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I need help with my Pit named Chop! He keeps getting out of harnesses and collars on his tie out. Need something he can not get out of or ideas


Hello. I need help with my PIT BULL CHOP we have begun to introduce him to a runner again after having him in the kennel while outside. He isn’t well trained yet mind you. I am beginning to do so now. Someone else has raised him but he has known us so now we have to take the time to get him used to a few things here at my home.
With that being said. My hubby went to tractor supply and made a helluva runner and tie out for him that he cannot break. We know he is strong and he’s very smart too. He has gotten out of every harness and collar we have gotten so far so we have t had luck with the runner just yet. I have faith that it’s something out there that we can buy to help this situation. Please anyone if you know of any harness or have an idea or thought please provide it here. Or send an email please.
I may get your answer quicker that way. I am new to the chat and am a very busy person. Thank you. Need something that Houdini cannot get out of or work his way around the loops. Was thinking off a shock collar for training ? Any ideas. ??
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