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Idea for Health Section


I've seen a lot of posts like "my dog isn't pooping and is vomiting, what should I do?" or "HELP! He just ate this this and that" or "My dog has a broken bone, help?" and it just seems to me like the obvious answer to all of these posts is "GO TO THE VET".

I feel like we need a sticky or a pop-up before posting a new thread with something along the lines of "If you dog ate this, this or that, is experiencing these symptoms, or you know of any obvious broken or fractured bones, please go to the vet and then post about it later".

This isn't a veterinary forum. Some people come on here with stuff that's life threatening and expect random people on the internet to tell them how to cure their dog. There are some things that need to be addressed by a vet, and EVERYTHING anyone says on here should be run by a vet prior to doing.

Just my thought. It may save some people some heartache, especially if they post "my dog looks like it's bloating, what do I do?" and the only answer their going to get is "Go to the vet."


Cow Dog
If it's a thread, I think it should be called "Go to the vet"

But unfortunately, look at all the topics that are always posted where the new members DON'T look at the stickies. I think that's partially why so many of them are gone now. Plus, there are many good messages out there and way too many that end up as clutter above members' threads.

I like the idea of a pop-up though. That's different.


I like the idea of a pop-up but I'm not sure that's a possibility with the vBulletin software, at least I don't think it was the last time I checked. Would be nice.


Krypto Super Dog
I don't think a pop up before posting in the Health section is possible, but one of the Admin's would be able to answer that.

As far as a sticky, that could be done, although I don't know how much good it'd do. We have a ton of stickies on the forums that people overlook all the time..


Good Dog
I like the idea of a pop-up but I'm not sure that's a possibility with the vBulletin software, at least I don't think it was the last time I checked. Would be nice.

I think it's possible since we get pop ups when we get a notification in our inboxes...