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If I'm a dog? What breed am I and why?

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by Rainmaker, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Rainmaker

    Rainmaker Banned

    If I'm a dog? What breed am I and why? Some might wanna be a Portuguese Water Dog because they love to swim and likes to be groomed all the time? What do you guys think?

    For me..

    I'd say I'm a non-started gamebreed APBT. I won't pick-up fights but surely if I got hurt I'll fight back and might kill you. :D I also like to train and have a drive for competition. The few attitudes that makes me feel my pitbull understands me. :rolleyes:
  2. SineadsMom

    SineadsMom Big Dog

    German Shepherd. I'm loyal as hell, but don't fuck with me or anyone I love.
  3. Alix_lvz_her_pits

    Alix_lvz_her_pits Little Dog

    lol, i took a quick quiz on iVillage... apparently, I'm a JRT:

    This pint-sized explorer is the Magellan of the canine world. Always ready for adventure, the Jack Russell Terrier is known to wander off at a moment's notice. Her life is never dull, and entertainment is key. Accepting in nature, she makes friends easily and is usually the center of attention wherever she goes. Her high energy and upbeat personality make the Jack Russell Terrier a fun-loving part of any family.

    i can see myself in that, but alot of this is also why I am drawn to the APBT --- the same fun loving, driven, intelligent traits --- prolly just a terrier thing huh? :)
  4. APBTlover09

    APBTlover09 GRCH Dog

    one that is pregnant right now :p LOL seriously i want to be an APBT, because i love babies/kids :aww:
  5. Libby

    Libby GRCH Dog

    I'm a mutt. Easy going, non-confrontational and friendly. Might have a little GSD in there, I am loyal and defend my friends and family when called for.
  6. pitpupmom

    pitpupmom Big Dog

    I would say Boston Terrier! Small in stature but still the happy little dog but has that terrier. They are loyal as can be and love everyone but still want to watch over their family.
  7. Jazzy

    Jazzy GRCH Dog

    I wouldn't care what breed of dog I was as long as I belonged to someone exactly like me. :o
  8. MJJean

    MJJean GRCH Dog

    I am a Pit Bull of some kind, maybe even a mix. I am a medium sized critter. I am tenacious and never know when to let go of something, a people pleaser (although less as I get older,lol). I am loving and loyal and like to cuddle, but I am also somewhat aggressive toward my own species. I am smart and have a sense of humor and willing to work hard with encouragement and treats and I have also been known as someone who might not start a fight but will damn sure finish it.
  9. SBTlove

    SBTlove Good Dog

    I'm whatever Sasha is.

    Laid back and calm and relaxed, almost lazy when inside. Get me outside and I'm super active and love to be on the go. I'm terrified of thunderstorms and tend to pace around the room, just like Sasha. I do spook easily. Like Sasha I am extremely loyal, you won't find a more loyal companion. I love dogs and cats, as does Sasha. And I like kids, as does Sasha. Very watchful and protective over those I love, as is Sasha.

    So whatever Sasha is I would be. Everyone says the two of us are so in sync its not funny. I guess you can say I just a good ole mutt with perhaps a little Terrier in there, a little beagle, maybe a teeny tiny bit of Chihuahua, maybe a little Labrador or Shepherd.

    You know what would be fun, if we did one of these for each other instead of ourselves!
  10. ABK

    ABK Good Dog

    I always thought I would be a Chow Chow. Guarding is natural to me. I am aloof & suspicious of strangers until I get to know you. I don't like strangers in my "space." I hold a grudge & remember abuse. I don't like people coming up to me & loving all over me, I prefer to come to them in my own time. I love one or two people in my family, the rest can wizz off. I will bite the tar out of anyone who threatens me, my family or anything I think is mine. I sleep most of the time when indoors. I like most Chows, I snore.(lol) I'd be blue or black in color (I just prefer those colors) & would be of the rough coated variety, as I love the snow.

    Canine me:


    lol. :D
  11. magdalena

    magdalena Good Dog

    I am an unstable, ankle biting chihuahua. ;)
  12. VonKromeHaus

    VonKromeHaus Good Dog

    Here is a little quiz for everyone!!

    My results!............

    That's hilarious!! Everyone should take this thing!!! lol lol
  13. ZoeyBear

    ZoeyBear Good Dog

    I would love to be a dog in your house too! No matter what breed!
  14. Hallil

    Hallil Little Dog

    Wow, You're a Border Collie!

    Border Collie

    The Achiever
    You've heard about this "second-place ribbon" thing, but really don’t ever plan on getting one. Not a chance. Highly competitive, you keep one eye on the Best in Show prize and one on the rest of the pack, making sure you're always at least one paw ahead. You love your family and enjoy the company you keep, but you'd trade all of them in a heartbeat for a corner office and some meaty stock options. When you're not licking your professional coat, naked skydiving and triathlons keep you entertained. You idolize the top dog and will do so until you sniff out a way to take over the company and do a little "restructuring." Learn more »
    FAMOUS BORDER COLLIES: Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Martha Stewart, Barbara Walters
    LIKELY PROFESSIONS: CEO, Banker, Manager, Astronaut
  15. ABK

    ABK Good Dog

    Ugh! I got ...

    Golden Retriever
    The Charmer

    Laid-back, sociable and well-groomed, you've got your own hip little pack of groupies who just love to be around you. You have a brain inside that adorable little head of yours, though you use it mostly to organize your hectic social calendar. You never poop out at parties, and since you're popular with ladies and men, as well as children and adults, you dish out your wit, charm and luck to whomever is close enough to bask in it. The top dog likes you and wants to be your best friend, despite the fact that he doesn't really know what the heck you do. No one does, in fact, but everyone loves you all the same. A true foodie, you’ve got your keen ears fine-tuned to make sure you don't miss out on the opening of a trendy new place to nosh. But your youthful days of being able to wolf down food 24-7 are wagging behind you, meaning you've got to watch what you eat so you don’t pull a Brando and outgrow your coats.

    That is SO not me. Goldens are too friendly, slobbery & high energy. I am prefer to keep to myself, definitely NO slobber & I sleep a lot! Well, some parts of the description on their site DID sort of fit me. But Golden??!! I protest!

    Blessings & whisker kisses ....
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 4, 2010
  16. Tiffany3483

    Tiffany3483 Good Dog

    According to Dogster, I'm a Poodle!


    The Star
    Intelligence, style and good looks in one able-bodied, well-manicured package? But of course! You are a Poodle, and proud of it. You scoff in the general direction of passers-by who cast admiring (or is it amused?) glances your way, knowing doggone well that if your private jet were not waiting to whisk you off for a spa weekend getaway, you would handily paddle their hindquarters in a game of Trivial Pursuit. Blindfolded. You are well-educated and enjoy the finer things in life, but are not above taking an impromptu skinny dip in an old limestone quarry. It would, however, be soooo much more convenient if said quarry came with a towel boy and swim-up cocktail service, of course
  17. APBTlover09

    APBTlover09 GRCH Dog

    LOLOLOL :p
    Wow, You're a Labrador Retriever!

    Labrador Retriever

    The Caretaker
    Your family is what makes you tick, and you never "flea" from an opportunity to hang out with the whole gang. A family picnic complete with hot dogs, deviled eggs and a refreshing swim in the lake is hard for you to stray from. Your sparky temperament and dogged intelligence mean you are not only a blast to hang out with, but great to work with as well. Your close pals appreciate your patience and forgiveness, knowing you'd rather let sleeping dogs lie than dwell on the mishaps of the past. Your dashing good looks may one day lead to a modelling career, if only you can tame the unfortunate clumsiness that sometimes causes you to go flailing from the catwalk. Learn more »
    FAMOUS LABRADOR RETRIEVERS: Bill Cosby, Jackie Onassis, Dr. Phil, David Beckham
    LIKELY PROFESSIONS: Doctor, Sales Executive, Teacher
  18. mstngchic2012

    mstngchic2012 Good Dog

    Are you just as hairy?? :lol:

    ---------- Post added at 01:07 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:00 PM ----------



    The Comedian
    You may look like the troublemaker of the pack, but it turns out your tough guy mug is worse than its bite. You're really a softie, loyal to your friends and family and A-OK with meeting new pooches, but you prefer to do so with a high-five instead of a paw-shake. Proud of your great sense of humor, you've got a whole litter of jokes you draw from to keep the mood playful and the positive energy alive. A perfect afternoon for you involves a leisurely stroll with a pal, followed by a little downtime in an easy chair with a frosty can of brew and a remote control within easy fetching distance. You shed accusations of being lazy, knowing perfectly well that you're kenneling the energy you might need for... well... something.
  19. ABK

    ABK Good Dog

    Not quite! But give me a couple months & put me in a cold climate & I could try. My mother is 1/2 Italian, so I've got that "hair-ability" in me. But I don't think I could ever get to that Chow's status. She's got me beat by far! But since I do have that Italian blood in me, I might be able to grow whiskers like her when I get older! lol.

    Blessings & fuzzy Italian whisker kisses!!

    P.S. - mstngchic2012, you & I should trade. I sound more like the bulldog profile than the Golden one!
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 4, 2010
  20. Deniselynn

    Deniselynn Banned

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