them.

    ---------- Post added at 07:42 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:37 PM ----------

    Midnight Cowboy has a wins/offspring ratio of 56:70, not including his own matches. I think I may know of the dog you are thinking of, but I won't assume since you know the old saying LOL.
  17. ShakaZ

    ShakaZ Good Dog

    Ch. Midnight Cowboy or Ch. Honeybunch.
  18. RealDawgs

    RealDawgs Big Dog

    That's a good pick, Colby himself has even said that Pinscher was one of his best dogs. Anydog that can stop 24 dogs is impressive in my book, whether OTC, rolls, etc. doesn't matter.

    ---------- Post added at 07:46 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:43 PM ----------

    Galtie is definitely a good dog and introducing a dog that has been severely tested under Colby himself and a dog that has done so much can only result in good things. For a female dog, it would be a tossup between honeybunch and the Queen.

    ---------- Post added at 07:49 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:46 PM ----------

    That is a tough pick since both dogs were capable of producing honest bulldogs as well as honest producers. I'd have to go with Honeybunch since she did sire one of the most impressive ROM dogs that not only was capable of producing, but also had ability himself.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 1, 2010
  19. ShakaZ

    ShakaZ Good Dog

    You got a point about the Queen, glad I don't have to make that choice for real.
  20. Rainmaker

    Rainmaker Banned

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