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I need a rescuer-ADOPTED!

Discussion in 'Rescue & Adoption' started by pitchik, May 8, 2009.

  1. pitchik

    pitchik Good Dog

    Hurry! She's eating frogs! YUK! We have an abundance of them, and we run them over accidently with the truck and she runs out there and picks them up and chews on them...YUK! I have to keep telling her to drop them and she grabs them and gets the zoomies-dead flat frog hanging out her mouth then tries to jump on you with it-YUK!
  2. DVM 2 B

    DVM 2 B Little Dog

    Ewww!!!! I'm glad we don't have any of those roaming the streets of CT!! lol

  3. pitchik

    pitchik Good Dog

    DVM 2 B is supossed to be leaving tomorrow afternoon to come get Bella:) Keep her in your thoughts for a safe trip!
  4. alexis rose

    alexis rose Little Dog

    Drive safely but have lots of fun too! :D
  5. pitchik

    pitchik Good Dog

    I havent heard from her since Wednesday night-I hope all is still set!
  6. pitchik

    pitchik Good Dog

    ...Still a go:)
  7. DVM 2 B

    DVM 2 B Little Dog

    We are getting all the final things ready, taking a quick nap, and then heading over to Alabamaaaa!!!! I can't wait to have her already! I'll post pics as soon as I have her! Wish us luck!!! :-)
  8. xxbamagirl27xx

    xxbamagirl27xx Little Dog

    not ENTIRELY true

    Camo had the same kind of mange when i found her. They gave me ProMeris for her, and I did it once, and again two weeks later, and then once a month until her hair started coming back. Then she was spayed and hasnt had an outbreak since. I use BioSpot now. Its cheap and it works!
    I guess the every two weeks would be right if the case was severe enough. But there is hope!! I just wanted to share that with you. She might not have to have it for the rest of her life once she is fixed.;)
  9. DVM 2 B

    DVM 2 B Little Dog

    We are finally together!!!!

    After a crazy, long, and eventful 22 hr trip, I am finally in Alabama with Bella and pitchik!!!!! Bella is so beautiful, sweet, and friendly, and I am so happy that she has taken to me so well! I love her so much, and every second of the trip was so worth it, because I got a wonderful, amazing puppy out of it. I am also so glad that a made a new friend, as pitchik is an awesome person, and she is making me feel very welcome in her home...as well as the rest of her family and her beautiful 7 dogs! :-)

    Here are some pics of us!

    Oh! I'm Diesel & Diamond, by the way...I changed my screen name :)

    Bella sleeping on my lap...I love it that she does that!

    Trying to teach her "sit" with an animal cracker :D she loves them!!

    My new baby and I!!

    Pitchik, Bella, and I...poor Bella was sleeping and we woke her up tp take the pic :p

    I will post more pics througout the trip!!!!
  10. DVM 2 B

    DVM 2 B Little Dog

    Oh! Also, her mange is really bad :(...she has sores all over her little boody and she is constantly scratching and making herself bleed. I will try to find a vet on the way back home and try to get her something to relieve the itching! Poor baby. He skin is raw and very hot to the touch. We have an 18 hrs drive back but with rest stops and such it'll probably turn into a 40 hr (or longer) trip. I hope she does ok. I bought her a nice, soft bankie, tons of toys, rawhide, nylabones, and plenty of animal crackers to make the trip more comfy. And we are going to stop a lot throughout the trip and stay at a Best Western or something to break up the trip a bit. I'll keep updating on her status. If anyone that has had experience with a puppy with severe mange can give me any advice as to how I can make Bella a bit more comfy, will be greatly appreciated!! :)
  11. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    This might be a dumb question, but can the mange effect humans at all? Like being around a dog with mange, does it make you itchy?

    Also, good job on the rescue, DVM! Happy you decided to go get her. Good job to Pitchik as well!
  12. alexis rose

    alexis rose Little Dog

    You and Pitchik are angels. I can't wait to see that baby all healed up and thriving in a loving home. :) Please drive safe.

    When Jaci traveled from Texas we couldn't give her very many treats because it gave her an upset stomach in the car. I would be careful with that. ;)
  13. DVM 2 B

    DVM 2 B Little Dog

    Fortunatelly no!! :) The mange is only dog to dog...and her type of mange is not even contagious to other dogs because it is hederitary...so she got it from her mommy :(. So she won't give anything to my Diesel and Diamond :). I will hold off on the intro, however, because her skin is so raw that I don't want Diesel or Duamond to jump on her and scratch her or hurt her.
  14. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    Thanks for letting me know. :)
  15. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Good Dog

    This entire thread has been very heart warming!
  16. amanda214

    amanda214 Good Dog

    Yes, this is what the Rescue & Adoption forum is all about!! :)
  17. jeoestreich

    jeoestreich GRCH Dog

    This is awesome!
  18. pitchik

    pitchik Good Dog

    For once things worked out! How about that???
    Paula and Rafa were ideal house guests and they were so friendly and easy to get along with. They came bearing gifts-a cake and flowers lol. Which my son devoured instantly:)
    Bella bonded so quickly that by the next day-after a few hours she didnt even notice me anymore:( But I know it is for the better-she was instantly showered with affection, gifts and clothes (lol, yes she wore a pink shirt to curb her scratching on her way out yesterday!)
    She slept on Paulas lap-and her lap top computer and had animal cookies galore!

    I of course am having anxiety that she is gone-I cant help but worry. If she EVER needs to give Bella up for ANY reason- we are in agreement Bella will come back to me to the country-but I am confident she has a forever home-a very spoiled one at that!

    My other dogs loved the girls as well:) Im sure my place seemed like a circus, however I like to get the chance to show off my 7 dogs, and my ability to handle them all orderly:) (small brag) But when you have this many you earn the right to brag a bit lol!!!:):);)

    Anyways-thanks for all the well wishes and such-they really helped. I found Bella a home and made two new friends as well.Life is good:)
  19. DVM 2 B

    DVM 2 B Little Dog

    We are homeeeeee!!!!!

    After ANOTHER long, crazy, tiring, eventful, drive back (this time about 35 hrs bc of all the stops) we are finally home! Bella did absolutely wonderful in the car. She was so good and quiet that sometimes we forgot she was in the back seat :). When we came home we introduced Diesel and Diamond to Bella very slowly. She was super excited! Jumping off the walls, practically, but we can't blame her, as she was stuck in the car and hotel rooms for so long. We couldn't walk her bc it was raining and her skin will get worse if we get it wet. Anyway, Diesel is in love, and Bella is too! As soon as we took Diesel out of his crate to meet Bella they were jumping on each other, kissing, playing...it was so cute. THEN...the tough part...introducing Diamond who is very DA. She was the one we were most worried about. So very slowly we took Diamond out of her cage and holding her by the collar we let the two smell each other, we were giving each of them tons of treats too. Steven took both Bella and Diamond on a walk on the beach and by the time they came back they were best friends! I can't believe Diamond did so well! We are super happy! Although Diamond is only 10 months, I think she took on a motherly role bc she is always licking Bella's face...and Bella kisses Diamond back too. :D

    Like I said, Steven and I are so happy, and we are very excited to see these three grow up together! We can't believe we have three dogs!!!

    Even with the mange, she is such a beautiful baby!

    Everyone...happy together :)

    Group kisses! :p
  20. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Administrator

    How wonderful!:sonn_u11:

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