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I have some questions :)

Discussion in 'American Bully' started by Oskar Dog, May 12, 2015.

  1. Oskar Dog

    Oskar Dog Puppy

    My husband, our two sons, and I recently added a puppy to our crew. We have a 7 year old chihuahua, and a 7 year old bordercollie/Airedale cross. This is not my first bully breed rodeo. My mom and dad had one when I was a teenager, and my husband and I have had two in the past. These were all rescue dogs, so I knew nothing of their personal history or lineage. Things are a little different this time around, as I have seen documentation of my puppy's sire's pedigree, and have been told about his dam's. Haven't seen any papers on her, so that's all hearsay, and she's technically just a mutt, so far as I can prove. This pup is a pet. He wouldn't be show quality, I don't think, even without the kink in his tail and the scar on his head, and he will be neutered at the earliest safe and healthy opportunity, so my interest is purely theoretical. I've never had about dog whose history has been available to me. The parents both belong to a friend. He bought the sire, and the dam he took in when an acquaintance couldn't keep her anymore. Anyway, my 8 year old fell in love with this pup, and my husband and I are suckers for a pretty face, soooo, here he is. My questions are mostly in regards to what, if anything, I can expect to differ about this dog from an APBT, specifically. I'm seeing mixed information about the temperaments of American bullies. Most of the dogs in the pedigree I saw of his dad's had "PR Razor's Edge" before the name of the dog. The sire's dam was PR Razor's Edge Layla, and my puppy's grand sire was PR Grumpy's Edge King Kong vs Godzilla. To be clear, despite the ukc papers saying pitbull, this makes the sire definitely American Bully, right? What health issues should I be aware of? And what does it mean, really, when I read that these dogs are "less game" than APBTs? I know what game means, but to what degree can I expect Oskar to be "less game", or is that unknowable at this point? He was born Feb 4, and so far is friendly with all people and dogs, though cautious on lead, more about people than other dogs, and completely ignores cats, squirrels, etc. I'm interested in any insight from more experienced enthusiasts. Thanks for having me. :)
  2. ~Missy~

    ~Missy~ Snaptastic

    Congrats on your new pup. :)

    Though he is technically a mutt, knowing half of his lineage is a good place to start in knowing what his temperament "may" be like. Without knowing exactly what his dam is, this is all just a guess. The American Bully generally is a companion breed. There are many, many out there that are working dogs, though. If a dog is game, that means he will fight and not back down. The only way to test gameness is illegal (in the box), so there is really no way to say one dog is less game than another. However, some American Bullies tend to be less dog aggressive than APBTs, but, dog aggression is still very prevalent in the breed.

    My American Bully is mostly Razor's Edge. She is more of an old school Am Bully. She has a more terrier body type. She has yet to display any signs of dog aggression, but she does have a pretty good prey drive (though she's never caught anything, so I'm not sure if she'd actually be aggressive or not...she just likes to chase squirrels, rabbits, and birds). But, she is best friends with our house cat. She has tons of energy, and requires a lot of exercise to be happy and content.

    I would suggest being sure your pup has plenty of socialization (people, dogs, things, etc. I believe there's a sticky you can read posted on here) and maybe get the pup into some puppy obedience classes. And be ready for anything. Dog aggression can turn on at any age, and it should be expected, even with American Bullies.

    Keep a look out for animal aggression, and human aggression, also. Human aggression is not acceptable, ever. But, DA and AA is okay, but must be managed properly.
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  3. ~Missy~

    ~Missy~ Snaptastic

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