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I may be getting an Am Bully/BBM rehome

Discussion in 'Pit Bull Puppy Discussions' started by ETRaven2, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Worg

    Worg Little Dog

    My dog is brown or a dark red, but all the time people ask "Is she a red nose?". Not sure if you've owned a blue or red bull breed, but if this pup is your first get ready for the blue nose comments. Black is probably my favorite as well, the shine adds so much to muscle definition.
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  2. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    Never owned a dilute bull breed. I had a dilute dobe once and the CDA was awful. I felt so bad for her.
    Bring on the "is she a blue nose" ignoramus. This oughta be fun. Eyeroll
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  3. Eden86

    Eden86 Little Dog

    Brooklyn is adorable. I really don't understand why people get a puppy only to rehome them but in this case it's definitely for the best. If you're scared of your puppy at that age you're only asking for trouble later down the track. They wouldn't go well with my Grace. One of her favourite games is to lay under the bed and growl and bark at you, you get a big kiss when you get down there with her though. Also I imagine spending that long in a crate wouldn't be a great way to build a bond and have your puppy trust you.
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  4. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    IMHO, her previous owners were doing a lot of things incorrectly. I'm really glad they rehomed her as young as she was. Their other option was to send her to doggy boot camp. It's a two week program where the dog goes away, is trained and then the dog is returned to you. I'm glad they chose me instead!
    She's a great puppy, she can be a bully-punk-pup, but for the most part she's really eager to please. And she's only a punk if she hasn't let out her energy, which is completely normal.
    I'm curious to see how the old owners are doing with their new dog. I should call my friend (who connected my to this family and B) and ask.
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  5. Capt. Roxy

    Capt. Roxy Good Dog Premium Member

    Oh my, B is gorgeous!! So glad she's with you. I can't wait to see her grow!
    ETRaven2 likes this.
  6. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    So here's a couple pics from today. I tried to stack her and she freaking sat for the treat. I tried to lure her to get her ass of the ground and she scooted on her butt. It was pretty funny. Anyway, here's B 20171115_124508.jpg 20171115_124553.jpg 20171115_124559.jpg
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  7. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    The second pic is the butt scoot pic. 3rd pic it's me laughing my ass off and just giving her the treat.
  8. LeighAnn

    LeighAnn Little Dog Premium Member

    she is going to be such a pretty dog.. Those eyes!!! They get me everytime.
    Nat Ursula, Capt. Roxy and ETRaven2 like this.
  9. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

  10. Madeleinemom

    Madeleinemom MS Bites, My Dog Doesn't Staff Member Super Moderator

    I'll admit it, I am not typically an Am Bully fan - but Ms. B has me rethinking that here - so pretty, especially with that beautiful white 'dusting' on the bridge of her nose!
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  11. LeighAnn

    LeighAnn Little Dog Premium Member

    before it's all said and done.. I do believe you will be sold on the blue color of the Am Bully. She is looking so good!
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  12. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    Thanks. She's not too extreme, thank dog. And, I intend to keep her on the lean side, not a fan of the hippo look. Lol
  13. LeighAnn

    LeighAnn Little Dog Premium Member

    haha.. hippo look! That's a good one. yeah.. I've seen some extreme versions of this.. I don't know what kind of quality life they have when they get too big and bulky. As long as my dogs can keep up with walks/hiking and other activities, I am good. I realize Millie and Lola both are predispositioned to be heavy if not exercised daily.
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  14. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    Just sayin" lol .......
    hippo.jpg miagi-american-bully-pitbull.jpg
    Capt. Roxy likes this.
  15. LeighAnn

    LeighAnn Little Dog Premium Member

    oh dear lord! Is that the pocket pit I've been hearing about? Or the Goti Pits? THere are so many variations out there.. I am still trying to learn all the differences out there.. I love a muscular dog but that's a little over the top in my opinion.
  16. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    That's Mr. Miyagi, he's a pocket bully that's at stud for 10k or some ridiculous number.
  17. Novy

    Novy Little Dog Premium Member

    If they wanted to go with a movie character name, Jabba the Hutt would have been bang on.
  18. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    Rough life...this one 20171117_123617.jpg
  19. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    PLEASE, please can I sit on your lap and lay my head on you laptop while you are trying to study??? Please? I'm cute. 2017.11.20.jpg
  20. Rezbull

    Rezbull Puppy

    A Beautiful save, and another bully intervention right on track..It pisses me of when people get puppies only to find that it's more work then they understood or could make in the commitment..In this situation, it sounds like they got lucky to be blessed with someone like yourself intervening. There's more bulls in the Detroit area then any rescue organizations can handle...
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