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Hunting Wolves?..

Discussion in 'Dog Debates' started by elyssamarie, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. chloesredboy2

    chloesredboy2 Good Dog

    Not when you have a gun.
  2. Jackson115

    Jackson115 Little Dog

    Good grief people. You think the animals are all welcome to their habitat then we'll all just hop the next boat back to England. Get real. Animals should have their places to live but they should also respect people, which they aren't anymore.
  3. skippy

    skippy Big Dog


    One of these days it will all be a moot point when some major disaster or war wipes us all out and then any animals we haven't killed off will inherit whatever is left of the earth.

    What everyone seems to forget is that if they keep their kids and pets inside at night then there is no way for any harm to come to them from wild animals. I am yet to see a wolf learn to pick a lock.

    Authorities do their best to balance conservation and habitat with our insatiable greed for growth and expansion. maybe the easiest way would be to just wipe out all of nature and set up one big farm.
  4. Hallil

    Hallil Little Dog

    I would have to say that though I am NOT personally a hunter (just not my thing) I am in full support of wolf hunting. In the last 3 years wolves have moved into alot of the area where my family lives and have caused many problems. They have taken out many many sheep, pigs, calves, dogs, cats, chickens etc, this winter alone they have attacked and killed 11 cows from a farm less than 2 miles from where my horses live. Here's the thing about how wolves kill a cow, they single out a cow attack it until it's on the ground and start digging in from the hind end. The cow remains alive and they eat it from the inside, they are after the calf. Once they have pulled out and eaten the unborn calf they leave the cow (9 out of 11 times still alive) and go on their marry little way. Then the farmer comes across a cow in brutal condition and he has had no choice but to shoot the cow in all 9 cases. The first 2 he found were dead already, which then made him start going out throughout the day and night more often to check. That's when he started coming across them still alive. The vets and conservation officers have all been out there and confirmed that that's exactly what's happened, and have confirmed that the unborn calves are gone. (It's not hard to cut open a dead cow to see what's left inside.) Doesn't that sound MAGICAL?!

    And I'm sorry but they can't be that hungry if they're picking through the cows and not even eating much off of them after they get what they're after.

    That particular farmer, and all the farmers in the area with the help of the conservation officers have been trapping and shooting any wolves they can. Wolves aren't that easy to hunt, certainly not that easy to make extinct in a hurry.

    I also don't feel that it's necessary to catch a wolf in the act in order to justify killing it. It's a wolf, you know what it's going to do. If you see more than one, or see them on a regular basis then you can be even MORE sure that you know what's going to happen. To me it's like knowing a dog is HA and waiting until it actually bites someone to put it down. What is the benefit to waiting until you've lost a cow or horse etc?

    Now, these people aren't sport hunting wolves. They're not going into a wolves habitat and baiting or cornering them, but you can be damn sure that after 40 years of there being no wolves around when they do show up (as they have) people are going to work to get rid of them.

    Last year the RM also put a bounty on coyotes. They got so bad they were killing off alot of smaller farm animals and pets so the RM offered $50.00 per set of 4 paws. I love dogs, and coyotes are killing dogs, so I have no problem supporting people who want to hunt them. Are they now extinct in the area because of the big hunt last year? hell no. They're just much better managed now and peoples animals are staying alive.

    As for the person who said there are x amount of wolves, and x amount of deer, if there were more wolves there would be less deer, that's great in theory....however are YOU going to be the one to personally whisper in each wolves ear that from now on they're only allowed to eat deer? Are you going to enforce that the wolves ONLY eat deer? It doesn't work that way. Cows in a fence are a much easier target than a wild deer, a wolf will take the easier of the two. Unless of course you'd like to monitor that.

    How does one keep 500 head of cattle inside at night? Hell, I don't have any cattle, but I do have 2 horses that are pastured outside (yes all through each night.) And no, there is no reasonable option for me to drive out to the farm, bed them down in a cozy barn, and go let them out every morning. Plus most animals prefer to be outside at night.

    Regardless, the wolves and coyotes don't just hunt at night. I'm not sure where you get your information from but they do hunt during the day so how would one go about keeping all animals, kids, and livestock indoors 24/7 because there are wolves around? (5 of the above mentioned 11 cows were found in the afternoon/evening, meaning they were brought down during daylight.)
  5. skippy

    skippy Big Dog

    Anyone calling for wolf-proof fencing?

    To me it is like saying that a dog once bit someone so they should all be put down.

    People cannot co-exist with nature. Everyone seems to think just because some of these animals are making a comeback from the brink we should start controlling their populations. Interestingly enough, who is controlling our population? Already our population exceeds what the earth can support without mechanised farming and heavy use of fertilizers. Could it be that the struggles we now face with wildlife encounters are the first stages of the death throes of society?

    There are scientists out to try to recreate the woolley mammoth and other extinct animals but realistically, where are they going to put them?
  6. chloesredboy2

    chloesredboy2 Good Dog

    LOL,I had that exact thought.I mean,it would be cool, but what the hell are we going to do with a Woolly mammoth?
  7. ilovelucy

    ilovelucy Puppy

    Fucking hunt em!!!! More things for us to kill.
  8. chloesredboy2

    chloesredboy2 Good Dog

    Damn,you're right!,then we could give the meat to some starving people in Africa and when we were all done eating we could join hands and sing "Get together".
  9. ilovelucy

    ilovelucy Puppy

    Lol that's funny. Because we totally respect them, right? I think your highly uneducated if you think that the animals have stopped "respecting" us and that's why they are invading our territory. Because that's the dumbest shit I've ever heard of.

    ---------- Post added at 06:52 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:48 AM ----------

    Whats next? Calling me a hippie? That's the normal reponse I get, however it doesnt change the fact that we are destroying the earth. If we can't use it for food, why have it around, right?
  10. Prophecy

    Prophecy Good Dog

  11. Jackson115

    Jackson115 Little Dog

    Respect is when they figure out the click of a bolt on a rifle means to get the hell out of dodge, because they're going to die. That a human being is to be feared. Let me guess, you're one of the people that caused signs to be put up saying DON'T FEED THE BEARS! Because as animals become more acclimated to us, they no longer respect us, when they no longer respect us, they become a danger to you, your children, your pets, your home. Which is why you have cougars coming up to houses and looking in patio doors or jumping into dog pens to steal dogs, why you have a pack of coyotes killing a woman in Canada, why you have bears pilfering your house, coyotes carrying away dogs in urban Colorado, and a wolf with no fear coming to a home and killing a dog in front of a woman.

    Yeah, I can tell "your" highly educated. :lol:
  12. ilovelucy

    ilovelucy Puppy

    Actually I am highly educated thank you very much. And when I don't know much about something, I learn about it before I start spouting shit from my mouth. Hence, I belong to this forum. I live in a city, so if anyone knows about animals becoming acclimated to human beings, I do. I haven't had any experience with wolves, however I have researched them and their populations and "attacking" and what not. All I have to say is THANK GOD the DNR is more educated than most of you gun happy idiots.

    I'm leaving this discussion behind, because there are two kinds of people in this world: people that respect our resources, and people that believe that the resources were put on this earth for one reason- for us to use them. And there is nothing I can say to change your minds, or you can say to change mine. Which is why the world is in the state that it is in. Their is very small amounts of natural beauty left in this world, and I hope some people that think like me can help preserve it.

    Oh and if I lived around bears, yes I would put up a sign not to feed bears. But then we couldn't have TV shows like "When animals attack" because we wouldn't be fucking around with the wild like we should be, right? What would we do then?
  13. bdcraft

    bdcraft Big Dog

    wolves are still scared of humans. they are not killing humans they are killing animals.

    why wouldn't you put a don't feed the bear sign. also if you go don't be mad a the bear if he didn't want to stand their and take a picture. instead he thought the picture would look better with a human in it

    has humans if we see any land that doesn't have a perserve stamp on it we think that means we can build on it and every animal their should die or find a new home
  14. Jackson115

    Jackson115 Little Dog

    You are missing the point people. Did I say anywhere that they needed to be wiped out? That I think they need to all be killed? No, I am all for a controlled hunt of them.

    Until you don't live in a city and you have seen firsthand the damage they cause, how can you spout off how best to manage them? You think the DNR isn't culling animals? Then you're who's mistaken. They actively hunt coyotes from the air to cut down numbers. They trap and shoot problem animals. The states are who want control back of wolf management, the federal government is who is retaining control and this is why things are the way they are. They care more about "awww those wolves are so pretty" than the fact that game herds are being wiped out, and wolves are turning to livestock, and that these predators are losing all fear of humans.

    And I have noticed that the truely educated people, do not have to go telling others that they're highly educated. :lol:
  15. bearxfoo

    bearxfoo Big Dog

    Uh, I thought this debate was about hunting wolves, not bashing people's driving choices, sexual orientation and starving people in other countries.

    Geez, keep it civil.
  16. Muttkip

    Muttkip Good Dog

    I smell a Wolfaboo.....joy
  17. Blau

    Blau Big Dog

    glad i wasn't the only person... lmao
  18. Prophecy

    Prophecy Good Dog

    The term ''Wolfaboo'' = :lol: Who comes up with this stuff-it's hilarious!
  19. outsider

    outsider Little Dog

    Every bit is used. If the users are wasteful in the end, that's an entirely different matter.

    P.S. fast food joints now are mostly on a cook-to-order system where frozen patties are flash-cooked and that grease-bomb which passes for a burger is quickly assembled, and basically none is thrown away. That model has been adopted because it controls costs. If the customer eats 3 bites then throws away half, that's on them.

    It still isn't on the same scale as eating just the livers and tongues from 1000 buffalo.

    Finally, the amount of beef McDonalds wastes is entirely irrelevant to the discussion of wolf populations BUT you still haven't answered the fundimental questions

    #1 When do you plan on moving back to Europe?
    #2 How do we deal with the wolf population when it is over the carrying capacity of the available habitat?

    ---------- Post added at 06:15 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:46 PM ----------

    Megafauna Extinction:

    I am not convinced early man was what drove the mammoth to extinction, but I do believe it to be a large contributing factor. However, the science on why is still out.

    Climate Change And Human Hunting Combine To Drive The Woolly Mammoth Extinct
    What was the cause of the woolly mammoth extinction? Climate change or hunting? Anthropology.net
    Humans were final cause of woolly mammoth extinction - Telegraph

    Regarding running bison off the cliff:

    Two archeological sites to see this off the top of my head are "Head Smashed-In Buffalo Jump" in Alberta, Canada (not a name you are likely to forget) and "Ulm Pishkun Buffalo Jump" in Montana. I am sure this will lead you to more information. Be aware, however, you may need to look in scientific journals as there is much pressure to de-stress the destructive nature of this method, and at best it is usually passed off as only the earliest of man were using this method extensively and/or wastefully yet the hard data indicates while this method was only practiced by small number of tribes at the time of Lewis & Clark expidition, it had once been much more prevalent.
  20. ilovelucy

    ilovelucy Puppy

    Oooooo burn!

    ---------- Post added at 06:24 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:19 PM ----------

    1) I'm actually partially native American and why would moving to Europe solve anything? There are humans there too right?
    2) IF the dnr determines that the wolf population is wildly out of control, what the hell does it matter what I think we should do? Obviously anything I say will not be a good answer, so why ask? Why would one start this thread if they didnt want to hear conflicting answers?

    ---------- Post added at 06:26 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:24 PM ----------

    Wolfaboo is a term for someone who likes wolves, right? I think another one is wolftard? I wouldnt consider myself one, I love all animals and don't support hunting of any. But hey, if you guys wanna find a term to classify my beliefs, sure whatever.

    ---------- Post added at 06:31 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:26 PM ----------

    If I lived in a part of the country in which I needed to be wary of wolves I would a) build a fence and b) not let my children and dogs roam outdoors alone.

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