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Little Dog
I just found out today that Molly our almost 8 y/o lab has hypothyroidism. I was prompted to look into it because of some hair loss she was having down her spine and across her withers. I thought it was allergy related, she's always had problems with ear infections and GI upset (diarrhea) from certain triggers. But vet said the pattern looked much more like hypothyroidism, and shed put on 20 lbs since we last saw her a year ago. So a LOT of things I had chalked up to other causes started making sense. The weight gain (and I didn't realize how MUCH she gained) I though was from switching to Orijen and not cutting portion size (which I eventually did with no change). Other stuff: she has always been a total goober and very active. She still acted like a puppy until she was 5. She has always been extremely dog social, thinks every other dog wants to be her BFF and is the first to initiate play. She has had NO INTEREST in playing with Lemmy recently, which I attributed to him being an irritating little shit LOL. But shed go as far as to growl a few times. She and my ILs lab have always been BFF and he has had to initiate play with her the last few times and she'd loose interest quickly. I thought that was just her getting older.

She also started a tiff with Lemmy when she had a bone and he walked too close to her. I have NEVER, EVER seen her do that. Thankfully at 2 Lemmy has shown no sign of DA and wanted nothing to do with that other than to get away. That was last week. She hasn't been herself in the snow either. She normally goes NUTS when it snows, running and jumping and not wanting to come in. No interest this year. When I think really hard she seeks to have some "brain fog" too when it comes to OB and learning. I have made the comment "dumb as a sack of hammers" over the last year when after I really think back, she has always learned new stuff right away. That I chalked up to different training method. She's also had sporadic sparse patches of hair that come and go for YEARS. The would always come out of the blue and resolve quickly, I always blamed it on allergies.

So clearly she's not been feeling well for awhile and I feel so terrible about that for not having put 2 and 2 together sooner. We are waiting for one more lab result tomorrow which the vet said should give her an idea of the dose for Molly's levothyroxine. Hope she feels better soon and I get my ol goober back.


Little Dog
Hypothyroid is a very easily overlooked disease. The symptoms mimic so many other problems. Don't beat yourself up. There are several T3 and T4 replacement drugs out there. Keep in mind that it may take several tries and dosage adjustments to get her corrected. Also, her needs may change over time. In a few months she should be feeling much better!