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I may be getting an Am Bully/BBM rehome

Discussion in 'Pit Bull Puppy Discussions' started by ETRaven2, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Worg

    Worg Big Dog

    Hopefully it works :P

    Uploaded for Raven

    Had to do it on YouTube because it wouldn't load here as an attachment.
  2. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    ^^^ B vs the vacuum. Lololololol
    Thanks for posting, worg!
  3. Capt. Roxy

    Capt. Roxy Good Dog Premium Member

    LOL!! Roxy doesn't bark but she bites at the vacuum too! Haha - She also tries to kill remote controlled cars, helicopters, and drones are her fav! She actually went after my son's warrior drone and cut her lip up. Blood all over her mouth trying to get at it....She's so perfectly crazy!
  4. pitbulldogs

    pitbulldogs OHMUHGERD Staff Member Administrator

    Broly being the asshole he is does the same thing, anything with wheels especially lol
  5. Eden86

    Eden86 Little Dog

    Grace has started trying to fight the lawn mower and the clothes iron if it’s steaming. Oh boy have I had some moments with that. I wish she’d stick to the vacuum, at least that won’t send her to the vet.
  6. Worg

    Worg Big Dog

    Kiba stays away from the floor vacuum, but pull out the hose attachment and she wants to kill it. My brother in law saw her staring when he was vacuuming his car, he waved it a couple times at her and quickly regret it, she took off with the end piece and broke it :))
  7. Capt. Roxy

    Capt. Roxy Good Dog Premium Member

    Nat Ursula and ETRaven2 like this.
  8. steve07

    steve07 Good Dog Premium Member

    Blue tried to eat the vacuum also. Best is when I use the hose part and he tries to bite. Then i stick it on him with the suction man does he freak out. It’s mean but damn funny!!!! Bk could care less about it.
    Nat Ursula, ETRaven2 and pitbulldogs like this.
  9. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    JC used to run from the vacuum. Now, he's so old he doesn't give a shit. He just stares at it. I have to vacuum around him...
    Nat Ursula, ETRaven2 and Eden86 like this.
  10. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    Next I get one of B and the blowdryer. She freaking loves the blow dryer. It is hilarious. She whines until I stick it in her face
    Nat Ursula likes this.

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