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I think I found a breeder...


Good Dog
I think it's a great idea to go and pick the pup up to avoid sitting in customs.

Thumbs up for Sorrells dogs, in my opinion. Here is my pup, Kush, that I got from CynthiaATL. He is a littermate to Guinness.




Good Dog
I am aware of that and that's why I'm going to pick up the dog myself :)
a small dog is able to go with you as handluggege (not sure how to spell it...)


Good Dog
I really like Kush :D he's sooo handsome!
does anyone got some pics or maybe just links to threads where pictures of black and tan dogs are showed?
it's to see different kind of markings on them :)
I saw like 3 or 4 different pics of them and that's all... :(

and I really like the sorrels dogs to


Good Dog
sorry for posting another one but here are 2 other mails I got back from breeders.

first one comes from Mcgrew kennels

Thanks for you email. I don't have a problem sending a dog to anywhere in the world as long as it's a good home!!

I breed for "breed type" first and foremost! Also when breeding dogs one has to keep in mind that the goal is for the puppy to produce better than the parents so i try my best to study pedigree, etc so that the pups have every chance to be better than the parents. I feel that breed type is more than just the way the dog looks. Breed type should also include attitude and structure.
Alot of things go into making a quality APBT. Again in my opinion the dog should look and act like an american pitbull terrier...then i guess i would address sructural qualities....straight front, nice/balanced angulation between the front and the rear of the dog, proper movement...etc.
The best traits of the line are the size of the dogs and the movement. Also the attitude...VERY outgoing dogs!! Ohh and that they produce better than the generation before them.
All dogs are sold with a health gurantee. I don't really do contracts but don't mind setting one up if the buyer would feel more comfortable.
My dogs work and show...Tyson has won more total dog awards than anydog in the ukc(that i'm aware of) so yes my dogs show and love to pull...they would do well in agility also!!!
You can see the pedigrees and accomplishments of the dogs in the peds on my website...

Thanks again for you inquiry and feel free to give me a call @ ---------------- thanks

Justin McGrew

the second one is from Forest Hill Kennels:

Hello Kim,I just read your e-mail and everything sounds well.I think you have enough time and knowledge to have another animal.I bred dogs occasionally directly for sport(weight pulling etc.) and conformation shows.I use mainly Frisco/Chinaman blood because these dogs have a lot of energy,love people ,have great conformation and always ready to work.
Now I have litter of Bella and Chinaman Jr,it is tight Frisco/Chinaman breeding.Pups are 4 weeks now.One black/white female is sold to Belgium and his new owner will pick her up in the middle of november. I have one black/white male for sale of this litter,can be copy of father.Pup costs 700-800 euros(including ADBA certificate,passport,chip and of course all vaccines).
Parents are great dogs and I expect the same of these pups.Time will show.
I am sending you pictures of father and 4 weeks old pups.
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Mollie's Nana

Krypto Super Dog
Staff member
I don't think I'd want to put a dog through being shipped anywhere... too much stress, in my opinion. I don't blame you, I'd go pick it up myself too, that way, you don't end up getting a sick pup ;)


Big Dog
I dont think you can fly with our type of dog just becaus of size. Also the dog has to be at least 8 weeks old so thers no cuting courners to get him on at a younger age or smaller size the vet wont clear him to fly till 8 weeks of age. I have been through it twice once last year, I think you can bring possibly a tea cup size dog only, this is because you have to put diffirent size dogs in the correct size crates for shiping and the one for our breed is some what big but is way to big to bring on board with you, you would have to bye it a seat or even two lol if you want a pic of the crate or dementons ill take it for you. Good luck


Good Dog
yes it would be nice to look at one of those crates, especially to look at the size.
I can take my JRT on the plane with me so I guess their won't be a prob for a 8weeks old pup... I will ask around and see what ppl say. I'll keep you updated on how I will pick it up finally...


Little Dog
I got my girl from Joanie and I couldn't be more happy with her. Joanie is a great person to work with and like others have said is happy to answer any questions you have she surely knows her dogs! Here are some pics of my girl...





As you requested a few pics of my girl you can also see a current thread of pics in the Gallery titled "Day in the life of Gaia"
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Big Dog
There should be no problem flying with one of Joanie's dogs on the plane. They only get to be 40-50lbs when full grown so an 8 week old pup should be small enough for a carry on. You can have a fabric kennel for a carry on, you don't need a big plastic one.


Krypto Super Dog
Premium Member
When I said I knew a dog off her yard that is just spectacular - that's who I was talking about! Whiplash's Gaia.. she's awesome :)


Little Dog
Hey I was looking at this kennel www.openhousekennels.com and they have some really nice dogs there and well known game line dogs. Not shore where they are located but thought I would mention them since I read this thread. Anyone else heard of this kennel?


Hey I was looking at this kennel www.openhousekennels.com and they have some really nice dogs there and well known game line dogs. Not shore where they are located but thought I would mention them since I read this thread. Anyone else heard of this kennel?

They have some verry nice red noses!! :cool:
Thats the way a Pitbull should look like! Hopefully some day i will be able to own such a great dog!


Good Dog
I was just reading that some airlines here have breed bans now on APTB's and the like. Not sure if that applies to carry on.


Good Dog
ha my schools comp wont allow me to check out tatonka kennels site,its blocker lists the site as a weapons site,but i can go to a gun show site all day long and it doesnt block it,tatonka is pretty good for sorrells dog's but i would go straight to bert
From everything I've heard about the Sorrells line, it's supposed to be very consistent (like the Colby dogs). Probably a good choice, especially for a first time apbt owner.