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Ideas needed for Theme of the Month!


Krypto Super Dog
Hi everyone! We're back to doing Theme of the Month again and we would love ideas. For June it will be Splash into Summer.. so we have that taken care of!

Here are the months we need help with ideas for:


Thanks in advance for your help! :thankUsmiley:
I would love it if sometime there was theme for conditioned dogs, I wouldn't be able to participate in that because my dogs are fat slobs right now but it would be nice to acknowledge those who put tons of work into their dogs


Krypto Super Dog
Thanks for the ideas! Sun Valley Pit Bulls we can definitely do that! Maybe in September or something. :)


Little Dog
June - enjoying cool treats to keep cool, I make banana water pops, but, popsicle, ice cream, a little sugar for a picture won't hurt ;)


Chi Super Dog
October - a fall theme
November - Thanksgiving theme
December - Holiday theme


Krypto Super Dog
I need some ideas for April through December! I'm running out of ideas. :lol: Thanks in advance!


Krypto Super Dog
I PM Shon the winners every month. He's the one that updates the sidebar because he's the only one that can do it.

This thread is for ideas. So if you have any please post them. :thankUsmiley:
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Little Dog
I would love to see a balancing theme- Let the members run with it and see what you get.


Krypto Super Dog
Did we ever do a conditioned theme? I like that one but I don't remember it being done

A long time ago but it definitely can be done again!

Balancing is a good idea too! I'll add both to the list! Thanks Shana and Swolf!


Good Dog
Super Moderator
Was thinking about this earlier. Another fun one would be "my dog's favourite thing" or something like that. Could be a toy, a place, an activity, etc. :)