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I may be getting an Am Bully/BBM rehome

Discussion in 'Pit Bull Puppy Discussions' started by ETRaven2, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    Hi all,
    Kind of excited, a little nervous and a whole mix of things in between. A good friend of mine has a neighbor who has an Am Bully that they got at 6 weeks old from a breeder in Detroit. They're having training problems (uh, she's a puppy) and are frustrated with the dog. They both work and dog is crated 12-13 hours straight during the day. Biggest issues are pent up puppy energy in the evening and potty training, puppy obviously cannot hold it for that long. My friend does let the pup out once a day to use the bathroom, when she is home. However, pup is so used to just going in her crate, rarely does my friend show up and not find a mess.
    At any rate, they have been asking around and are considering rehoming this puppy. I think they just got in over their heads, this is their first dog and I don't think they realized the commitment it takes when one gets a pup.
    I told my friend I'm interested in her, but the neighbors/owners need to contact breeder first before they start looking for an alternative home.
    Depending on what the breeder says, I'd like to go over and meet the pup to see if she's a fit for us.
    Wish me luck! I'll keep you all in the loop!
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  2. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    Hi, do you have enough time for a young puppy?
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  3. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    Yes, I do. I'm not working, just in school right now. I volunteer a lot, but I'd cut back bc of the puppy.
  4. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    Are you in school all day? If so, who will care for the pup while you are at school?
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  5. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    No just part time right now. I have two online classes and one lab on campus.
  6. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    Okay, well I hope you don't think I was being a jerk or anything. Anyways, I thought the kittens were a good choice for your current lifestyle. But I thought you were way busier. This puppy thing can take a few years. We got Teddy on Jan. 25th at 1 1/2 yrs. and he has been super time consuming and a ton of work. I don't think we would have been able to keep him if I was working.
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  7. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    No, Nat, not taken that way at all.
    I've been volunteering like 30 hrs a week right now. I'd have to cut way back, but I'm okay with that. This is something that just kind of fell into my lap. I was not planning on getting another dog anytime soon, not because of the work, it was more of the emotional thing.
    As for puppy training, Rave would've been 3 in April, so I do feel like I just got done with all the puppy/punk teenager stages to do it again. Not that I mind it, I enjoy training, but just soon to start all over.
    This puppy is almost 10 weeks old now. Sounds like she's got some bad habits, but I am confident with the right consistent training I could turn it around for her.
    Another thing is the cats too. Right now, they've got the run of the house. If the pup ends up with us, we'd have to go back to splitting the house between cats and dog...which is doable, we've done it before, just will be an adjustment for the boys.
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  8. pitbulldogs

    pitbulldogs OHMUHGERD Staff Member Administrator

    I say go for it!
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  9. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    Thanks! Pitbulldodgs!
    Small update, according to original owner, breeder is fine with pup being rehomed. (I'd still like to talk to them myself). I go meet the pup tomorrow, I'll get breeders contact info at that time.
    Trying to think how I can break messing in crate habit. Pup will eat meals in there, get treats and I think lots of potty breaks overnight will help too.
    I also found out that the original owners are afraid of her. I guess she's really growly and vocal (uh, probably pent up puppy energy) But we'll see if she's really aggressive when I meet her. I do not want another HA dog. Can't do that again.
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  10. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    Sounds good. Hopefully, you will get a much better feel for the situation after meeting the breeder.
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  11. Sagebrush

    Sagebrush Good Dog

    10 week old puppy shouldn't be spending too much time in crate. My pups don't spend much time in crate at all. Mine spend a lot of time outside and just learn that's the place to go because that's where they are when they have to go!
    I would not feed in crate -- pups usually need and like to go right after eating.

    Honestly - and obviously this doesn't work for everyone -- all my pups sleep with me. I do wake up when they move around and out we go! Immediate pee, immediate back to bed. It seems to help!
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  12. steve07

    steve07 Good Dog Premium Member

    Agreed with pitbulldogs. Grab the dog and make it ur own. Train it ur way. Who cares the situation if u want the pup get it. Simple as that. Don’t over think it. If ur ready ur ready simple as that.
  13. pitbulldogs

    pitbulldogs OHMUHGERD Staff Member Administrator

    Yeah buddy! I mean, she sounds ready to me, in fact maybe a bit excited!

    Raven you are lucky really, the dog is still very young and can basically be trained exactly how you want without the hassle of breaking habits or things you don't like. Sometimes with dogs it's just a matter of giving them attention and of course with pups, they don't really know what you expect of them so you have to show them but i think this is a good deal all the way around. Lots of potty breaks and making it a party every time usually does the trick.
  14. pitbulldogs

    pitbulldogs OHMUHGERD Staff Member Administrator

    As far as the HA goes, imho it's way to early to tell that.
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  15. Capt. Roxy

    Capt. Roxy Good Dog Premium Member

    It's tomorrow....!! DId you get the pup?! PHOTOS???!!? :P Hehehehe
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  16. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    Hi guys! No pup yet. I'm waiting for the breeder to call back. Once I clear things with them, it'll be a done deal.
    As for the HA, I too believe that it's early to tell. However, with Raven, looking back, even as a puppy, she showed signs.
    This pup, confident as hell, total spitfire. Not the right dog for the ppl that own her now. She's so high energy, they just are drowning.
    As for the crate thing, I don't work, I'm a "professional volunteer". But I'd cut way back on out of the house, pounding pavement stuff. Also, since this puppy associates crating with a toilet, and I am pro-crate, I want to feed puppy in there as to change her perception of a crate. Of course, I'd take her out to potty as soon as she's finished.
    She'll be crated overnight and maybe an hour a day, if I have to run errands or something. So, as of now, impatiently waiting the breeder to call, and shopping for puppy stuff on Amazon.
    I've never gotten a rehome like this before, is it customary to give prior owners some $? They did not ask for any, they just " want her gone".
  17. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    Breeder and I spoke. Deal is sealed!
    On my way to pick up the baby!
  18. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    I hope the owners will give you all their puppy stuff they bought!
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  19. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    Can't wait to see the pup!
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  20. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    20171031_183929.jpg 20171028_104217.jpg

    Attached Files:

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