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I need help with choosing a bloodline.

Discussion in 'Bloodlines' started by Kingjay, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. Kingjay

    Kingjay Puppy

    Hello so my first question is that I love smaller dogs like the pitbull terriers that are on the smaller side so what bloodline would have the smaller dog.Also my second question would be how would I meet the person with that bloodline do I have to go on pitbull terrier events or do I go online.I'm trying not to get scam since i've heard alot of new comers get tricked into buying mutts or american bullies.Also I just want to do research and wait for a year or 2 so that I have everything I need.If can't get a pitbull terrier bloodline on the smaller side I would like a bloodline that's protective on the skinny plus one with a narrow head. not those terriers with a broad head.Sorry if I said somethings that's dumb I'm new to the breed and I'm just researching right now.
  2. pitbulldogs

    pitbulldogs OHMUHGERD Staff Member Administrator

    You just want what you want, finding consistent small APBT's is not easy, you can take two small 35 pound dogs, breed them and get anything from 25 to 60 pounds, ive seen it happen. The best thing you can do is get out to shows, you will meet a lot of people there and link up with lots of people.

    There is a few things you need to know yourself, like what to expect from a game bred APBT, how to handle and care for them ect. Also, don't get a APBT for protection, you will likely have a dog that will lick someone to death. Some people don't mind human aggressive bulldogs, however i don't believe that is what they were bred for so i don't like seeing it personally, if you want protection, get a Rot, GSD or another type of guard dog.
  3. Worg

    Worg Big Dog

    Gamebred APBTs will likely lack threat awareness when it comes to humans because they are supposed to be human friendly in any situation. They can be great in protection sports, being given commands and such, but a natural instinct to protect against humans? Not so much. Protection sports are often just a game to dogs, and those trained in the sport do not always have the know-how to protect in real life situations. Personal protection training and sport protection training are different, and there certainly are dogs that are more suitable for one than the other. It sounds like you want a dog that will naturally protect. Personally, I do not believe a dog will reliably protect without extensive professional training, even WL protection breeds.

    I'm curious as to how small you're thinking? My 50 Lb Pit mix is very small to me, but that's because my last 2 dogs were 110 lbs. I notice you refer to them as 'smaller', I do too, but to most people Pit Bulls are an average medium sized breed. If you're just looking for a dog 30-60 lbs then most proper APBT breeders will have that.

    You didn't say anything 'dumb', but it is Pit Bull, not pitbull. Researching ahead of time is a great idea, thanks for taking the time :)

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