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Hunting Wolves?..

Discussion in 'Dog Debates' started by elyssamarie, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. elyssamarie

    elyssamarie Little Dog

    Just wondering..
    How many of you think there should be a wolf hunting season?
    In Michigan they are getting pretty bad-killing more and more livestock, dogs, ect. My grandfather is a DNR person and he is struggling with all the calls from people with complaints about the wolves. He agrees there should be a season for them.
    And I agree with him because I love to hunt. Also because the wolves are no longer endangered. Up here they are becoming a problem.
    What do you all think??
  2. speedpeddler

    speedpeddler Little Dog

    Not sure how I feel about hunting Wolves. I'm not anti hunting and used to hunt small game but do not hunt now. On the one hand I object because Wolves are Dogs and I like Dogs a lot. Same with Coyotes.

    On the other hand, we don't have them where I live so I can't speak from experiance on how they might impact my life if I was a rancher, farmer, or lived in a rural area where they may endanger my dogs or family. Might have a different opinion if I'd lost my dog to one.

    I would hate to see them extinct so some protections would be necessary.
  3. elyssamarie

    elyssamarie Little Dog

    My thoughts exactly. If I lost my dog or my horses I wouldn't be happy. I don't want them extinct either because they are beautiful animals but I would like to see their numbers controlled..more.
  4. bearxfoo

    bearxfoo Big Dog

    I'm not anti-hunting, so don't think that. I'm also not anti-gun, or anything of that sort.

    However I do not agree with hunting wolves, period. They've been nearly whipped out on our planet, and it's a damn shame, considering how valuable they are to controlling the population of things like deer, moose, elk, and etc.

    I think programs like relocating them or whatever may have a better outcome then just flat out killing them. They also go on and off the endangered list quite a bit, and I think the overall science community agrees that they shouldn't have been removed when they were. Their population is pathetic and people hunt them regardless if its legal or not, which makes a bigger problem in itself.

    I don't mind hunting deer, elk, moose, what have you: but hunting a wolf seems....... counter productive, because they hunt and control the deer population (along with coyotes, rabbits, snakes and etc).

    I own a horse and while if a wolf did attack and kill my horse I'd be upset, I wouldn't find it appropriate to want to kill wolves because of that. They're animals acting off of instinct; they don't have morals and they were just trying to survive, how can you fault a wild animal for that? Loosing my horse would be devastating, but I wouldn't see a point in retribution via killing wolves. I'd rather spend my effort, resources and time on finding a better way to secure my horses so another attack doesn't happen.

    Anyway, I think this belongs in chitchat (or debates), not general dog discussion.
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 8, 2011
  5. destinoscelgo

    destinoscelgo Good Dog

    Personally I believe the environmental changes going on lately has alot to do with wolves and bears (other wildlife as well) going and killing livestock. Unfortunatly there's no food for them and other crap is also driving them closer to civilization. I actually recently heard in africa elephants runninrampant thru villages and eating a human being (which is completely not like them) maybe instead of hunting them they could find the route of the problem? Idk I don't live in a rural community so I don't know what its like to be around that
    sorry ramble over carry on! =)
  6. Blau

    Blau Big Dog

    I support the harvest! Particularly as a taxidermist, lmao. I deal with a lot of who I like to call "wolftards", kids who think wolves are just the most amazing majestic misunderstood animal on the planet... usually don't know ANYTHING really about them, or that there have in fact been many reports of wolf attacks around the world, that they DO kill livestock and there really isn't /that/ much special about them... To be honest I just really don't like wolves, lol.

    I advocate responsible hunting, of course. No endangered species or overhunting, etc.
  7. JakesMom5332

    JakesMom5332 Little Dog

    I feel that if the wolf population in a specific area has grown out of hand, and rather than hunting for natural food (because there is none) they are going after livestock and domestic pets, then it is definately necessary to open up a controlled hunting season.

    It is basically the same thing with deer in some areas. Because there are no longer natural predators to kill off the sick and weak, it becomes necessary to do controlled hunts to keep the population from getting out of hand.

    I hope the DNR takes a good look at the situation.
  8. elyssamarie

    elyssamarie Little Dog

    I'll admit when I was younger I was one of them "wolftards" lol.
    But that's because I didn't understand what they were doing and how much things got out of hand. I don't approve of overhunting or hunting endangered species either but something needs to be done.

    ---------- Post added at 11:14 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:12 AM ----------

    ^ Agreed!
  9. bearxfoo

    bearxfoo Big Dog

    Can I see your sources for these "wolf attacks" please?
  10. Lee D

    Lee D Good Dog

    i dont care what species, overpopulation is overpopulation, and its never beneficial
  11. Blau

    Blau Big Dog

  12. elyssamarie

    elyssamarie Little Dog

    That's the truth!
  13. bearxfoo

    bearxfoo Big Dog

    It appears that in all three articles, the wolf attacks: 1) did not occur in the US, 2) occurred before the 1990s (with the one article talking about wolf attacks in the 1700's) and 3) were often caused by rabid wolves.

    The second article was written in 1990 (org. in 1982) and was written by somebody in Russia, and also does not give any citations or sources for the information.

    I'm not saying wolf attacks don't happen or never happened in history, but evidence from hundreds of years ago cannot support a problem we're facing now.

    Also, animals attack people, this isn't unheard of, but I think that is solely a poor reason for killing them. I'd rather support hunting of wolves if they're uncontrollably killing life stock than just saying "a wolf attacked x so therefor we must kill them all".

    A lot of scientific data has to be considered when attempting to evaluate why a wolf or any wild animal attacked a person.
  14. Prophecy

    Prophecy Good Dog

    I love wolves.They are my favorite wild animal.I hate the thought of 'trophy kills',because the meat is not desirable and I hate to see waste from a kill.As a responsible hunter, I can understand shooting a wolf who is harming stock.As for a ''wolf hunting season'',I guess that would depend on why you are killing them and how many are to be harvested.If there is a legitamate overpopulation and the bag limit fits the overpopulation,then ok.If it's to irradicate them completely-no.Predators have their place in nature and they have every right to be there.
  15. elyssamarie

    elyssamarie Little Dog

    The only reason why I believe we should have a season is to control the numbers. That's it. If numbers are controlled then livestock and pets won't be in danger.
  16. Blau

    Blau Big Dog

    I... didn't say anything about wolf attacks in the united states lol
    I'm not saying 'kill all the wolves because they kill people', like I said, they DO kill livestock, and problem animals should be destroyed IMO. Thinning packs on a species that isn't endangered, I really don't have any problem with. Whether people do it for a 'cause' or just because they like hunting wolves, doesn't really matter to me!
  17. stardog82901

    stardog82901 Little Dog

    Im wyoming being sooo close to Yellowstone National Park. We have a wolf problem now that they reintroduced all the wolves back. I live right in the heart of ranching so I'm always hearing people complaining about the wolves. Yes, I think there should be a hunting season for them but it should be VERY limited as most ranchers already shoot wolves on site here.

    My only problem with hunting the wolves here is MOST of the ranches here are up in the hills or in PRIME wolf country. I honestly think that if the ranchers are having such a problem with wolves then they need to keep a better eye on their cattle and MAYBE not let them pasture in the moutians...It's kinda like bringing the food to the wolves if you ask me.
  18. marydrome

    marydrome Little Dog

    I would really need more information to have an educated opinion> Is it legal for ranchers to kill wolves that are on their property ? attacking livestock?How many wolves are in a region?how many can that region support ?etc
  19. bearxfoo

    bearxfoo Big Dog

    My apology, I assumed since the OP is in the US that we'd focus on the issue of wolf attacks or what have you in the US.

    Also, for pure informational sake, wolves come on and off the endangered list quite a bit. I do believe when they were removed a few years ago, many scientist concluded that it was inappropriate to do so, since their numbers are still too low to be considered rehabilitated.
  20. tera

    tera Little Dog

    I'm with you on that speedpeddler. I think coyotes are phenomenal animals. We have a lot of them here in so. California and I love listening to them at night.
    So, what kind of speed is it that you peddle???

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