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I hit the pound jack pot!!!!


Big Dog
Thank you for taking the time to explain it rather than throw a tantrum. I'm glad you and I are on the same page!

Absolutely, this community has been wonderful to me in learning how to raise my Pit Bull. She wouldn't be the wonderful dog she in now if I hadn't found "ya'll" The picture was not a good example to post but I couldn't find a way to remove it. There are dogs who just love kids, but not all of them are that way and it may change as she ages. My old man of a dog still likes kids ok, but will often choose to just be somewhere else. I think it is always important to give the dog the choice to be with the kids. Also, as much as I trust my Pit with the babies, she, or my other dogs, are never never left all alone with babies

I had a malinois. Awesome dog! She gave me 13 incredible years. They will test their boundaries from time to time but are great dogs. Training is a must but the breed is super smart and easy to train - you just have to put the work in. Good luck and enjoy!

She has some kind of Shepard, she goes for the hocks when she plays with the other dogs, and she herded the grand-babies like little sheep this weekend.

This dog does not look like a Mali to me at all. She does, however, look somewhat like some Alaskan Huskies/husky mixes that I know. My bet would be on husky mix.

For example, this boy:

but after spending the weekend with her, yes I am thinking some husky or arctic breed. She is an escape artist, has tried slipping out the door twice...and you think you have her fooled, like she not paying any attention and boom...there she is trying to go. I let out in the yard I can see her plotting, she was trying to jump on the BBQ and the trash can. She like to walk and lay of the back of the couch (all dogs are allowed on the couch by she lays on the top of the back rest, like a cat???) She is super super good, no accidents, no fighting. That said she is WAY smart caught her opening the cabinets with her paw. So yes Slippingaway9 lots and lots of active training are in her future!!!!

Mollie's Nana

Krypto Super Dog
Staff member
Whatever she has mixed up in her genes.... it worked out to be a very beautiful dog. Congrats!! You definitely hit the jackpot!! =)