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If it's not pitbull.. what's your chosen breed?

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by Rainmaker, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. G-X

    G-X Big Dog

    id have to go with a south american piranah dog

    Description: The South American Piranha dog - a rare breed created for a unique job. Piranhas were created to be a small, unobtrusive dog that would go unnoticed until someone attempted to harm a family member. They are twenty pounds of pure muscle, coupled with jaw power that can break an arm with one bite, plus the tenacity to continue attacking even if wounded. This little, clean cut dog was bred to protect family members from kidnappings in South America. They are now being introduced into the United States.
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  2. bulldoggerr

    bulldoggerr Little Dog

    AB's....ive got 3
  3. I foster a lot of pitbulls, great danes, cane corsos, bordeaux, argentinos, ect.
    Basically if it's a mastiff or a bully breed it eventually ends up in my house.

    After fostering dozens of different breeds of dogs throughout the years my
    truest love is still the Fila Brasileiro.

    I have begun to realise throughout the years that my love of the fila makes me a bit of a breed snob.

    I snort at the whole "Pitbulls are tough!" thing and when I see someone with a cane or a bordeaux the little snarky voice in the back of my head keeps jumping up and down going "Get a real guard dog!"

    I realise it's an unattractive quality and try to keep a damper on it since I really do like other breeds of dog - I just do not love them like I love my filas.


    Kaylee: 2yr old Fila Brasileiro
    Keegan: 2yr old male Fila Brasileiro
    Various foster dogs.
  4. luckilylovinlyfe

    luckilylovinlyfe Good Dog

    Afgans, gsd, english & french bulldogs, dobies, shih tzu, & english mastiff

    ---------- Post added at 04:33 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:28 PM ----------

    G-x is that true? It looks like a smaller american bully with a tiny head to me I hope they keep them where they made em because too many people will mistake em for apbts smh

    ---------- Post added at 04:34 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:33 PM ----------

    G-x is that true? It looks like a smaller american bully with a tiny head to me I hope they keep them where they made em because too many people will mistake em for apbts smh
  5. Athena'smom

    Athena'smom Little Dog

    I'd have to say American Bully, English Mastiff, Bull Mastiff, and Irish Wolfhound.
    I know that's more than one breed but those are my dream dogs and all but the I.W. I know will happen.
  6. ColbyDogs

    ColbyDogs Big Dog

    Without hesitation, the Jack Russell Terrier !

    Pint size punks with heart as big as the moon. Scrappy little dogs with confidence and moxy. I absolutely love my JRT, he is everything I wanted and then some. I have every intention of acquiring a few more over the next several years.
  7. G-X

    G-X Big Dog

    From every thing that i have read it is true there a new breed to the states what i read about them on the net i think they are legit but who knows i seen the price tag and never called the breeder.
  8. Rainmaker

    Rainmaker Banned

    This just look like a mini-apbt that is named piranha! I got a dog that is named piranha. :D
  9. nikkiluvsu15

    nikkiluvsu15 Puppy

    While I love the APBT and will more than likely have another one at some point, but chosen breeds are Labs and Vizslas :D They are totally "me" and I just love them to death.

    Though there is nothing quite like a Pit Bulls love ;):D
  10. G-X

    G-X Big Dog

    they do look like mini APBT's i would like one because it says there were breed to protect kids i got 2 little girls that could be models and there is alot of sick people in this world a pervert would think twice about touching them if they had a dog that looked like that with them

    MZBULLDOG Little Dog

    I dont think i would be satisfied with anything else.
  12. kleinfamily

    kleinfamily Puppy

  13. junkyard

    junkyard Puppy

    those south american dogs are an abomination , and they are not even south american.
    there was a thread on them on gamedog, and im sure they were bred in north America and all they are is an apbt cross with a patterdale , they guy who sells them bought them from the originator and has now claimed them as his own and even made up a sham history story, so they are pretty much a hoax.
    some of the pics he has stolen for the website are actually purebred Apbt's!
    they are a gimic to make this peddler money, and if you search around you will find pretty much nothing but the same guys links.

    If i couldnt own an apbt i would probly own a Fila or a bloodhound.
  14. 2die4uk

    2die4uk Puppy

    German shepherd
  15. Bobo

    Bobo Puppy

    leonberger or greater swiss mountain dog, I love the giant breeds
  16. LoveMySofie

    LoveMySofie Little Dog

    What about the German Shorthaired Pointer? They're supposed to be athletic, energetic, loyal, funloving, eager to please, etc. I've never known one personally but they seem like a good dog with similar qualitites to the pit bull. I saw them featured on a TV show and thought they may be a good choice for a second dog that would compliment the athleticism of my APBT. Anyone experienced with the breed?
  17. tera

    tera Little Dog

    I tend to look at all other breeds as inferior to APBT's. I don't think I could ever be satisfied with anything else. However, if you can show me a breed that has a history as rich and colorful as APBT's, I'll pick that one.
  18. leilaquinn

    leilaquinn Good Dog

    English pointers (i took care of of two for a friend for six months 7 years ago and still miss them often, but I would never own one living in the city) French bulldogs, English mastiffs, SBT, and my 13 year old dog that I got when i was 14 that has lived with my mom since i moved out. His mom was a boston terrier and his dad was a min. schnauzer. He looks like a gremlin but he is still going strong and he has a huge heart.
  19. Bobo

    Bobo Puppy

    my friend has a wire haired pointer and she is fab, loads of energy
  20. megschristina

    megschristina Moderator

    Pointers are excellent dogs, for those that use them.

    However, as a pet dog.....I wouldn''t recommend one.

    However all my gun dogs have been registered with a field association and not the akc.

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