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Iams vs Natures Domain


Little Dog
I've been trying to get my brother to change his dog from IAMS large breed to something similiar in price but higher quality. The best option i have come up with (he doesn't want to spend over 40 a bag) is natures domain the salmon formula... But looking at feeding guidelines (his dog is right around 80 lbs) natures domain calls for 4-5 cups a day, where IAMS calls for i think it was 3ish... Why would it be so much more for natures domain? Isnt it a higher quality kibble then iams therefor you should have to feed less?

Basically i'm going to show my brother this thread tomorrow afternoon. PLEASE help me convince him to change off of IAMS!! ANY info you can put about iams, reasons why he should change would be greatly appreciated!


Good Dog
IMO feeding guidelines suggest more than a dog actually needs (in general that is) so that they can sell more food. I would suggest to your brother to start off feeding 2 cups a day and adjust from there - it will more than likely be enough to keep the dog healthy. How much IAMS does he feed per day?


Little Dog
Corky weighs 70lbs and eats 3 cups of Nature's Domain per day. We haven't been running for a while (I'm injured). If we were running he'd probably just get extra calories with a peanut butter filled Kong.