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Hunting Wolves?..

Discussion in 'Dog Debates' started by elyssamarie, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. ilovelucy

    ilovelucy Puppy

    I would build a fence. If I did not have a fence, then yes I would have a gun, and if a wolf came too close to my children or dogs, I would shoot them. I said this before. I would shoot for PROTECTION, not sport. Oh and a gunshot NEAR the wold, would probably scare it away. And no, i would not let my children roam unsupervised in WOLF TERRITORY. That's retarded. I have a fenced in yard and I still watch my dogs out the window WHENEVER they are outside together. Because I am responsible.
  2. Jackson115

    Jackson115 Little Dog

    But the main point of a wolf hunt is not sport. It's management. Research the numbers of wolves taken during the Idaho and Montana wolf hunt in the past. Even the few taken during those seasons weren't much to put a dent in the population, but it's a good start.
  3. Prophecy

    Prophecy Good Dog

    lol.What just type it in search?(goes to DA to see what I can see)

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    OMG Muttkip! It's too funny! Rofl!
  4. elyssamarie

    elyssamarie Little Dog

    I guess my grandma isn't a responsible owner then.. according to you ilovelucy?? Since she wasn't outside in that moment to watch her tied up dog?

    No name calling..Gotta be civil ppl!! :p
  5. Lee D

    Lee D Good Dog

    wolves sending females out to bait a dog into a trap isnt a myth. if you want protection id suggest a few dogs, and even then you risk losing one here and there.
    the dog isnt the answer itself. shooting ones that arent afraid to approach humans "turf" is a necessity.

    management is the key...... the DNR could raffle off a set number of tags every year for hunters and keep the #'s under control. problem solved
  6. Poisoned

    Poisoned GRCH Dog

    Firstly.. I adore wolves. I'm nutty about them.. BUT the ones who are losing their fear of humans, the ones killing your pets on their property, posing a threat to you and yours.. well, do what is necessary.

    In a perfect world humans wouldn't be spilling into wolf territory and forcing their presence on them. However that is not the world we live in, and humans come first, no matter my own feelings on it..

    For those saying how caring, loving, and intelligent wolves are, how they care deeply for their pack and only kill to survive.. Oh yeah. So remember that when a wolf kills it's sire, dam or relative to take control of the pack, or eats another's cubs. They're animals. They act like animals, no matter how beautiful and majestic they are.

    I am against hunting them for sport, 100%.. but for managing problem wolves? No. I feel the same for bears, deer, or any other animal that is posing a threat to people..
  7. elyssamarie

    elyssamarie Little Dog

    I've heard of that happening!! Even if you have a couple of dogs for protection who says if one doesn't go off the others won't follow? That's scary..
  8. outsider

    outsider Little Dog

    #1 You are only part Native American, so you either need to admit that YOU are stealing wolf land and move back to Europe after turning your house into wolf-habitat, or admit that when humans set up where there are no current wolves, then the humans were there first and aren't taking wolf land.
    #2 The DNR is a government entity, and while most members are not elected they do answer to elected officials, so unfortunately the opinion of those who choose not to expose themselves to facts do matter
    #3 a) Wolf-proof fence: Where exactly does one purchase that? Also, Yellowstone Park tried to put up a fence to keep the Nez Peirce pack in place, a heavy-gauge chain link fence 10 feet tall with a 3 foot angled barb-wire overhang. Wolves still manage to cross it. b) You really going to force your child to live indoors 24/7 365 days per year? You are an unfit parent.

    ---------- Post added at 04:21 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:17 PM ----------

    Oh, the chained up dog can bark and when the pack hears the human rustling around they go hide. Human comes out sees nothing yells at dog to shut up. Repeat. Pretty soon human just yells and doesn't bother looking. Which basically means the wolfpack just kills the chained up dog, bites through it's neck and drags away the carcass.

    ---------- Post added at 04:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:21 PM ----------

    Livestock guardians have been very successful in controlling predation of the herd from coyotes, bears, and even mountain lions.

    Non-dog livestock guardians have universally failed to stop wolves. (Yes, some people were using llamas and donkeys as livestock guardians for their sheep)

    Livestock Guardian Dogs have had mixed success. They are often not used in very heavy wolf population areas because LGDs seem to work best with sheep and it is cattle populations that are in the areas being overrun by wolves.

    Also the LGDs are generally from the mountainous regions of Europe and Western Asia, in those areas the subspecies of wolves tend to be smaller and form packs of fewer individuals which gives the LGDs a much better chance.

    Finally "People:Stay away from the wolves and you will be fine."

    We are....we go to a wolf free area to stay away then some wolves move in, because they are overfilling the land that is habitable for them, which is why we need hunting.

    ---------- Post added at 04:35 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:28 PM ----------

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Do you have a gun now? Can you hit anything with it? What happens when you need to have both hands free to do something?

    Do you think wolves are incapable of learning? DO you think they are dumb? Don't you think as they've NEVER had a reason to fear a gun that the first time the noise might scare them but after a few 'shots to scare them away' they'd fail to flee? Or maybe like the Wolves of the Yukon during the Klondike Gold Rush, they'd get good at staying just out of range and luring you into wasting your ammo?

    Do you think wolves are poor at using their natural camouflage? Do you think you could look out your window and see wolves attempting to not be noticed as they stalk their prey? Do you have magical eyesight or something? Do you think you could see a wolf as it breaks cover and dashes in for the killing blow, get out of your chair, run over and get your gun, run to the door, open the door, run outside and stop the wolf before your dog or child was dead? Do you have magical speed or something?
  9. Prophecy

    Prophecy Good Dog

    Now,now ....Play nice.:D
    Lumping one in with all others is an assumption that may get misinterpreted.........
    I am a self admitted wolf lover.I love the golden eyed gaze,the way they look,move etc.I am passionate over the species.I am NOT a ''wolfaboo'' or ''wolftard''.I am realistic about wolves and their nature.I think honestly their true nature in all it's presentations is WHY I love them so much. Wolf society is VERY close to our own.I also know the nature of these animals is to be a predator,as we are.I don't think they are innocent of all charges,by any stretch of the imagination.I feel they have a place in an ecosystem and perform a function.WE also are in some of the ecosystems that wolves reside. The best senerio is a balance,so both can live. There will be conflicts on both sides,as well as casualties.I do NOT find it unacceptable to kill wolves that are harming stock,nor culling some via hunts due to overpopulation. I think ranchers should be permitted to defend their stock and family from a wolf offensive.However,I don't think we should be permitted to hunt them to extinction because it's easier and more conveniant to do so.Nature does not tollerate a vacume,and SOMETHING will take their place.That ''something'' may be far more costly than the wolves were.
  10. elyssamarie

    elyssamarie Little Dog

    Did you read what exactly happened to the dog situation?? Cause your response doesn't add up to it.
  11. ashleyandizzy

    ashleyandizzy Little Dog

    I know this is old BUT here's my opinion. Here where I live (Alberta) I have three farming friends who have had their cows, horses, sheep, and even a llama run down by wolves. My friend myles lost a few baby cows to a pack of wolves last winter. He only lives about 20 minutes out of town! Wolves are by nature very evasive and do not put themselves in the open intentionally yet last fall I saw 4 on my way into town. Here in alberta you can kill as many wolves, cougars, and black bears as you want on private property. I don't agree with this! What I do agree with is a set number of tags to be given out during a general season. I myself see them as quite majestic and would love a blue or purple black wolf (black coat tinted blue or purple) but they aren't misunderstood they are driven to chase and kill especially when they are hungry or being invaded upon. This why wolf hybrids are NOT okay

    ---------- Post added at 11:31 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:26 PM ----------

    And also it's true wolves and coyotes both are very smart at baiting dogs. Just had a friends dog who was playing with a yote and it lured her around the corner and they attacked. It was a heeler mix
  12. catchrcall

    catchrcall Good Dog Staff Member

    Wolves and coyotes are not dogs. They don't act or live like dogs. Just because they are canines doesn't mean that they should not be hunted.

    Relocation is a joke, and an expensive joke at that. They are already a problem in one place, so relocating them won't resolve the problem it will just spread it around so that more people have to deal with them. Why make the state or feds spend money to relocate when they could be making money from selling wolf tags?

    Wolves and coyotes can will and do kill livestock, and there is no way a rancher should be expected to soak up the cost of wolf predation without being able to do something about it. Call DNR when he sees a wolf killing cattle? Yeah right. They'd be hours away at best and by the time they got there to do anything about it the wolves would be long gone until they wanted another easy meal and then it's another calf or cow gone to the wolves. They'd probably bring out a truck load of experts to stand around and argue and do nothing and then charge you for it, or raise taxes to pay for their time. Wolves take a big toll on wildlife too. Ask any of the outfitters or biologists where they have been introduced how the elk and mule deer herds are doing in their areas. The herds are declining in a big way, which leads more packs to move farther in search of better hunting, which is why the damn wolves spread out of Yellowstone like anybody with an ounce of common sense knew they would do. It's not rocket science. The old timers killed most of them out for a reason and we're seeing that reason right now. I'm not saying we should bring them down to past levels but we had better quit letting the bleeding heart peta freaks dictate what happens to our natural resources and livestock or it's going to lead to a lot worse trouble than what we have now. The people making the descions should be the ones that are on the ground there every day seeing what's going on, not somebody hundreds of miles away in a concrete jungle with money and a lawyer. They don't need to be extinct, but they do need to be managed.
  13. ashleyandizzy

    ashleyandizzy Little Dog

    When I say I want a purple-black or blue-black wolf... I mean it's pelt. Not as a pet lol.
    And amen to that... they are not dogs. They are in the canine family, yes, but def. not dogs.

    I'm not the biggest fan of Cesar Millan, BUT he did a show on people who bought into the whole "wolf hybrid" pets, most of which are 50-90% wolf! He had to bring in a wolf specialist because they aren't exactly DOGS and he didn't know what to do with them. Great show and great education on this subject in that aspect.

    If you want more recent stories about wolf overpopulation, killling livestock, pets, attacking people, then google it. There's lots more out there then the old articles posted here. They went from endangered to overpopulated because they are at the top of the foodchain especially in packs. They take down moose, elk, bison, cows, horses, and even large cougars. So who's taking out the wolf to keep it in it's place if we aren't?

    And for those of you completely against hunting ANY animal, 1. I hope you're vegan. 2. I just have to giggle. 3. Did you know some of us actually use ALL of the animal, don't just kill for fun. I LOVE wild buffalo, moose, and elk burgers... WAY better than beef. Moose jerky is TO DIE for. We give the bones to the dogs, use any left over fat/unedible meat for baiting bears or for raw dog food. And the hide is turned into leather and sold. Skulls, antlers, etc are all mounted 90% of the time. My husband is a hunting guide so maybe I'm a little more in tune with what goes on in the hunting world. It's not just a bunch of knuckle heads running around waving guns and shooting everything in sight for fun... might get the odd one that is just immature or has a lack of respect. BUT hunters in general are all about management and conservation up here.

    One last thing, it's got nothing to do with us moving into the wolve's land up here in Northern Alberta/BC/Yukon lol this is possibly one of the least populated places in North America, if you don't live up here then you're mind couldn't possibly imagine how much open land there is! It's a simple fact. They have litters of pups every year and they require A LOT of territory per wolf/per wolf pack. Now they are so overpopulated they are starting to not have the territory they need. I bet a lot of these towns up here where here before the wolves ever even thought they might need the territory. But if there were for example 1 million wolves across Northern Canada you're saying we shouldn't be allowed to move in ANYwhere up there? Just let the 1 million wolves have their land? Sorry but, I don't agree. I do agree that a managable number of wolves should be allowed their territory without disruption. I do not agree that an overpopulation of wolves should be allowed to kick people out of the land they also need. It's a give-take relationship we have to learn to reasonably live together with nature because if we aren't responsible with it, it'll be gone.

    Canada=36 million people with more land than the US. US=336 Million people. So if there's a problem in the states then yes, it's because over human overpopulation lol! I guess humans should learn to manage themselves too.
  14. NGK

    NGK Little Dog

    I have to say that it is refreshing to find a very well thought out and educated post about this subject on this thread.

    For the better part of my life I lived in the Yukon and to this day own a 15 acre plot of land and home in the Yukon that is right in the middle of a large Wolf population. For many years we raised the APBT on that land and defended the kennels against wolf packs that would creep in at night and try to take the puppies we were raising. I could tell a few good stories about dogs running after (and fighting off) the wolves but im sure most would call them bullshit stories as most don't understand the nature of wolves. Unless a wolf is sick or hurt it will always flee from a fight appose to standing its ground as an injured wolf is destined to die and its in the nature of the wolf to do anything to survive.

    My little brothers ran free on that land and the surrounding area and never had a confrontation with wolves and as far as I know to date in that area nobody has ever been attacked by wolves as the nature of a wolf is to steer clear of man.

    I beleive it was Rapid Roy (bred by wildside kennels) whos career was cut short by an encounter with a wolf in the north of Canada. If anyone has access to that story and can scan it I think it would be a good addition to this thread.

    Again, GREAT POST, thank you!!!

  15. catchrcall

    catchrcall Good Dog Staff Member

    Ashley I share your views. Go figure, I used to live in Alaska.
  16. ashleyandizzy

    ashleyandizzy Little Dog

    @NGK, your right wolves always flee, as they are predators and do not like to feel like prey. it's when they become to crowded they start taking on their "predators" and becoming more likely to attack people and start moving in on livestock. however, someone with some gun safety and knows how to shoot a target anywhere from 50yd to 300 yds should be safe. :P My husband's dream is to guide a season in the yukon for elk, sheep, moose :D

    Thanks catchrcall. Living in an area with a lot of Wolf activity teaches you to use your senses when it comes to the matter lol.
  17. NGK

    NGK Little Dog

    I used to Guide in Northern B.C. and the Yukon, I also ran a business called Chilkoot Water Charters for a couple of years before the White Pass Railway opened their tracks from Bennett City (ghost town at the end of the Chilkoot trail) to Carcross Yukon. It was a good life experience and a great way to make good money but all good things come to an end, especially when theirs alot of competition from the railway who offers drinks and food on a warm car appose to hammering huge waves across a very large and dangerous lake, lol.


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